Veterans – Finding New Challenges in Manufacturing

As manufacturers have been looking for ways to address their shortage of skilled workers, one solution that has come with high recommendations is to look toward U.S. military veterans.

From a Nov. 11 CNBC article: “It’s challenging to find people in manufacturing,” said Holly Mosack, director of employee communications for Advanced Technology Services, a company that maintains equipment for manufacturers. “One of the jackpots we hit was to find people in the military.”

One such program working in that area is Workshops for Warriors, a San Diego-based vocational training program for military vets. The nonprofit organization specializes in training, certifying, and placing veterans in manufacturing careers.

Also, an initiative has been introduced in Michigan that seeks to place military veterans in manufacturing careers.

Military veterans can be a natural fit for technical careers. Many often have some of the basic necessary skills required for working in advanced manufacturing. And as returning veterans face nearly double the unemployment rate of the general population, it’s important that these men and women find new vocations and a chance to succeed.

On this Veterans Day, AMT salutes all military veterans and their families. Thanks for your service!

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