and the SME Education Foundation Announce Virtual Wind Turbine Challenge

Students: If you missed the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2014 (or even if you were there), you can still participate in the Wind Turbine Challenge from See details in the press release below!

rippl3d-logo-v2-r8_RGBThe Wind Turbine Challenge at the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2014 was such a success that a supplemental virtual challenge has been announced by to encourage students to continue engaging with 3D printing and technology.

The Wind Turbine Challenge, which took place from Sept. 8-13 at the Student Summit at IMTS in Chicago, was presented by and sponsored by the SME Education Foundation. Students used computer aided design (CAD) modeling tools to createTest Stand unique wind turbine solutions – and were able to test their turbines to see results within minutes during the Challenge in the Make It! area of the Student Summit. Daily winners were awarded a test stand—valued at over $600—to take back to their schools.

Bill Macy of notes, “We were excited to watch group after group gather around the test stations to naturally collaborate on a design strategy. Kids that didn’t even understand principles like rotational inertia, drag, and aerodynamic forces, left talking about how their designs were affected positively or negatively by these principles of physics. But the best part was finding the students that ‘engaged’ the exercise and watched the leaderboard to make sure that they made every attempt at reaching their best design. They will be our future designers!”

All schools that registered or attended the Smartforce Student Summit are eligible to participate in this new virtual challenge. Teachers are requested to organize their school’s designs and submissions; each school can submit up to five designs. Designs can be created and submitted at This virtual challenge will run through Oct. 31. Completed builds will be tested and the results uploaded to the online leader board at

Stratasys provided a number of their uPrint SE Plus 3D printers for the Student Summit. Students were able to quickly print their designs and then test them at the event. Stratasys will also be supporting the virtual challenge by printing designs submitted through the virtual challenge online. The winning school of the virtual challenge will receive a RIPPL3D Wind Turbine Challenge test stand that was 3D printed compliments of Stratasys.

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