Manufacturing Day 2014!

Manufacturing Day is just three days away! To get you ready to maximize your October 3rd, here’s a checklist countdown to the big event!

5) Review the visitor resources provided by the producers of Manufacturing Day. They include information that may inspire questions and ideas to discuss at your local Manufacturing Day events.

4) Watch the winning videos from the Manufacturing Day video contest. They are all excellently made, and truly convey the passion that the members of our industry feel. These videos are also a great way to communicate to students what opportunities are available, and what goals can be reached. Watch the winning entries and get pumped up for Manufacturing Day!

3) Share your story. The producers of Manufacturing Day have come up with a great way for manufacturers, educators, and students to come together and start a conversation about what manufacturing means to you. Contribute stories, photos, and videos that show how much this industry means to you, what you hope to accomplish, and what you hope to see in manufacturing.

2) Follow Manufacturing Day on Twitter and Facebook. Not only will there be a fun social media challenge, the sponsors and producers of Manufacturing Day use those platforms to communicate updates and important information leading up to and during Manufacturing Day. Be sure to use the hashtag #MfgDay14 and remember to change your Facebook and Twitter avatars to the “I ♥ MFG DAY” to show your support!

1) Have fun!

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