The International Society of Automation Urges Greater Effort to Promote #STEM

The International Society of Automation and it’s umbrella organization, the Automation Federation, are encouraging their members, automation engineers, and professionals to make a more concerted effort to promote the importance of engineering and STEM based careers.

It’s so very important that we recognize the value and contributions of engineers and automation professionals because they directly contribute to the quality of life we enjoy,” says Peggie W. Koon, Ph.D., 2015 Automation Federation Chair and 2014 ISA President. “While the fields of engineering and automation touch so many areas of daily life, so much of what is accomplished by these professionals is simply taken for granted and not acknowledged or celebrated on a regular basis.”

Koon went on to discuss how that lack of attention effects the way young people perceive and pursue STEM, saying,

“Since we don’t recognize the achievements of engineering and automation in a powerful way, many young people do not realize their significance to the health of our nation, the many exciting advances occurring in these areas, and the diverse and financially rewarding career opportunities that are possible in these fields.”

Read more about ISA’s impressive initiative here.

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