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Find the odd man out criminal gangster paragon pirate ruffian

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Choose the odd one out.

July 8, By anilmlalwani India. GOON: bully, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, gangsta, gangster, mobster, mug, punk, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, thug, yob, yobbo, scoundrel, bandit, brigand, crook, desperado, felon, gunman, highwayman, mafioso, lawbreaker, malefactor, offender, outlaw, perp, perpetrator, pickpocket, racketeer, robber, swindler, conman, juvenile delinquent, tearaway, guttersnipe, tough, reprobate niich , virago chandi , rake sponge, scrounge, cadge, vagrant, smuggle, traffic, contraband, extradition.

FRAUD: defraud, fiddle-fudge, counterfeit-subterfuge, chicanery-shenanigan, sleight of hand :sleigh -legerdemain, dupe-duplicity, hoax-phony, spurious-specious, sham-flimflam, humbug, swindle, fleece, chisel, bilk :baulk , bleed, con, bamboozle, skulduggery, evasive, slippery, sly-slick, sneaky, underhand, fib, mendacity, fallacy, posing, lie, devious, bluff :double bluff , infidelity-perfidy, perjury, back stab, cross, double-cross, two-faced, smooth-tongued, sell-out, divulge :spillage.

MIND: sentient, skittish, amnesia, muse-ponder-reflect, cognizance, hidebound , savant apphrend seize, either physically or mentally, ability to understand - through tangible or concrete experience , comprehend understand fully, conceptual understanding , apphrehension fear , comprhensive all-inclusive , rational i. CANCEL : annul, repeal, revoke, rescind, recall, rescission, abolish, abrogate-arrogate, outlaw :scofflaw , waive, BAN: prohibit, proscribe, forbid :forgo-forego forfeit , veto :vote , outlaw, embargo :embark , enjoin, injunction, interdict indict, indictment, verdict, inhibit , bid:offer-attempt-tell , BREAK: violation infractions, infringement, :infiltration, contravention ,.

HAND: cuff, clout, pummel, sock, thump, swipe, slap, swat, smack, spank, knock, rap t , bat small in air , mitt HARD: slam bang , bash :bashful , belt, wallop :wallow , clobber n,v , smash, smite, thwack, whack, plough into, poleaxe, cannon, wallop LIGHTLY: jab, dab, pat, tap-wiretapping, flick-flip-toss swipe, pinch-spread -flip, bump sideswipe, knee, lash out.

POLITE: civil, courteous, genteel, gracious, mannerly, well-bred, solicitous, thoughtful; chivalrous, gallant, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, ladylike; ceremonial, suave, unctuous, urbane; elegant, refined; deferential, dutiful, submissive, yielding, becoming, befitting, decorous, meet, seemly, affable, cordial, genial, hospitable, pleasant, sociable; felicitous, demure, humble, meek :compliant-complaisant , modest, unassertive, self-effacing , smarmy.

MOAN: to complain about something in a way which can be annoying and boring to other people. GROAN: is to utter noises of pain, grief, despair, disapproval etc. BODY PART : pad-paw-maw, flank :flake -blindside :offside , paunch-haunch-hunch hunchback -hump-excrescence-carapace, pectoral-tusk-trunk-torso :tempo -temple-forehead-lobe brain or lung -earlobe, auricle atrium -ventricle, areola :aureole-aura,:aural,aureate :laureate , hind doe,:hart -rear behind,bottom, raise on back legs , spittle, horn-antler.

BODY WASTE : dung dunghill,dungheap large animals -manure, guana seabirds , muck farm animals :gunk , turd, droppings :leavings birds,small animals , excrement-excreta, feces faeces, fecal-faecal , poop child vocab -stool crap medical term , ordure, sewage :wastewater -sewerage, midden, :landfill , :detritus,debris , URINATE: wee-piddle, bladder :bowel TOILET: loo-privy, bowel :bowl COUGH: spit-spittle-expectorate, hawk up n,v , phlegm, hacking cough.

