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Hospitals weren't actually white. Farkle had forgotten that. The last time he'd been in one had been when Riley was seven years old and had to get her tonsils out. He remembered bringing her ice cream and buying her Hazel the Hippo.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World 2x25: Farkle and Riley #2 (Farkle: I'm doing it for you, Riley)

Characters At Alternate Ages

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Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend. We will talk about what it was like to live in Mississippi back in the s and s," said Cory.

After everyone had received a book, Cory started talking again. The whole class groaned. Thirty minutes later, Cory gave the class notes on the chapter. Soon afterwards, the bell rang, and Lucas, Riley, Farkle, and Maya headed home. Maya and Farkle walked toward their apartments, and Lucas and Riley walked toward their apartments.

On the way to their apartment building, Lucas held Riley's hand, not just because their were on the streets of New York alone, but because he liked her. Yes, Lucas Friar liked Riley Matthews. The only thing was is that he didn't know how to tell her that he liked her. She looked down at their intertwined hands and quickly looked back up. Lucas noticed this, and smiled to himself. They were in a comfortable silence.

That is, until they arrived at the apartment building. Lucas only called her that when they were alone. Riley finally made it to her apartment. She walked in and immediately went to her room. She started on her essay. When Lucas got to his apartment, he let himself in with his key and went to his room.

He thought and planned how he was going to tell Riley he liked her. Soon, he got started on his essay. Well, I was hoping that after we see the movie, we could go out to eat, and then head out to the arcade. Riley slept until 10, and then got up and got a shower. After she got out, she laid out a floral romper with a pair of light-colored blue jeans and a white cardigan.

She also laid out her white Michael Kors flats. She went downstairs and ate breakfast. At , Maya came to her apartment to get dressed. She put on a baby blue tank top with a white cardigan and blue jeans. She was wearing her sneakers that matched all of her clothes. Riley did Maya's hair, and then fixed her own. They both put on make-up and put the finishing touches on their outfits.

At , Lucas and Farkle arrived. Topanga let them in and told them that the girls would be down in just a few minutes. At , the girls came down the stairs. The boys just stared at them, admiring how beautiful their best friends were.

At the movies, they looked at what was playing. The next show started at , and it was They chose Mockingjay. They got popcorn and drinks, and they made their way to the movie. Lucas sat beside Riley, and Farkle sat beside Maya.

Lucas and Riley shared popcorn, and Maya and Farkle shared popcorn. They each had their own drinks though. When the movie started, Riley started shaking. Lucas put his arm around her and said, "It's just a movie. I'm right here. When the movie was over, the group headed to the pizza parlor across from the movies. Lucas and Riley sat beside each other, and Maya and Farkle sat beside each other.

They ordered a cheese and pepperoni pizza. When they finished eating, they headed to the arcade. They stayed at the arcade for about an hour, and then headed to their apartment buildings.

This time, Lucas grabbed Riley's hand, and they went to Central Park. There, Lucas and Riley sat on a bench that was secluded from the rest of the park. They sat in a comfortable silence for about ten minutes before Riley started getting cold.

Riley shook her head. Lucas took this moment to pull Riley closer to him. She thought he was just trying to keep her warm, but she soon threw away that idea when he pulled her closer than she expected.

So I'm just going to say it. Riley Matthews, I have liked you ever since you fell into my lap on the subway. I was hoping I'd see you again. When I saw you in class the next day, I started planning on how to get close to you.

So, now you know that ever since you fell into my lap on the subway, that I have liked you. I have liked you ever since I laid eyes on you. I basically went through what you went through. I was trying to find a way to tell you that I like you without it being awkward," Riley said. Their lips met again.

This time they parted when air became a necessity. They got up and walked to their apartment building. This time, Lucas held Riley close and held her hand.

Monday morning came around, and as usual, Maya picked up Riley at This time, they went to Lucas's apartment and knocked on the door.

Farkle and Maya walked together, and Lucas and Riley walked together. They arrived at school at While Farkle and Maya were talking, Lucas and Riley started their own conversation. It was when Cory finally made it to school. The students went to their assigned seats.

Soon, Missy Bradford walked in and immediately set her eyes on Lucas. Your group of friends. Come on, Lucas. Why do you hang out with them anyway? They're a bunch of nobody's, especially "Little Miss Awkward". Riley is an immature little girl who acts awkward and childish all the time," said Missy, looking directly at Riley who started tearing up. Before Lucas could say something, Missy kept going on, this time talking to Riley. Maybe Riley should just go home and stay there so nobody will have to listen to her.

