The gap: A disconnect between manufacturing’s value and its perception

Commerce Mfg Infographic

Source: U.S. Commerce Department

Here’s a great post on the U.S. Commerce Department’s Commerce Blog: What Manufacturing Really Looks Like Today. It includes some eye-opening statistics: While 70 percent of Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong economy and national defense, only 30 percent of parents would encourage their children to enter manufacturing! Also, don’t miss the great infographic that shows the impact of manufacturing and gives a great recap of MFG Day from 2013, just in time for the 2014 event on Oct. 3. (We included a snippet of it here.)



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  1. Penny,
    Where are the details behind the statistic of 30% of parents would encourage their children to pursue careers in manufacturing? I think this statistic could be misleading unless we see what question was asked of parents. For example, most parents may not equate an engineering or technology job with manufacturing, even though most engineering positions directly support the design of a manufactured product, the streamlining of a manufacturing process, or the quality engineering compliance of a manufacturing process.

    Do you know what parents were asked specifically during this 30% study?

    • Hey Ryan, you’d have to ask the person who wrote the Commerce Department’s post. I think to the point of your comment, a lot of people DON’T equate engineering/tech careers directly with manufacturing – another reason why it’s important to communicate that manufacturing careers are high-tech and advanced, not just screwing a bolt onto something and calling it a day …

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