BODY ENT: EYE: G: gape :gasp , gaze stare but not aggressive -glaze, glare glower, scowl,:growl -blare-flare, gawk-gawp, glimpse, glance quick short look :glancing , ogle-goggle surprise , gloat, glint, P: peek :pique -peep-peer peeress, pier-tier -leer :leery -sneer lookORsmile -smirk, frown-grimace, blink-wink-squint, sidelong-askance, stake out-lookout-outlook, linger, scrutiny, dreamy, spot, browse,, sighting, eye, eyes pop or pop out, voyeur. PULL: pull move in any direction , drag pull behind you , draw move by pulling gently , haul pulling with efforts , tow :articulated -tuck-tug pull hard repeatedly , lug drag with effort , hitch-hike, twitch, tweak, wrench, winch, stretch-traction, yank, whip.

SHOUT: scream, screech, shriek, shrill, squall, squeak, squeal, squawk, yowl, holler, whoop, ululate, caterwaul, howl, crow, wail, yell, yelp, bay-bray, bawl, blow-billow-bellow-bellows-mellow, roar, uproar, thunder, clamor, snort :snap out , drown out, LOUD: shrill, stentorian, earsplitting, raucous, strident, deafening, piercing, plangent, resounding, ringing, blaring, blustering, blasting, booming, brassy-brazen, clamorous, clangorous, thundering rous , drown out, pipe, CLAIM, roll, trill.

DECLARE: affirm, assert m-w , aver :averse, avert , avouch :vouchsafe , avow, contend, maintain, profess, claim, purport, warrant, declare, insist, allege, protest, remonstrate, herald acquiesce, subscribe, espouse; abide, relent. SCOLDING: bawl out, berate, chew out, dress down, harangue, rail, rant, rebuke :refute , reproof-reprove, reprimand, denunciation, objurgation harsh rebuke COMPLAINT: bleat, carp, caterwaul, croak, grievance, gripe, grizzle, grouch, grouse, grumble, maunder, moan, murmur, mutter, nag, repine, scream, squawk, squeal, wail, whimper, whine, whinge, yowl, beef, bellyache, bitch.

PARTY: feast, festive :fest , fete, affair, bash, binge, prom, romp, soiree, revelry revel , carnival, frolic, gambol, lark, rollicking, spree, buffoonery, gaiety, convivial,. OFFSPRING: harem a group of female animals that share the same male for reproducing , brood all the young birds or creatures that a mother produces at one time , litter the offspring at one birth of a multiparous mammal ,.

Puff, puff, puff. Water :bloop, splash, spray, sprinkle, squirt, drip, drizzle, Voice :giggle, growl, grunt, gurgle, mumble, murmur, bawl, belch, chatter, blurt Collisions :bam, bang, clang-clank, clap, clatter, click, clink, ding, jingle, screech, slap, thud, thump Air : flutter, fisst, fwoosh, gasp, swish, swoosh, whiff, whoosh, whizz, whip, whisper Animal Sounds :arf, baa, bark, bray, buzz, cheep, chirp, chortle, cluck, cuckoo, hiss, meow, moo, neigh, oink, purr, quack, ribbit, tweet, warble, cock-a-dood.

Pronunciation changes by part of speech: abuse, alternate, advocate, approximate, contract, converse, convict, decrease, delegate, discount, duplicate, entrance, estimate, export, extract, graduate, import, intimate, moderate, object, permit, present, protest, record, refund, refuse, subject, suspect, survey, torment, upgrade,.

Exclamations: aargh, ah, aha, ahchoo, ahem, aw, bah, boo, coo, d'oh, drat, eek, eh, er, eww, gee, ha, hey, ho ho, ho-hum, hooray, huh, mm, oh, oho, oi, ooh, oops, ouch, ow, oy, pah, phew, psst, sh, strewth, tsk tsk, tut, ugh, uh, uh-uh, uh-oh, um, whoopee, whoops, woo, hoo, wow, yay, yippee, yuck, yum.

FIGURE OF SPEECH : apheresis, anadiplosis, apocope-syncope-drawl, portmanteau, similarity, simile, metaphor, allegory, fable, parable, personification, contrast, antithesis, oxymoron, epigram, irony, sarcasm, innuendo, hyperbole, litotes, euphemism, dysphemism, pun, association, metonymy, synecdoche, arrangement, interrogation, apostrophe, repetition, pleonasm, bathos :pathos,poignancy,ethos , anticlimax, climax, metalepsis.

