Manufacturing news digest – so much good stuff!

Ever have one of those days where you see so much good stuff online that you literally wave your hands in the air like an overly excited chicken? Well, maybe that’s just me, but there have been lots of exciting things in the news in recent days, so here’s a roundup of things you should read:

What makes for great manufacturing executive performance? From Manufacturing Leadership, this is a great article about how manufacturing executive performance goes beyond operational metrics – it also includes leadership skills. How strong are your mentorship and leadership skills in developing company talent?

NIST awards advanced manufacturing technology planning grants: The MTConnect Institute, managed by AMT, was one of 19 awardees for the NIST grants, which totaled $9 million. The grants will go toward identifying and speeding technology development for improving advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The Secret Life of the American Factory: Speaking of MTConnect, Industry Week featured a great article last week about Mazak’s top-to-bottom connected system at its Florence, KY, headquarters that will link all of its machine tools, grinders, lasers, robots, and systems. The system utilizes MTConnect and displays real-time information about equipment and system performance. Mazak says it’s just beginning to realize the potential of this new data-driven system. “In terms of basic machine utilization and plant efficiency, we thought we had a pretty good idea of where we were,” said Ben Schwae, Mazak’s Vice President of Manufacturing. “Turns out we were wrong.”

What great articles have you been reading lately?

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