Prepare for changes in #manufacturing by attending the IMTS 2016 Conference

Manufacturers can discover what’s on the horizon and find new ideas to continuously improve their competitive position at the IMTS 2016 Conference, September 12-15.

We know that a strong manufacturing sector creates a path toward economic prosperity and the IMTS conference program aims to strengthen our industry by equipping engineers, technicians, developers, factory managers, scientists, and business owners with solutions to our evolving industry.

From the shop floor to the sales and marketing office, modern manufacturing is quickly evolving and presenting new challenges. The IMTS Conference highlights solutions to these challenges, offers insight into future manufacturing tends, provides tips to implement a connected factory, and outlines practical advice meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

The more than 120 sessions in the conference program are organized into five tracks: Process Innovations, Alternative Manufacturing, Plant Operations, Automation, and Quality.

A small sample of presentations include:
·       New Approaches to Additive Manufacturing
·       Data Infrastructure and Management for the Digital Thread in Manufacturing
·       The Path to IIoT for Connected Machines in a Digital Factory
·       The Journey Into Metal Additive Manufacturing
·       Cloud-Based Manufacturing: Who Will Rule The Clouds?
·       Robotics: Rise of the Machines
·       Acquaint, Convince, and Excite: ACE the Next Generation of Manufacturing
·       What’s Your New Equipment Payoff?
·       Give a Boost to your Traditional Programming Process: Simplicity and
·       From Idea To Recycling – A Cutting Tool Management Process


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