MEETING gathering, get-together : parley-caucus, huddle, assembly, conclave, congress, council, convocation convention , confab, symposium, summit, roundtable,. GRAND: kingly, lordly, princely, queenly, celestial, divine, heavenly, colossal, monstrous, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous, awesome, awful, cosmic al , sublime, formidable, impressive, prepossessing, redoubtable; apocalyptic al , inflated, operatic, overblown, pompous, marvelous, superb, terrific, wonderful, wondrous, extravagant, lavish, luxurious, opulent, palatial, palatine, sumptuous; gorgeous, resplendent, splendiferous,extraordinary, killer, remarkable, sensational, striking, plush,.

SURPLUS: profuse :profound,profundity , unduly, prolific-proliferate :profligate , prodigal, lush, lavish, luxuriant, exuberant, exorbitant, extortionate, inordinate, immoderate, plethoric, steep, stiff, towering, overweening, overmuch, undue-overdue, myriad, slew, abundance, snatch, welter, copious, bumper, FULL: satiate, sate, surfeit, cloy, pall, glut, gorge ABUNDANCE: host-slew n,v , panoply.

DAYTIME: nigh, yonder, morrow, eventide, dusk, the gloaming, meridian, twilight-crepuscular, bide, bygone :begone,foregone, forgo-forego , afore, epoch, past beyond,further than a particular point , :ergo ie therefore. OLD AGE: antiquity, hoary, frumpy-dowdy for woman , superannuated, doddering posterity , predate-antedate, dated, outworn :worn-out NEW: inchoate, incipient, nascent, aborning,.

DELAY: m-w , ado, protracted :protractor , procrastinate, prolong, long-drawn-out :draw up , defer :deferential , dilatory, tardy, lag, loiter, dawdle :dowdy , dally, stonewall, retard-slow-slacken, detain, respite, setback i.

OFFER: proffer, tender-render, bid, essay, fling, crack, endeavor GIVE : bestow, confer, afford, confer, endow, endue or indue , fork out,over,up GRANT: concede, vouchsafe, accord, award GIVE IN: concede, yield m-w , capitulate :recapitulate -parley :parlay , knuckle under, succumb, blink, budge, defer, relent-render-consign, surrender, acquiesce GIVE UP: resign-renounce m-w -abdicate, abnegate :abrogate , abjure, forswear-forsake, recant, retract, relinquish-abandon-waive, desert.

TAKE AWAY: arrogate, appropriate-misappropriate-expropriate, sequestrate :sequester , wrest-wrench, conquer-seize-confiscate, annex, impound, despoil,. FIX: transfix, intransigent, immutable, irrevocable, indissoluble TOUGH: stout, sturdy, stalwart, tenacious :tenuous , thickset, cast-iron unbreakable , ironclad unchallengedORunchanged , endure, inured, vigor, rugged.

BODY OF WATER: [puddle-pothole due to depression -pond artificially -pool naturally -lagoon shallow,separated from larger body of water,bounded by dune or reef -lake-reservoir enlarged natural or artificial lake -dam :spillway , stream-river, sea-ocean], wash,. WAVE: surf-whitecaps-breaker, scum-suds-lather, streamline-tideline-tidemark-riptide-crosscurrent, maelstrom-whirlpool, up swell, TERMS: oceanic-coastal-earth-slope landform, geography-geology-meteorology-genealogy, alluvial-fluvial, marine-riverine, sea-ocean, brackish-briny, precipitation-condensation,.

BANK: the land next to a body of water, usually rivers, sometimes lakes, but not often the ocean. BEACH: a beach is always accessible; while a coast might not be a cliff that drops directly into the sea is a coast, but not a beach SHORE:seen by sailors coming to land, land along the edge of an ocean COAST:seen from the sky, land next to the ocean, A strip of land of indefinite length and width may be tens of Km.

HUMUS: organic matter that forms in the soil when plant and animal matter decays COMPOST: the process of composting requires making a heap of wet organic matter known as green waste leaves, food waste and waiting for the materials to break down into humus after a period of weeks or months.

