Seeking Change in Cuyahoga County

Note: This article originally ran in the July 2014 edition of AMT News.

The Advocacy team at AMT is always beating the drum for member involvement in reaching out and building relationships with their elected officials. That’s why we were especially excited to hear Jack Schronabout one of our members taking it one step further: Jack Schron, President of AMT member Jergens Inc., is running for Cuyahoga (OH) County Executive.

Schron’s main focus is on economic competitiveness and job creation in the region, and working to attract business and tourism. He is currently a councilmember for Cuyahoga County, representing District 6. The county executive post is relatively new for the county and comes after a 2009 election in which voters approved the adoption of a county charter form of government, replacing the longtime three-member Board of County Commissioners. The new charter brought in a county executive and an 11-member county council.

As President of Jergens, Schron sees the value of manufacturing as an economic driver and wants to create a culture in Cuyahoga County as one of the nation’s leading manufacturing centers. Manufacturing is one of the largest employers in Northeast Ohio, but Schron says the area has a need for a trained workforce, as well as a “belief in ourselves that manufacturing is alive and well.

“There is a need to stay innovative and progressive in both the products being manufactured and in the processes we use,” Schron said. “But we need to stand ready to help develop a trained and willing workforce. It’s necessary for government to support this by developing the proper training programs, and for industry to invest in internships, apprenticeships, and a commitment of continuous learning.”

Schron also wants to create Manufacturing Central, a place where industry trade associations could work together on cooperative, collaborative initiatives that would help support the industry.
“Government must work at the speed of business – by doing things like processing permits quickly, reducing and streamlining excessive regulations, and creating a fair and clear tax policy,” Schron said. “Meanwhile, business needs to be engaged in their communities so everyone understands the link between jobs, community, and families.”

Learn more about his campaign by visiting

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