Trends We’re Excited About at CES 2015

Today kicks off the 2015  Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. From products we’ve seen in the industry growing for years, to products we haven’t even dreamed of, the show is an incredible melting pot of ideas, innovation, and creativity. There are contributions from a number of industries, international visitors, and incredible keynote speakers. We’ll have team members at the show, and will keep you updated throughout CES. But in the meantime, here are some trends we’re excited to see this year at the show.

Connected cars are generating a lot of buzz coming into CES 2105, with car manufacturers closing the gap between digital life and driving life. This morning, the Today Show highlighted a BMW self driving car, controlled from smart watch. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz and Audi also have self driving concept cars, featuring self-navigation systems.

But its not only the connected cars that are having a moment at the show. Five years ago, Ford’s only display was its new Taurus on a small piece of carpet. This year, Ford has a two-story display with five vehicles, a wall of digital screens and private offices for conducting business.

And Ford isn’t alone. The amount of exhibit space at CES dedicated to automotive technology has almost doubled over the last five years, according to Tara Dunion, a spokeswoman for the show.

This expanded interest on automation at CES shows great promise for a new wave of high-tech, more connected, and most of all— safer, vehicles.

Connected Home

In the same vein as the connected car, the connected home has a heavy influence going into CES 2015. There is a wide range of  products, from seemingly more essential pieces of technology for the home, such as connected door locks and security systems; to toothbrushes designed to monitor how well kids are cleaning, and a plant pot that contains sensors to measure soil moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertiliser. One of our favorites? A WiFi kettle lets you start boiling water by using your phone while you’re still in bed!

Energy Efficiency

Rolled into all the other trends is a spotlight on effectively managing energy. Home appliances, such as refrigerators and thermostats, are being created have the ability to more intelligently manage the energy you have and visualize it for you. A notable new product for the home is a new monitor from Elgato, which gathers data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption in your home.

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