All 10 of the best jobs for 2015 are in a STEM field

Approaching higher education or re-entering the workforce? This year all of the top 10 jobs on CareerCast’s best jobs list are in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or in health care. The ranking is not just a matter of opinion— the CareerCast team has come up with a formula that takes into account a range of considerations, from what they call emotional factors like the degree of competitiveness and the amount of public contact (both viewed as negatives), to physical demands (i.e. crawling, stooping, bending etc) and work conditions like “toxic fumes and noise”.

The list a contradiction to the outdated but still prevalent perception that manufacturers and engineers work in loud, dangerous, and highly physical environments. All of the STEM based positions on the list, including three different types of engineers in the top 20, are forecasted to have reasonably low stress, a positive work environment, and very high salaries. Be sure to check out the whole list and the scoring system here. Also, each job title links to a list of open positions.

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