Kicking off #facesofSTEM with Jen Fasciano

Happy New Year! We hope your 2015 is off to a great start. Here at the MFG Advocate, we’re starting the new year with a new project. Every Monday we’ll be featuring a young professional or student in a STEM based field in a brief interview. Our hope for the project is, firstly, to put the focus on these bright individuals and give them the spotlight they so rightly deserve. Secondly, we hope to give younger students specific examples of what kind of STEM based careers are out there, and just how rewarding these fields can be! We will be using #facesofSTEM in our posts, and we encourage you to nominate anyone you know that would be good for the project here on the blog or on Twitter (@IMTS_Summit) using the hashtag as well. Kicking us off is Jenni Fasciano from Oxford, OH. Take it away, Jen!

Name: Jennifer Fasciano, Bachelors of Science, State University of New York, the College at Brockport

Age: 24

Profession/Area of Study: Graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry with a focus in analytical chemistry

How did you get become interested in your field?: I became interested in analytical chemistry when I did an internship with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, where I was able to use chemistry to research estuary acidification. I realized the possibilities and practical uses as an analytical chemist.  The career opportunities available to me as an analytical chemist extend from academia, to government, to industry, studying environmental, pharmaceutical, and food safety issues.

Are there any STEM developments you are especially excited to see play a part innovating your field?: I’m interested in chromatography and separation of complex mixtures, including pharmaceutical samples. The use of high performance liquid chromatography already plays in important role in the field of analytical chemistry. I look forward to new developments and new applications of separation science.

Any advice for students considering studying/working in your field?: If you are interested in STEM fields you should start doing research as soon as you can. The more experience you have doing research the greater the better off you’re going to be in undergraduate studies and graduate school. Research helped me solidify what I was learning in the classroom and how to apply it to “real life”.


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