#MFG Global Perspective: #India

indiaArun Mahajan, General Manager, Chennai Technology & Service Centre (CTC) reports:

The Indian economy is presently growing at a rate of 7.5 percent and is likely to maintain this during the Q3 and Q4  of 2015. It is expected to continue to rise to around 7.9 percent in 2016. The momentum in growth is evident from a number of new projects from all sectors, including aerospace & defense, automotive, railways, infrastructure, roads & bridges, power, solar energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding, etc. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity in India’s manufacturing sector, which will help AMT members and manufacturers in general grow and sustain their business in the market for many years to come.

The CTC recently launched an innovative new program to help AMT members reach the critical mass needed to close their first order; because after a company successfully makes its first sale in India, the whole process becomes much easier and more familiar. The Market Access and Sales Support program (MASS) allows CTC member companies to get immediate access to new projects information and customer connections specific to their product domains. This support helps members in jumpstarting their business in the market without having to sign any agent or a proxy employee. This approach also lets members try a new market at the least possible cost commitment. Through MASS, the CTC regularly comes across new inquiries from almost every sector mentioned above. Qualified leads are shared with CTC’s existing and past members, and other AMT members who are not yet active in the market.

If, competitively speaking, manufacturers have a good niche market in other overseas markets, they ought to find it in India, too. In May, the CTC enrolled its 19th member.

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