Our 7 Favorite STEM Savvy Instagram Accounts

Ever since we did the Instagram challenge at the 2014 Smartforce Student Summit, we’ve been having so much fun seeing how other STEM focused groups and organizations share what they’re up to with beautiful pictures and fun videos on everyone’s favorite photo sharing app. If you’re looking for some STEM-spiration this summer, be sure to check out these seven accounts, as well as following us at @imts_summit!

Houston Museum of Natural Sciences (@hmns) A national science museum that also has a great sense of humor? Count us in! We love the Houston Museum of National Sciences not only because they share their incredible displays and STEM education programs, but also because they are super funny while they do it! Especially in the wake of the new Jurassic World film, they’ve been having a lot of fun with their dinosaur displays!


National Center for Women & Information Technology (@ncwit) NCWIT’s mission to correct the gender imbalance in STEM fields is certainly a worthy one. Their initiatives to place women into technology careers inspire the communities around them to do the same. They share wonderful photos of women and girls thriving in STEM classrooms and workplaces and having a blast doing it!

IBM Sports (@IBMSports) This is an account for all you sporty STEM enthusiasts. IBM is known for manufacturing and marketing computer hardware and software, and they have a number of different Instagram accounts that focus on different topics. This one focuses on and captures the merger of sports and technology. They post stats on everything from football to tennis and share links to articles on the latest in using computer data to perfect your game. What a slam dunk!


Mars Curiosity Rover (@marscuriosity) Those of who were able to join us for IMTS 2014 remember that we were lucky enough to have the Mars Curiosity Rover on display with us at McCormick Place! To learn more about our guest we started following it on Instagram and it did not disappoint! These real-life super high quality images of the red planet are enough to inspire any STEM student to pursue a career in space like our 2014 keynote speaker, astronaut Captain Wendy Lawrence.

Kennedy Space Center (@nasakennedy) In a similar vein, we love seeing new posts from The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is from here where every manned NASA space flight has launched since 1968. And even though manned flights are currently taking a hiatus, they continue to operate unmanned rocket launch facilities for the civilian space program. Follow their account to see amazing photos of preparations and launches that will make you feel like you are right in the action.

Google Glass (@googleglass) Those of you who were able to join us at the 2014 Smartforce Student Summit might remember that we had a lot of fun with Google Glass. Maybe too much fun. But if you haven’t had a chance to play with Google Glass, here’s your chance. This Instagram account is full of sleek shots through the “eyes” of Google Glass. Plus, you can get a sense of all the ways it could be practically used in the STEM-isphere.


General Electric (@generalelectric) There are few Instagram accounts more visually stunning than GE’s. They set a phenomenal example of how behind-the-scenes images of manufacturing and intricate machine pieces can be truly beautiful and captivating. They have stunning pictures of everything from up-close pictures of huge engines to videos of wind farms in action. A must follow for any engineer.


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