News Roundup: The Week in Manufacturing

A few manufacturing headlines that caught our eye this week:

A reader editorial from David Raby, President and CEO of STI Electronics, on why it’s crucially important for Congress to pass the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act in order to keep manufacturing strong. (Via

As manufacturers continue looking for solutions to address the shortage of skilled workers, many are seeking ways to integrate more women into their workforce – but have a hard time recruiting them. (Via Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Penn State University’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Composition, aka CIMP-3D, hosted a two-day forum for small and medium-sized businesses to talk about the application and business of 3D printing. (Via Centre Daily Times)

In Northeastern Wisconsin, educators and manufacturing partners celebrated their collaborations, with businesses helping schools to build relevant curricula and awarding scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing. (Via Green Bay Press-Gazette)

Is advanced manufacturing the tonic that can heal a deeply partisan Congress? Both parties have an interest in boosting the industry – one of the very few areas where they agree. (Via Science Magazine)

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