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Find friends spotify not working

Go to Solution. When you open the link to the playlist, you will find a link to their profile. Note: if your friend doesn't know their username, they can easily find it by doing the following:. If you want to change your username, make sure to check out this thread to find out how. View solution in original post.


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How to Find and Follow Friends on Spotify

But where do you start? Do you look through the charts? Go on YouTube? Or do you just wait until you randomly come upon a song that fits your music taste? However, we have one mighty resource at our disposal: our friends, the community around us.

We tend to surround ourselves by people who either have similar tastes, or by those who understand our tastes. They may even be able to introduce you to music that you might not usually listen to, but end up liking. But this was just a hypothesis I conjured up out of personal experience.

I interviewed Spotify users to understand any trends in the behaviors or feelings tied with how people approach music discovery. Here are some of the key insights I found from my user research:. From my user research, I found that people want to discover new music that appeals to their personal tastes through the people around them, but have a hard time doing this in real life because:. And thus, I found my goal: to design a more centralized, efficient, and personalized way for Spotify users to discover new music.

With my goal in mind, I recruited two friends for brainstorming. Two hours and sixty post-it notes later, we identified a main opportunity space to explore:. I further delved into this opportunity space by coming up with several potential solutions to explore.

Some notable features I considered were:. Private Sharing Groups with Friends. To make a decision about which solution space to proceed with, I plotted these feature solutions on a Feature Feasibility Matrix, which weighed impact how beneficial it would be for Spotify users vs. This feature also has a high impact , as this feature has been highly requested by users on mobile over the course of many years.

As a result, I decided to proceed with the Friend Activity feature. This feature is an organic, convenient way for users to find new music through their community. This feature essentially brings Spotify Friend Activity feature to mobile app. However, it needs to be seamlessly implemented in a way that gives users relevant, efficient, and personalized discovery experiences, referring back to the original goal.

To begin the process of bringing this feature to life, I first sketched out several potential user flows of the experience:. After user testing these low-fidelity sketches as well as investigating the composition of the desktop version of Friend Activity, I was able to come up with a list of key UI elements, or content requirements, for this feature experience. To illustrate the information architecture of the content requirements, I included the final medium-fidelity mockups of each stage of the experience:.

Some examples of the important elements that I brainstormed for this experience include name of user, profile pictures and album cover pictures, and time stamps. I produced three potential entry points for the user to enter the Friend Activity experience, ranging from noticeable to more hidden.

Each had their benefits and drawbacks:. Option A: Navigation Bar — Very conspicuous and easily accessible — however, too intrusive and a quite distracting change to the overall look of the app.

Option B: Search Page — Bring the perfect balance between subtlety and accessibility. Makes the most sense because it is displayed among other options meant for browsing and discovery.

Option C: Your Library Page — A subtle change, however, it is too hidden among all the other options. After deciding on an entry point, it was time to determine the way the Friend Activity feed will be presented, or displayed in the experience.

User Interaction with Feed. I first wanted to decide the overall layout of the feed that users will be interacting with. I initially came up with two possible options based on two existing displays within Spotify:.

Option A: Horizontally-Scrollable List — Format similar to the Home page, has a visual emphasis and horizontally-scrollable options. Emphasis on text and details rather than visual.

From user-testing these options, I found that users preferred the vertically-scrolling list, as it is similar to the way users interact with most of the songs in the app, and because it is more similar to how users interact with the Friend Activity feed on desktop. However, I also found that users liked the visual aspects of the horizontally-scrollable list, such as being able to see the profile pictures of their friends makes it more personable and social , as well as the album covers of the songs aids in discovery process.

Users also found the amount of text in vertically-scrollable list quite overwhelming. I decided to go with the vertically-scrollable list as the way users would interact with the feed, but I set out to find a better balance between the text and visual components. Visual Display of Feed. I explored three different ways to bring a visual component to the layout of the feed, while maximizing the amount of details included. Each way visually emphasized different aspects of the experience:.

Name of song and artist are displayed as text, and are less noticeable. Name of the user is displayed last, and is least noticeable. From user-testing, I found that user preferred the visual emphasis on the song and artist, because this emphasis is more relevant to the song discovery process.

For all these reasons, I found that users preferred Option C over the others, and this is the display I decided to proceed with. Preview Feature.

One major goal I had in mind for this feature was to make the music discovery process more efficient. Many Spotify users had expressed that the process of listening to new songs to see if they like it or not is a tedious one. This feature was inspired by the already-existing Preview aspect in Spotify regular version, creating an intersection point for the regular and premium versions of the mobile app. Stream My Activity Option. From my initial user research, many Spotify users not only expressed slight discomfort with reaching out to their friends about music recommendations, but also with sharing their own music streaming choices at times.

To encourage users to engage with their community on Friend Activity at will , I included an easily accessible switch button at the top of the feed. Final Interaction. After rounds of user testing, I finalized the design of the entire Friend Activity feed experience, from entering the feed, to browsing and discovering a song from the feed, and finally previewing and saving the song.

What amazes me most about the design process is how problem-solving oriented it is; although Spotify is already an amazing app the way it is, there are always ways to progress, improve, change. Bringing the Friend Activity Feed to mobile would be one of the most impactful changes, as there has always been a consistent demand for it. In terms of the design thinking, there was definitely a steep learning curve and I have plenty more to learn. Going through my first design process, I most importantly learned that this process is all about trial and error; although I may initially think a design I created is perfect, user testing the design could show me that I have to scrap the whole thing and try again.

