Bumpy ride awaits as we head to Election Day

By  Amber Thomas
The conventions are over, the major parties have chosen their candidates amid some controversy, and most polls show the race even. With less than 12 weeks until Election Day, it may be time to overcome your fear of roller coasters.

Few at the beginning of this campaign imagined Donald Trump would emerge from the crowded field of primary challengers as the next Republican nominee for President. Yet last month in Cleveland, Trump defied his skeptics when he took the stage with his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, and vowed to his national party that he would win the White House in November.

The outcome of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia was less dramatic than the days leading up to it, with accusations of email tampering, the resignation of a party leader and Sanders supporters vying for the spotlight. In the end, Hillary Clinton and her Vice Presidential pick, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, evoked core democrat values to restore the party unity that is necessary to win the election.

Now the candidates will take to the road and make their case to voters. Extremes of both parties have influenced the message and platforms. How will voters respond? My advice is to expect the unexpected, and you won’t be surprised.

While the news from the campaign trail will continue to focus on Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine, there is more going on than the national race. The Republican majority in the Senate is threatened and so is the strength of its majority in the House, with every seat in the House up for reelection. The intensity of the Presidential campaign has raised the stakes in the congressional race. So that makes this August a time when members of Congress usually leave Capitol Hill to connect with the voters, an even better opportunity to make your voice heard and ask the candidates how they plan to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing technology industry. They want your vote.

Begin the dialogue now that will continue after the elections. Your personal stories, your input and your counsel can, does and will make an impact on who gets elected and what gets done in the 115th Congress. It’s important to be present in this year’s elections. #MakeTheVote

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