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Educators, alumni, and parents– that time of year is approaching where college students are trying to succeed with their studies, do well on final exams, get ready for holiday vacation, and take care of personal work (like the MTConnect Student Challenge!) all at the same time. It can be incredibly overwhelming for even the brightest students.

Since many of you have experienced this first hand, we encourage you to reach out to students using #SmartforceSupport with any advice, ideas, or encouragement you may have for them. We’ll be asking some prompting questions using the hashtag in the coming weeks on our account (@IMTS_Summit), but we encourage you to share any and all information you think would be helpful for students during this hectic time.

We also know that many thesis and capstone projects (including the MTConnect Student Challenge) involve reaching out to professional manufacturers. Reaching out to professionals can be daunting, so using the hashtag to identify yourself or your business as an enthusiastic STEM advocate will help students form relationships within the industry that greatly benefit them in the weeks and months to come– not to mention in post graduate life.

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