In the future, I hope to focus on incorporating more out-of-the-box design explorations in my design process. I cannot wait to see what the future holds as I grow as a designer — this is only the beginning. I am in no way affiliated with Spotify. I am a sophomore at Cornell University, pursuing a major in Information Science and a minor in business.

I hope to concentrate in UX and Product Design. Sign in. Sanjana Seshadri Follow. Some notable features I considered were: 1. Private Sharing Groups with Friends To make a decision about which solution space to proceed with, I plotted these feature solutions on a Feature Feasibility Matrix, which weighed impact how beneficial it would be for Spotify users vs.

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How to Find Friends on Spotify

When you follow friends on Spotify, you can use the desktop app's Friend Activity pane to see what they're listening to and listen along. You can also see what artists they follow and share their public playlists. There are a couple of ways to find friends on Spotify, depending on whether you want to connect your Spotify account to Facebook. If you can't see the Friend Activity pane on the desktop app, Spotify's program window might be too small, so you should make it larger.

I've noticed this has been happening to my account for months but the issue just can't seem to sort itself out. I've posted about it before but wasn't able to get any help. I know for a fact I have plenty of friends on Spotify because I've seen it before.

In Spotify, users are able to follow their friends and share music with each other easily. Below the tutorial will serve as a quick "How-To" to help you find your friends in different ways on Spotify. The first way you will think of must be connecting Spotify with your Facebook account , for Facebook is one of the most popular social software in the world and you will meet lots of people within it. Once your Spotify is connected, all your Facebook friends who have activated Spotify will automatically show up. Step 2 Please log in to your Facebook account and get it to connect to Spotify.

8 Awesome Spotify Hacks You (Probably) Don’t Know

I created my account on spotify using my facebook but when I try to view friends connected nothing appears. Go to Solution. View solution in original post. I know others in the Spotify world are having the same issue I had so here are solid, tested and true tips to getting your friends list to generate on spotify:. If Spotify is telling you "you have 0 facebook friends on Spotify" follow these trouble shooters:. Log onto Spotfiy using a user name and password, NOT through facebook. My situation was a bit more complicated because I was a premium user and had playlists I wanted to keep.

Spotify Stories

But where do you start? Do you look through the charts? Go on YouTube? Or do you just wait until you randomly come upon a song that fits your music taste?

I tried to follow my facbook friends but when i click on "Find friends" the tab keeps loading. If you're having troubles, make sure to try a quick reinstall of the app on your devices first by following the steps here.

No idea why, but if I search for any of my Facebook friends in the "search" bar, nothing comes up I am linked with Facebook and don't remember having this issue before. Just want to find a couple people to follow and send music to. Also, if I go to "follow" in the top left, I can see suggested friends to follow, so I know my friends are linking

How to follow someone on Spotify, so you can keep track of your friends and favorite artists

This wikiHow teaches you how to follow a friend's profile on Spotify. Following a person allows you to see updates for their activity; for example, if the person creates a new playlist, you'll be able to see and listen to that playlist from your Spotify home page. You can follow Spotify users on both mobile and desktop versions of Spotify.


Recently, I asked him about some lesser-known Spotify features. Here are some things Allen said you should definitely be aware of while you listen. I started using Spotify for shared playlists while getting to know my now-wife. We later used one for our wedding. Collaborative playlists are a great way to mark an occasion. At 9 Clouds, when Catherine was concerned she listened to too much Maroon 5, the team rallied together and built her a playlist.

How to Search For Spotify Friends By Username

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world, like Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Spotify is immediately appealing because you can access content for free by simply signing up using an email address or by connecting with Facebook. If you're not keen on monthly subscription fees for Spotify Premium, or just want to dip your toe in and test it out, it's easy to get started and there's no commitment. You can find out the main differences between Spotify Free and Premium in our separate feature but as a quick summary, the free version is ad-supported, much like radio stations. The free version of Spotify can be accessed on PC, laptop and mobile phone, but the full service needs a Spotify Premium subscription. The basic setup is pretty straightforward but there's much more to Spotify once you delve in and it gets smarter the more you listen. Yes and no.

Feb 20, - Find Friends not working! Very annoying. So I connected my Facebook account to Spotify and want to see what my friends listen to from time to time but my the  Spotify friend activity not working?: spotify - Reddit.

Much like many other media platforms these days, Spotify offers a social networking component. Spotify allows you to find and add your friends, so you can check out their taste in music. Additionally, fans can keep tabs on their favorite artists by following their Spotify accounts, so they never miss when new music drops.

How to Add Friends on Spotify

Spotify has transformed the ways people access, listen, and produce music, reshaping the landscape of the audio streaming industry. While Spotify is known for its sleek interfaces, highly tailored recommendations, and eclectic music variety, what truly differentiates the company from competitors is its social focus. Project Duration: 1 month. Team: Rose Kuan this is a personal project, not part of Spotify.

Follow artists to receive notifications and never miss a new release. Note: Your Spotify account must be connected to Facebook to find your friends in this list. Or, ask your friends to share their profile with you. Not working?

Hi, for several months now, every time I go to click on the "Find Friends" button, this error message attached below pops up. I have added friends in the past and want to add more.




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