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Greek names for girls include several classic names that have ranked highly in the the US for its entire history, most notably Catherine, Helen, and Margaret. One of the most enduring popular Greek names for girls in recent times, not only in the US but around the world, is Sophia, the name of the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom. But there are so many other Greek girl names worth consideration, from Acacia to Zephyrine, that the entire list bears a closer look. If Greek girl names are good enough for the Bard, surely our list of Greek names for girls is worth exploring!


Popular Greek Baby Girl Names

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See Greek boy names. Explore our trove of goddesses like Aphrodite or Hera with Greek baby girl names… or fall head over heels with a rare stunner like Azalea or Calliope.

Help, aid. Laurel tree. From the blessed isles. Bright and pure. Messenger; messenger of God. Crown, garland. Revelation of God. From the island of Cyprus. The best. Loved by God. Follower of Christ. Get ready to go gaga for Greek girl names. These time-tested titles are rich with history and style and have retained popularity over many years.

Chloe and her rhyming twin Zoe are Greek as well, along with Penelope , a peppy pick beloved for her endless nicknames. The mighty Athena stands tall here, and this Greek goddess is just the tip of the iceberg. The classic Alexandra reigns as well, while the once super popular Andrea and Melanie have cooled enough to feel fresh again.

For this familiar feel, you want to look lower than the top but higher than to avoid being too rare. For a pop of excitement, try out Zenobia and Xenia , as their rare starts give them a burst of energy. Rare Greek girl names are simply stunning, from the fiery feel of Phaedra to the place name Iraia.

Greek girl names are chameleons, with vintage darlings like Cora , Lydia , and Iris appearing, along with modern finds like Cali , Lexi , and Elodie. You can find nature name cuties like Amaryllis , Azalea , and Acacia , as well as religious stunners like Thea , Angela , and Ariadne. There are luxurious long ones like Cassandra and Evangelina and short ones too, like Sena and Alix. As you can see, the sky is the limit with Greek girl names.

They can really make or break a name, as they give it life beyond the page and can connect with you on another level. Starts With. Ends With.

See Greek boy names Greek Girl Names Explore our trove of goddesses like Aphrodite or Hera with Greek baby girl names… or fall head over heels with a rare stunner like Azalea or Calliope. Previous Previous 1 2 … Next.

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These Chic Greek Baby Names Are Fit for a Mythical God or Goddess

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Greek Baby Names. Greek Boy Names. Greek Girl Names.

Greek names are full of history, culture, and meaning from a place that is known for its beauty, architecture, food, and traditions. Greek mythology inspires many baby names , and so does Ancient Greece, the birthplace of modern democracy, philosophy, medicine, the Olympics, and so much more. Well-known Greek names such as Peter, Socrates, and Zeus are strong and powerful, while Aphrodite, Angelina, and Olympia are beautiful and heavenly. There are so many terrific names to choose for your baby , whether you want to honor your ancestry or you just like the sound and meaning. Of course, you do need to be a little cautious with Greek baby names.

Ancient Greek Girl Names

Greek mythology can provide lovely inspiration when picking a baby name. Names like Aphrodite and Calliope impart strength, confidence and tradition to your sweet baby girl. In fact, there are countless names in the Greek tradition that are more understated yet still magnificent. Check out our list below — one of these may be perfect for your little goddess. Instead of the more common Ana, you could call her Natasha or Stacia for short. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. The names Eve, Evelyn, Ava and the like are super trendy, but this one, while rising is popularity, is still a bit more unique. Does your brand new baby girl have an old soul? Another botanical name!

Greek Baby Names

See Greek boy names. Explore our trove of goddesses like Aphrodite or Hera with Greek baby girl names… or fall head over heels with a rare stunner like Azalea or Calliope. Help, aid. Laurel tree.

Alternative spelling: Nephele.

You go straight to your friend Google to find the perfect baby girl name for your growing peanut. You browse through thousands of baby girl names and their meanings, make a list of your favorites, and present it to your husband. He is not impressed. He crosses off every name on your list.


If Greek names bring to mind only Zeus, Aphrodite , or Apollo , think again. Read More. Greek: Thorny; In Greek mythology, the acacia tree symbolizes immortality and resurrection. Acacia wood was used in the Bible to

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The name derives from agauos "noble," itself possibly from agasthai "to wonder at," from gaiein "to rejoice," with the intensive prefix a-. The name is of unknown etymology, but the earliest sources that mention the name are in Greek and associate it with the Greek adjective katharos, meaning "pure. Andromeda was said to be an Ethiopian princess. Ancient Ethiopians considered Perseus and Andromeda the progenitors of the black race. She was worshiped on Crete.

Rare and beautiful baby names inspired by Greek mythology

Greek goddess names for girls would be the ideal choice for those who are looking for a unique culture inspired name with ancient roots. The pantheon of Greek deities, gods, heroes, and culture will give you plenty of inspiration to choose a unique and best-suited name for your baby girl. Below are some common Greek girl names, that are inspired by Greek mythology, heroes, gods, and the rituals of the ancient Greeks. One of the popular Greek baby girl names, which means the defender and helper of humankind. Many famous TV personalities are named Alexandria. Alexa is a simple and sophisticated name that also has a modern appeal to it. Amaltheia is another Greek name, originated from the Latin name Amalthea.

She is the daughter of Atlas and Plêionê. ALTHAIA (Αλθαία): Greek name possibly meaning "healing." In mythology, this is the name of the mother of Meleagros.

Greek mythology is filled with fantastic stories and legends. While many of the names found within these ancient stories are a little too archaic for day-to-day use, the vast array of characters means that there is still a lot of inspiration for baby names. There are plenty of gods and goddesses and other figures from Greek mythology to choose from.

604 Greek Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Greek Baby Names That Begin With A




Ancient Greek Female Names (Greek Community)



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