Scholarship Opportunities Fall 2015

Fall is here again, you know what that means! No, not pumpkin lattes, its college application season! Whether you are applying to a technical college, a four year program, or graduate work— education is expensive. To help alleviate the costs for bright young STEM stars, we’ve rounded up some of the best scholarship opportunities for this fall.

MFG Day 2015 — October 2nd 2015
If you’re familiar with our blog you know we’re huge supporters of MFG Day. But even if you are unable to participate in events, you should still check out the website for scholarship info. The scholarships are designed for a wide range of ages and areas of study so there’s something for everyone!

MT Connect Student Challenge
For a more in-depth look at the MT Connect Student Challenge, check out our blog post here. The objective of the “Idea Creation” challenge is for students to identify a manufacturing intelligence need and build a business case for the proposed solution. There is also a separate competition, the “Application Development” challenge, aims for students to “create advanced manufacturing intelligence application solutions which are innovative and deployable, utilizing data acquired via the MTConnect standard.” Bright ideas are heftily rewarded— there are five prizes totaling a whopping $10,500.00

FIRST Robotic Scholarships
FIRST is another organization that is near and dear to us. We have had the pleasure of watching many students passionately purse STEM via the FIRST Robotics competition. But they also have an incredibly comprehensive list of scholarships on their website. You can sort by location, program, and grade— which gives you the most specific list of available funding. The list is seemingly endless, check it out!

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