3D Printing Gives Dog a New Lease on Life

With Guest Blogger Beth-Ann Czupil, AMT Senior Meetings Manager ~

“I wanted to share a story that brings me nothing short of incredible holiday spirit this morning. This is the story of a pup named Derby and the foster parent, organization and 3D printed legs that have given him a new lease on life!


This is Derby before the wonderful folks at 3D Systems found a way for him to run and play like he was meant to!

My parents are personal friends with Derby’s owners, Dom and Sherry Portanova who reside in Mechanicsburg, PA right outside of my hometown. They learned about Derby’s story and adopted him prior to his fitting of his 3D printed legs. Incredibly enough, the 3D printed legs were provided to him by Tara Anderson of none other than 3D Systems who was also his foster parent!


Derby’s prosthetics were printed with MultiJet printing, allowing the production of a prosthetic containing both rigid and flexible materials

My mom shared Derby’s story with me because I’m an advocate for animals and lover of all things fluffy, but little did she know that this company is a member of AMT. I wanted to share this story to show you that 3D printing has an impact on the smallest of creatures in the largest of ways. You can learn more about Derby’s remarkable story in the article that was featured in the UK Daily Mail below or just watch the embedded video.

Happy Holidays!”

**The images from this post were gathered from Derby’s very own Facebook Page. Follow him to learn more about him, his family, 3D Systems, and his first home at Peace and Paws Rescue Center.


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