For instance, you may get stuck in a quagmire, but you won't be swallowed by it. But you would be in quicksand. ALCOHOL: liquor-liqueur-lacquer, lager-beer-rum-whiskey-brandy-vodka, ale, gin, swig, slug, booze, grog :groggy , brew, soused, cask :casket of stout, draught, spirit, tavern,fermentation , libation, taproom, imbibe :imbue , inebriate, tipsy-tight, bootleg, beverage,potion , sloshed, victualler , speakeasy, DRUGS: dope, chug.

BAG: briefcase, suitcase, handbag purse , shoulder bag, clutch bag, duffel bag holdall , bumbag fanny pack , rucksack backpack ,. FLOAT WRECKAGE: jetty-jettison-jetsam-floatsam-flotilla-driftwood, SHIP: seasick, sea wrack seaweed, :weed , moor-bollard, coast, manoeuvre, passage, heave, anchorage, grappling iron, backwash, bail out, beacon, boathouse, heel-capsize :capstan , cast off, crossing, disembark, distress, dredge, founder-flounder, maritime, moor, pitch, row, scuttle, stowaway, listing, adrift, aground, a board-on-board-overboard.

FLAT LAND: glade-meadow-pasture-[plateau tableland,mesa -plain :floodplain ], LAND: [terrain-subterranean-territory, mine :landmine -quarry], shamba-flat, gangway, vineyard, pave-pavement :sidewalk , swathe n,v :scathe , bedrock, locale, locus, rise, witchback, facility, steppe, crust-mantle, siting, treeline, sward, subsidence, tillage, syncline-anticline, fold, [pinnacle, summit, ridge-hip-valley-eaves-gable, spur, fledged, abseil-rappel], ice shelf.

STRUCTURE: plaque-obelisk-menhir monolith -dolmen polylith -taula megalith, table , capstone horizontal table , sepulture-tumulus, cenotaph, annex, rafters-posts-struts, plinth, trusses-trestle-scaffolding, pivot-fulcrum-lever-cantilever-swivel :snivel , atrium :auricle,ventricle , corbel, corbelled arch, spire, pylon. LOGO: emblem, ensign, insignia, imprimatur, monogram, hallmark, cachet, crest, colophon, sigil, flag, pennant, streamer , banner, picket, placard motif, grapheme, STATUE: statuette, decoy, dummy-mannequin-manikin-effigy-silhouette-figurine, miniature, graven image, puppet :poppet -marionette-doll, graven image,.

HALLMARK: official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal, mostly to certify the content of noble metals MONOGRAM: a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters usually the initials of an individual or a company or other graphemes to form one symbol and marked on items of clothing, etc.

BADGE: a device or accessory, often containing the insignia of an organization, which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath e. Sometimes additional information, such as name of a proofreader or editor, or other more-or-less relevant details, might be added. A colophon might also be emblematic or pictorial rather than in words.

Colophons were formerly printed at d ends of books, but in modern works they are usually located at d verso of d title-leaf. TREE: weed-seaweed-driftwood, moss-turf-lawn, orchard-undergrowth-hedge-bush-brush-shrub-scrub, bale of hay-straw :strew , clump run -copse, grove :grovel , wilt, till, woodwork, sylvan, lumberjack, denude, treeline, vegetation, deciduous-coniferous-evergreen, tendril, defoliate-exfoliate, garland, upper canopy-understory-underbrush-overgrown-undergrowth, frond, stand, wicker,.

GRASS: tuft-turf-tussock-sod-sward :swath , thatch straw,reeds Root :shoot : rhizoid-rhizome-bulb :bud , tendril, sprig. KITCHEN: kitchen place for preparing food , pantry place or closet for storing food or kitchenware , pantry-larder cupboard,closet,shelf -galley, :tavern WAYS OF COOKING: chop :chomp -mince-grind-mash, boil-parboil-broil barbecue :cookout , grill :griddle -chargrill -braise-bake :bask -simmer :seethe -blanch-fry :deep-fry,stir-fry -roast :spit-roast,toast -stew, soak, poach :poacher , heat up-warm up-defrost de-ice,melt,thaw,unfreeze -preheat-reheat, steam,.

