Engage the next-generation workforce at the Smartforce Student Summit @IMTS 2016

imts-rocket-onlyDid you know that by 2025, two million manufacturing jobs are expected to be available if more young people don’t seek an education in STEM and a career in manufacturing?

The Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2016, McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill., Sept 12-17, is an event promising to encourage students to pursue STEAM studies leading to a career in manufacturing technology. Nine hands-on technical challenges offer students the change to try their hand in advanced manufacturing and to see the latest innovations in the industry. The challenge lineup includes:

Design It!
Use Autodesk Fusion 360 software (3D CAD/CAM/CAE) to design and create models of Googie (space-age) style rockets. Visit www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/students-teachers-educators to download the software.

Make It!
Explore what drives the physics of rocket flight (launch pressure, launch angle, nose weight and tail fin configuration) by making a 3D printed rocket through one of three options:

All students are invited to test their rockets in a one-of-a-kind special air-power flight tower. Students earn points by mastering performance (trajectory and stability) and style.

Tool It!
See how manufacturing affects virtually everything you touch — from aircraft and automobiles to smart phones, computers and more.

Machine It!
Discover how to machine Googie-style rockets on the Haas ST-10 and Haas VF-2.

Measure It!
Learn to operate a ZEISS DuraMax coordinate measuring machine and run the CNC measurement program to find out if their rocket design makes the grade.

Automate It!
Operate machine components and parts with a robotic arm and grippers.

Weld It!
Test welding ability, knowledge, and speed using the Lincoln Electric® RealWeld® Trainer in a virtual welding experience with a voice coaching application to guide you through the weld process.

Weld It with Robots!
Navigate a robot through a realistic welding obstacle course by setting up welding angles for the robot to perform a simulated weld.

Build It!
Experienced mechatronics student teams will compete against teams of industry professionals in a WARDJet waterjet cutting machine build-off for a chance to win a waterjet for their school’s machining lab. Build It! student teams can register at http://www.wardjet.com/build-it-challenge

Registration for the Smartforce Student Summit is free for students of all ages, from elementary school through college, as well as for their teachers, administrators and parents. To register, visit www.imts.com/student.


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