The only person Lucas really likes is me. Riley, you're nothing but a joke, and that is all you will ever be," Missy said.

Riley ran away, crying her eyes out. Lucas ran after her. Maya and Farkle took the action to go up to Missy and tell her exactly what she needed to hear. The person that is at the very beginning of the immaturity chart is, oh, well would you look at that!

It's Missy Bradford," said Maya. Missy sunk in her chair and stayed silent. Since Lucas went off to find Riley, Farkle and Maya sat back down in their seats. Cory finally came into the classroom to find his daughter's seat and Lucas's seat empty. Matthews," Maya began, "Missy said some rude things to Riley that made her cry. Riley ran out of the classroom and Lucas went to find her. Bradford, go to the principal's office and tell him exactly what you said to Riley," said Cory.

He had seen Riley run outside, and it was starting to rain. Wherever she ran to, she had to still be on school campus.

Lucas Friar, new resident doctor at Greenwich Village Hospital, was celebrating his recent accomplishment with his best friends Zay and Vanessa. After years of medical school, he was finally ready to take on his chosen specialty in pediatrics. They were at a local bar on a summer Friday night. The night was young and they were just getting started. Lucas Friar," Zay announced, raising his glass of scotch and they all clinked their glasses.

Anyway, so if you go sort all of the GMW stories by favorites my story is number 3! I apologize for the upcoming angst and my bad hospital diagnosements and stuff I'm not an expert.

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend. We will talk about what it was like to live in Mississippi back in the s and s," said Cory. After everyone had received a book, Cory started talking again. The whole class groaned.

Zay looked up from the container of ice cream he was eating and raised an eyebrow at his friend. I'm in labor," Riley saw the spoon in his mouth drop to the ground and watched as he spit the ice cream out. You can't be! Lucas isn't even here! No way! I can't do that," Zay widened his eyes and backed away from his pregnant friend. You need to drive me to the hospital! She then grabbed onto her stomach and let out a loud groan. Zay's eyes got even wider and he leaned on the counter for support.

After ascertaining that an actual stranger had entered the room, Riley attempts to scream, but the intruder covers her mouth and confides that she is running away from home, but was attracted to the decor of the window and the singing she heard, which she preferred to yelling. Glancing about, the newcomer asks Riley what she does there. Riley replies that she sits in her window hoping that someone will come and sit with her, prompting Riley to ask the other girl if she is that "someone. No longer strangers, Riley asks if they are now friends forever. Maya agrees, and Riley declares that she is now dubbing her "Peaches.

I open my eyes to see a white room.

Author's Note: Well kids Rucas is over! Lucas kicked Riley to the curb and now the aftermath. What will Maya, Farkle and, Zay handle the situation?

Summary: Riley and Maya are walking to school. Maya doesn't see a truck coming while crossing the street. Riley pushes Maya out of the way just in time, but Riley is hit head on.

Lucas is scared to tell Riley how he feels about her. One song will help him make his decision. Will Riley sing along, or will she reject? Lucas Friar was a very handsome young man with dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. All of the girls had their eyes on him, but he had someone else in mind, Riley Matthews. He loved the way she laughed, talked, and smiled.

Author's note: I don't know what this is. I needed to be sleeping but, instead, wrote this on my phone in the middle of the night. Maya was good in a crisis. Always remained calm, cool, and quiet. Offered advice and words of comfort when and if they were needed but mostly just gave her time and presence when things were falling apart. Now things are unraveling and all those times in the past that she was good in a crisis? None of them matter.

Oct 29, - it came to Riley being in the hospital. Rating: T, mostly for cursing. Disclaimer: I don't own Girl Meets World, it's characters, or anything else.

Summary: Riley thinks she just passed out during 'Girl Meets Home for the Holiday' but when she wake up, everything she remembers was just a dream. While there are things that are similar, there are a lot of things that are very different, most especially: when she asks for her best friend, no one seems to know who Maya Hart is. Author's Pre-Story note: I own nothing that is owned by someone else. I only do this for entertainment.

The day of Riley's surgery was finally here as she woke up and looked out her bedroom window it was still dark out. As she looked at her clock it read AM which was the earliest that she had ever had to be up. It wasn't that Riley was nervous about the surgery anymore.

Never Let Me Go. Summary : "Miss Matthews, I have some bad news Is life ever fair?

Hey guys, sorry that it's been so long, I've been working on my story a lot so… yeah, sorry. Anyways, if you want to check that out, here's the link:.

Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting. For those who haven't, please do.



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