DESSERT: crisp, crumble, fool, bun, split, gumball, gumdrop, jawbreaker, rock, peppermint, butterscotch, charlotte, comfit, cookie, dumpling, flapjack, florentine, jelly, lolly, mousse, pudding, sherbet-sorbet, fudge, sundae, tart, waffle, sweetmeat. Peas and beans are legumes.

ANIMAL TYPES: anthropomorphize , badger, foxhound, beagle, weasel-stoat, lemur, mole, freckle, beaver, merino, b rook, raven, herring, louse :douse , gossamer, cowpat, clam bake , hyena, spawn, maw, sire-dam, calved, earwig, slug :slack , ungulates, draught animal , cougar-puma, spawn , fester, untamed-feral-savage, woodlouse, hamster, stock-livestock, porcupine, squirrel, vixen, basilisk,.

BIRD TYPES: crest-plume-quill, spine, beak, peck-butt , turtle dove, sparrowhawk, hawk :dove , nightingale, linnet :linen , goose :geese -gander :grandeur -gull :mull,squall,quail,quill, :gullet , hawk, ostrich, greenfly, moth, rook :brook,crook -rooster, wasp :wisp,whiff -gnat, starling, game birds, ground-dwelling bird, neither fish nor fowl, shrike,. HORSE : hack, bay, trotter, nag, mule, muleteer, coachman, paddock, mount, spur, girth, tack see Cloth -saddle-bridle-stirrup-rein-harness-trammel-bit-snaffle, thoroughbred, mane, mantle, HORSE GAIT, chaise, mane, forelock, muzzle :nuzzle , hoof, flank, coronet, halter-leash dog -lead-tether, lofty, horseshoe, trammel, cinch, ostler, puissance, blinker steeplechase, flat racing, caparison.

HUNT: hole up, linger :languish-languid, lingerie,malinger -loiter-hover :hovercraft -tarry, lurk skulk -lurch, stalk-prowl-pounce :assail,assault,charge,descend -trounce-flounce, quarry-spoor, chase-pursuit-quest, savage, maul, trash, straggler :straggler,straddle , trip, deadfall :stonewall , at bay, tuck away, ambush, waylay, blitz, ferret-hawk-hound, harpoon, poach, cull, canvas.

SECRET: covert :overt,avert,covet , furtive, clandestine, surreptitious, sneak, stealth, sidle, slink, undercover, underground, underhand, backstairs, behind-the-scenes, guarded, hole-and-corner, hush-hush, whitewash, cover-up, privy, intrigue, tip-off, let on HIDDEN: ambush, covert, skulk :skulduggery , pitfall, tryst-rendezvous, secrete :secretary , oracular, infiltrate.

HOUSE: ridge-gable-rafter-eaves, hanging, porcelain-ceramic, implements, vestibule, vitrify-mosaic, concourse, arbor, deck-veranda-porch front part of house under roof perch-parch-parchment , yard-courtyard-patio back part of house open , moulding-baseboard-cardboard-sideboard-nightstand bedside table -skirting board, pedestal, rooftop, Jerry-build, headroom, infirmary, dispensary , habitat, barn-byre, split-level, silo, mineshaft, vernacular, stupa, [marquetry,parquet], drainpipe. BED: cradle, crib, cot, canopy, bedstead, bedding, divan, deathbed, quilt-duvet-upholster, berth-bunk, :bedrock , bolster, altar, pallet :palette , pram, ROOM: garret-loft-attic :antique -cellar-antechamber, alcove-recess, nook-cranny, vault, ward, cubbyhole, cornice, dormitory :conservatory,conservatoire -hall of residence,.

DOOR: trapdoor, folding door, jamb-lintel-pilaster, wicket gate-hatch-padlock, hasp-staple, al fresco , hatch, way out knob, WINDOW: casement-sash, flap-blind, window dressing , sill windowsill -ledge, fanlight, dormer window LOCK: latch-catch, doorknob, bolt deadbolt, latchbolt , door chain GATE: wattle and daub, trellis, portcullis-palisade-picket balustrade , grille.

