#MFG Global Perspective: Central & Eastern Europe

central_eastern_europe-300x241Hubert Sawicki, AMT Consultant on Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), reports:

With the peak of the summer recess looming, some business activities in Europe are softly being carried forward into September-­‐October, when a new string of exhibitions and marketing ploys and a new push for contracts will intensify again to help the annual results. The CEE office has just managed to complete its next stage of work for one member who is in the process ofreviewing and strengthening its market position and representation in some of the countries in the Central and Eastern European region. We have been working with another member on a similar process over the last year and there is still some work to do. Both cases are good examples of the importance of good coordination between a company’s U.S. headquarters and its European subsidiaries, as sometimes the priorities are seen differently from different angles and it requires more time to decide what needs to be done, especially when there are fees for these services.

The CEE office remains in contact with several manufacturers in AMT’s workholding group, as there is some interest in Russia to absorb more products of this group in spite, or perhaps because of, the changing market in that country. We continue to stay in touch with a number of manufacturers developing their business in the region. The main interest in recent months is directed to Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.

A word on Greece: The economic turmoil in Greece creates uncertainty not only within the Eurozone, as it affects the currency situation, but also in those countries where the local currency is not the Euro. All larger countries of Central Europe use their own currency and see it devalued. Naturally, if anyone is unlucky to trade with Greece, such business has virtually stopped.

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