NIMS Rolls out Industry CAM Standards

From Greg Jones, AMT VP – Smartforce Development

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills released the first-ever industry standards for Computer Aided Manufacturing. These standards will enhance education and training programs to meet 21st century demands for skilled CAM programmers, designers and engineers.

Autodesk provided guidance for the standard development, along with technical work group and regional validation participation from many other AMT member companies, manufacturers and schools. AMT member participation came from CNC Software, BobCAD-CAM, CGTech, Delcam, DMG Mori and Haas Automation.

The duty areas for milling and turning operations that are part of the standard include job preparation and process planning, 2D sketching and 3D modeling, toolpath generation, and documentation. Additional knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics of the standard include written oral communication, machining mathematics, decision making and problem solving, social skills and personal qualities, engineering drawings and sketches, computer operations and technologies including CNC machines, workholding, cutting tools, machine codes, offsets and compensation.

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