RAIL: a bar or series of bars fixed on upright supports or attached to a wall or ceiling, serving as part of a barrier or used to hang things on. WORK: toil m-w , travail, grind, graft, indolent, drudge-trudge, woodwork,hatchwork EFFORT: arduous, industrious, sedulous, exacting, taxing, demanding, painstaking, grueling, laborious, burdensome, strenuous, onerous, oppressive, break sweat,. STUPID: clot, imbecile, muppet, moron, nincompoop, nutcase, schmuck, twerp :twerk , dense, dullard, dumb, bonehead, fathead, sap, dummy-buffoon-clown-harlequin, bumpkin, screwbal, crackbrain, crackpot, nit, schlub, dork, WISE: sage, sapient, judicious, prudent, sensible, sane, discreet, astute brain , shrewd practical exp , sagacious judgment considering foresee , perspicacious WALKING PERSON.

VOMIT: puke-retch-barf-gag-spew :gush-spout constant flow , spurt small quantity -squirt-spit up-throw up, disgorge, regurgitate, nauseate :revolt-sicken , belch, expel, jet SLEEP: nap, catnap, siesta, doze, slumber, snooze, hibernate, slumber, drowse :arouse,rouse,souse repose, roost, lull :loll , trance, swoon, somnolent, forty winks, daydream, reverie DORMANCY: doldrums, abeyance, latency, moratorium, quiescence.

CIRCLE: swirl natural forces moving irregularly -twirl deliberate movement of something more solid -whirl accomponied by speed whirlpool-whirlwind-vortex -whorl-gyration-pirouette, ovoid, annular, ringed, wheel-hub :nub , round on angrily , droop :stoop , deasil-widdershins , flurry, :tactile , proximal, crater, wheel out , plump, spindle-shaped, bulbous, frizzle heat upto curl REVERSE: turnabout-turnaround, flip-flop, about-turn, vacillation, setback.

TOP: acme :acne , apex, apogee, pinnacle, summit, zenith, tip-top, capstone, climax, crescendo :diminuendo , crest, crown, culmination :culminate , meridian, peak, BOTTOM: nadir, abyss :abysmal , chasm, deep, gulf, underside :oversight -underneath, LOW: condescend, stoop, deign.

OPENING: aperture, orifice, vent, slot, puncture, perforation, chink :clink , pinhole-pinprick, pitted-pocked pock-marked , crater, breach :broach , yawn, gore, HOLE CRACK: cleft, crevice-crevasse, fissure :embrasure , pit, indentation, interstice interstitial , ditch :drench,snitch -trench, rift, rut.

SPOT: blob, blight, blot, blotch, splotch, fleck, mote-speck :peck -speckle, streak, smut, smear daub, smudge -besmear-smirch :mirch, smirk -besmirch sully , defile, stain, taint, mar, stigma, vitiate, blemish, tarnish SPOTLESS: immaculate, irreproachable, priggish, prim, puritanical, prudish, straitlaced, POLISH: tarnish :furnish-refurbish-garnish-burnish-varnish -enamel-enamored.

Nominal name , Cardinal how many , Ordinal position : 3tertiary, 4quaternary, 5quinary, 6senary, 7septenary, 8octonary, 9novenary, 10decenary, 11undenary, 12duodenary SYMBOLS:. CLOTH : hem, cuff n,v , lining :linen , seam-tack, tapestry, weave, flounce-frill :ruffle,fluster,flutter -fringe, swatch-oddments, loom :loam , tarp-tarpulin-canvas, foppish, scrubs, swaddle, wadding, dud, thimble :ferrule , diaphanous, UPPER: jerkin, vest-waistcoat-surcoat, cape short -poncho-tunic, cloak long -cowl :hood -mantle :mettle, muddle , oilskin, sash, tabard LOWER: leggings-socks-stockings-tights-hosiery, breeches :breech , bootcut,.

SAW: serrated :cog,:serried , chainsaw, circular saw, fretsaw, hacksaw, handsaw, jigsaw :blackjack , dovetail, mill-sawmill, :lathe nut-bolt-screw-driver-nail-chisel GARDEN: spade-shovel shove-spurn-sneer -rake :rack -pricks-prickaxe-hatchet-trowel-lawnmower, mattock, parterre teleprompter portmanteau, chute, SCOPE,. LEVER: is a movable bar that pivots on a fulcrum attached to a fixed point. PIVOT: is a short rod or shaft on which a related part rotates or swings.

