#MFG Global: #China – Big Show Coming to #Shanghai


Harry Xiao, General Manager, Shanghai Technology Center (STC) reports:

Introducing a la carte services: Responding to a call from manufacturing companies already in the China market that didn’t need the broad benefits of annual membership but rather more targeted support, the STC is now offering “a la carte” services. Membership is still the most requested service, but the new a la carte menu will help to engage a greater number of companies in the tech center. One company that has already built its sales and service organization in China recently sought help from STC service engineers on a replacement part. Other companies are using STC to find proxy hires. A la carte services will be an important addition to the STC as more and more companies establish themselves in China.

A new machine tool show in Shanghai: The China Machine Tool and Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) currently organizes two machine tool shows in China: CIMT in Beijing (which is as big as IMTS) and CCMT in Nanjing (a small local show). In 2016, CMTBA will move CCMT from Nanjing to Shanghai in the hopes that it will become a major international show like CIMT. Before now, CCMT was a very small show, even smaller than SIMM, the local machine tool show in Shenzhen City. Similar to EMO – the European machine tool show held in odd-numbered years in Hannover and Milan – CMTBA will promote CCMT 2016 as CIMT_Shanghai – an international machine tool exhibition like CIMT_Beijing.

This summer, several AMT members requested that the STC organize a small U.S. pavilion there in 2016. To fully gage the interest level, STC asked AMT members companies who already do business in China. With 15 companies indicated interest in exhibiting and that number expect to grow to 20-30, AMT decided to participate as an AMT/USA Showcase. Look for a press conference on IMTS2016 at the show.

AMT is paying attention to CCMT2016 as it has the potential to become one of the largest manufacturing technology shows in China, and China is still the largest machine tool market in the world. Here’s hoping that CCMT_Shanghai is as successful as CIMT_Beijing!

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