Get Ready to #MakeTheVote with AMT


Fact: There are approximately 12 million manufacturing voters in the United States, defined as men and women who are in the business of making things. Our participation at the polls can make us a strong and resonant voice.

For the 2016 election season, AMT is rolling out Make the Vote, a campaign to encourage voter participation and increase voter awareness. This is a strictly nonpartisan campaign as we are not here to endorse or oppose any candidates. However, we want you to know that your voice matters, and we need every manufacturing voter to turn out at the polls.

AMT has created a resource page devoted to this campaign at The content will be updated as the campaign unfolds, so check back often.

But first things first – are you registered to vote? The Make the Vote landing page includes a link to help you get it done. Remember, even if you’ve registered previously, you may need to update your information if you’ve moved, legally changed your name, or for other reasons. Check with your state board of elections for details.


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