A door hinge is a pivot which allows the door to swing open. When you open your laptop, the screen and the keyboard open on a pivot. Car doors open on a pivot. CRANK: a bent portion of an axle or shaft, or an arm keyed at right angles to the end of a shaft, by which motion is imparted to or received from it. A : adduce-conduce-allude, abdicate-abnegate-abrogate-abrasive, abase-abbess-abscess, abate-abbot-abattoir, abyss-abysmal, abess-abscess, abject-abjure, appropriate-misappropriate-inappropriate-unappropriate-expropriate, apology-apologia, adieu-ado a state of agitation or fuss,trouble or difficulty.

AUNT: daunt, gaunt, haunt, jaunt, vaunted :vaulted,pole vault ABLE: dabble :dab -gabble :gobble -rabble, apple oxf -dapple-grapple, AGE: pupillage :pillage -tutelage-fuselage-haulage-outage :outrage , ABOUT: hereabouts-thereabouts-whereabouts, turnabout-roundabout, walkabout, runabout, layabout, knockabout, gadabout, AMMY: wham-whammy-clammy-gammy,.

AUR: aura-aural-aureate :laureate -aureole :areola , auricle atrium -ventricle,. BE: beset-beget-bigot-bedevil-bedazzle-begrudge, begone-bygone, betake :betoken , betwixt, betrothed betrothal , behoove, beseech :siege-besiege-beleaguer , bedraggled :skedaddle BOUND: abound-rebound-inbound-outbound :expound -hidebound BREAKER: circuit breaker, icebreaker, lawbreaker, tiebreaker, record-breaker, strike-breaker blackleg, scab , BID: bade-bide-bode, bidable, bidding,.

CONTRA: contravention-contraception-contraband accede connotes willingness, ad indicates an individual's sole discretionary, approach , concede connotes reluctance, threatens to change individual's position, surrender , concession granting sth as a right, accepting sth as true, or acknowledging defeat assent to agree to or approve opp:dissent -assert to state or declare positively and often forcefully opp:deny, gainsay.

LAUGH: chuckle-cackle :crackle SOUND: chink :chunk glass -clink :clinker glass -clunk :clunker,clunky dull sound by heavy objects -cluck chicken,sorry , clump heavy sound of feet, group of trees , crackle cram learn, completely fill to the point of overflowing -cramped uncomfortably small -cramp.

CLE: prick-prickle-pickle, fickle, sickle, tickle-trickle. D : demur-demure, drudge-trudge-dungeon-truncheon-bludgeon-baton-cudgel, defer-defer to-deferential, bleary-dreary-dread, bedeck-SHIP, deprave-deprive deprivation -deprecate-depredation, dank-dunk-duck move head -dodge :dodgem,budge,move body , dispensary-dispenser-dispense-dispense with do away with -dispensation-dispel, disparage-disparate :desperate -disparity-discrepancy, discreet-discrete-discretion-describable, dandy-dainty,.

D : despoil plunder -despot-depot-deport deportee,deportment,deportation -depose :deposition -dispose :disposition , despondent dejected -respondent- co-respondent-correspondent-correspond,.

E :earnest, ebb, ebullient :jubilant,triumphant , echelon, eclectic, edict, edify-edifice, egregious, eerie causing fear because of strangeness , eke out,. EFF: efficacy efficacious , effete-effigy, efface :effervescent,evanescent -effrontery, effusion-effusive-effulgent EIGN: deign-feign :feint -reign-sovereign-foreign. EN: enamored, encomium, encompass, encroach, encumber, endearment, endeavor, endure, enervate, enfranchise, engender, engross, enjoin :injunction , enmity, ennui, enormity, enraptured, enounce, ensconce :sconce , ensue, enshroud :enshrine , entail, enterprise, enthralled-enticing, entity, entreat, entree, entrench, enunciate :denunciation ,.

EX: exculpate, execrable, exemplary-exemplify, exhilarate, exert-exhort-extort, exhume, exegesis :exigency , exile, exodus, exonerate :excoriate , exorbitant, exorcise, exotic, expectorate, expedite :expedient , expendable, explicate, exquisite, extenuating reduced in seriousness, making forgivable, excuse :attenuate ie reduced in strength, dilute , extraneous, extravagant, extricate,.

