Why Compete in a Student Challenge ?

For many college students, after a nice relaxing winter break the last thing they want is to do is voluntarily add to their workload by taking on a student competition. But if you can budget just a little extra time over the course of the next three months, the MTConnect Student Challenge is an invaluable opportunity, not just for the immediate cash prizes, but for the long term benefits that participating in a student competition can garner. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why taking on a student challenge can make you a better student, a stronger job candidate, and an innovative contributor to modern society.

Stand out
By succeeding in a high level competition you will automatically stand out in a pool of applicants— be it for scholarships, internships, or jobs. Not only is it a reflection of your intellect, but also your work ethic and passion, that you took on voluntary work in the first place.

Show your skills
Proving your knowledge in the classroom is much different from real world applications, and very few students are given that valuable opportunity. With a student challenge, you are able to effectively prove that what you have learned in class will carry over to the workplace, and any employer would be lucky to have you!

Open Doors
If you succeed, not only do you win big huge prizes, but also huge opportunities. The MTConnect Student Challenge operates in conjunction with The Association for  Manufacturing Technology. By becoming a challenge winner you will have contacts at both these organizations, an opportunity to present your winning idea at the [MC]2 Conference (which will be held in Dallas, Texas this year), and numerous other speaking opportunities where you will be able to network and expand your skills.

Win prizes
For the first portion of the MTConnect Student Challenge, the Ideation Phase, there are Five Prizes Totaling $10,500.00. For the second part of the challenge, the Application Phase, there are prizes totaling a whooping $22,500.00. With seed money to fund you, the possibilities for what you can accomplish are endless!

It’s easier than you think
Some students find the idea of student competitions daunting, and never apply for fear it will be wasted time if they don’t win. But the reality is if everyone felt that way no one would apply! Just by applying you have already set yourself ahead of the pack. Plus, with a competition like the MTConnect Student Challenge there are two separate challenges with multiple winners each, so they odds you succeed are much higher!

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