F : fray-flay-flail, fidget, founder-flounder, fledge-sledge-ledge, flit-flitter :jitter -flatter-flutter-flick-flicker-fiddle-fickle-feckless-flap-flop-hover, fetish-fetid :languish,languid , fiend-fiendishly, forfeit :surfeit,counterfeit , fain-feign expression -feint action -malinger, flak-flake-slake, fiddle-fuddle :muddle , fest-fester-foster. H : headstrong :wayward , hoard-horde, hoarse-hoary, hack-heck-heckle :barrack , haft-heft, hag-hog-hogwash, hawk n,v:dove,peddle hawkish,hawk up -gawk,.

HOLD: behold, uphold, handhold, foothold :footing , toehold, withhold, leasehold-freehold, household, stranglehold HOLE: armhole, asshole, blowhole, bolthole, borehole, buttonhole, cubbyhole, earhole, foxhole, hellhole, keyhole, loophole, manhole, peephole-spyhole, pigeonhole, pinhole, pothole, shithole, sinkhole, waterhole, wormhole,. J: jade-jaded exhausted due to surfeit , jaunt-jaunty, leeway-leeward, LOP: lop-lope :leap -mop-mope-moped-lull-loll-lollop goofy gallop , L : ledge-ledger-lager, HUNT, lambent-lambaste,.

RIGHT: righteous, self-righteous, rightist,. OO: [scooch :brooch-pooch-mooch -scoop :poop,bloop -scoot :hoot-toot-soot-moot -schmooze]-[snoot-snot nasal mucus :snotty ie snobbish :snort,snore,snare-snarl -snog]-[swoop :sweep,sway -swoosh :swish,whoosh ], snook-snooker, SN: [snip :snippy,snipe-snippet -snap :snappy ], nip-snips, snit-snitch :snatch , snivel :snivelling -swivel-swerve,.

Youth, Popular Culture and Moral Panics

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July 8, By anilmlalwani India. GOON: bully, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, gangsta, gangster, mobster, mug, punk, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, thug, yob, yobbo, scoundrel, bandit, brigand, crook, desperado, felon, gunman, highwayman, mafioso, lawbreaker, malefactor, offender, outlaw, perp, perpetrator, pickpocket, racketeer, robber, swindler, conman, juvenile delinquent, tearaway, guttersnipe, tough, reprobate niich , virago chandi , rake sponge, scrounge, cadge, vagrant, smuggle, traffic, contraband, extradition.

Wellington's Peninsular by Micheal Glover This slim book was first published in and my copy was part of the Pan British Battles series. Well known Napoleonic Wars historian Michael Glover knows his stuff and this is an excellent introduction to Wellington's campaigns in Portugal and Spain. Although it focuses on four battles; Busaco, Salamanca, Vitoria and Nivelle, about half of the book is about the campaigning in between. Glover, using numerous memoirs from the time, does a good job of giving an idea of what early 19th Century battles were like. But he faces the same problem as Wellington himself highlighted; namely it as as difficult to describe a battle as it would be to describe a fancy formal court ball.

Maybe the thug even used to be you, until you went straight. Women would refuse to go near any man with thug gish associations, for real—barely a thug could expect to get any action. I also made a thug chase movie with a bunch of my friends in high school. The Kremlin loses a useful propaganda tool, but it also eliminates a thug with a lot of Russian blood on his hands. The thug grinned wolfishly at me and then winked at his leader. The Thug , like many native Indians of his class—a low one—swathes his feet in strips of linen stuff. The thug is aware that loudness convinces sixty persons where reasoning convinces but one. Himself a member of the thug fraternity, he no doubt took swift vengeance on the informer for having betrayed its secrets. The name ' Thug ' signifies a 'Deceiver', and it will be generally admitted that this term was well earned.







present book looks at panics related to gangster movies and 'horror comics'; but for post media, a few odd bishops, strident voices from the left and the right, which serials and periodicals found in the possession of young men were used as Penny theatres in London and elsewhere were improvised out of almost.








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