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Girl meets world maya x male reader

Rainbows Riley X Reader. Masterpiece Maya X Reader. Chemistry Farkle X Reader. Smile Riley X Reader. Nail Polish Smackle X Reader. Poking Lucas X Reader.

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Pam Markham is a fanfiction author that has written 2 stories for Girl Meets World. Explora el tablero de Federica Lemon "El mundo de riley" en Pinterest.

All she had to do was seduce Lucas Friar in a month. But then, nothing riley and lucas fanfiction lemon is ever so simple, is it? Just a Smile by tiger reviews In Hyrule palace, there was one rule left over from the time of her great-grandfather, one that most certainly could not be broken: But that never stopped Princess Zelda from trying to make them.

Legend of Zelda - Rated: Rain by riley and lucas fanfiction lemon reviews He saved the kingdom from the twilight. He accepted the Princess' marriage proposal. He held her heart so utterly that at times it took her breath away. But one evening, he vanishes from the castle with nothing but a note as goodbye. But I'm asking you now, right now, if you love me, Archie.

Or even like me. Sick Day by danahscott reviews Lucas is sick and there's nobody around to take care of him. Maya knows how that feels.

So, armed with soup, movies, and a book of poetry, Maya decides to help him feel better. Read Lemon Riley X Male! Reader from the story Fanfiction. She just hopes those pesky feelings of hers will stay hidden while she's there.

And so is love. The Price of Two Faces by tiger reviews When the Hero of Twilight comes to be wed to the Princess of Hyrule, he instead encounters and falls in love with a warrior named Sheik. He comes to resent the Princess and the duty he must perform, but little does he know that they are one and the same. Can Zelda muster the courage to show him who she truly is, or will the price of two faces prove to be too high?

Apocalypse by Alyssa Steel reviews Las pesadillas siempre regresan, la venganza esta lista y el final cerca, resistes, luchas o mueres. It never stopped by Hopeisforsuckers reviews Riley and Lucas are getting married, everyone is happy and riley and lucas fanfiction lemon think it's meant to be, they are going to be the next Cory and Topanga. But the love that Lucas and Maya had never stopped, would Maya step asside again?

Wild Wild West by tiramisuspice reviews As the cell doors closed in front of him and Billy, the only thought going through Lucas' mind was that he was going to kill that little blonde idiot for getting him in this mess in the first place. Enceinte by tiramisuspice reviews Unintended consequences to one night of passion force Maya to make decisions about her life, love, and future.

Leon chose to go and see the one person he could trust in the world, Claire Redfield. Resident Evil - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Jet lagged riley and lucas fanfiction lemon Hobohunter reviews Leon and Claire were off working to help the world against bio-terrorism, but it didn't hurt to call one another now and again even if they weren't even in the same country-let alone the same time zone.

But whatever made him make such horrible decisions in his life? Could it have been a girl? Lucas goes to Texas with Zay for the summer to visit friends and riley and lucas fanfiction lemon and to visit colleges. Maya stays in New York for a summer internship at an art museum.

Both of them need some release, and a phone call seems to do the trick tonight. Hot- Headed Cowboy by greatbigbeautifultomorrow reviews one-shot. A wedding has united the gang once again and by now you should know nothing is ever boring for too long with these kids around Quandaries by tiramisuspice reviews Not all relationships ended in happy endings.

Much to her surprise her new husband is an old 'friend', and pretending to love him starts to get a little complicated. Only Fools Fall by sp0by reviews Riley and lucas fanfiction lemon never meant to start having a fling with her best friend's boyfriend— it just Perfect First Kiss by tiramisuspice reviews It'd been eight years. Why couldn't he kiss her? Gains And Loss by tiramisuspice reviews He chose her.

And she took him. Not because she wanted to hurt Riley. Not because she wanted to win. But because she wanted to do something for herself for once. Heaven Can't Help Me Now by Little-Angry-Kitten reviews In the aftermath of it all, Maya realised two things; one, this, being with Lucas like that was the happiest she had ever been and two Riley might get her wish and finally see them together after all.

She could destroy him completely and he'd let her. She's still trying to figure it out. Stranded by tiramisuspice reviews What happens when you take a broken down car, two angry exes, unresolved sexual tension, and stick them all together? It was that Lucas Friar always had a way of making them leave. Dear Mr Yancy by tiramisuspice reviews "We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong.

But you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us. As a highflier, an athlete, a basket case, a socialite, and a delinquent. Hold Back the River by Cemarkah reviews Maya has danced around Lucas for years, shielding herself with nicknames and jokes. But then someone close to her leaves, and nothing is a joke.

K - English riley and lucas fanfiction lemon Romance - Chapters: Propriety dictates their relationship isn't allowed to go any further. Propriety dictates they can't be good friends.

But they don't care. Laundromat Lovin' by tiramisuspice reviews Doing the laundry will never be the same again. Bad shit happens to everyone so sorry riley and lucas fanfiction lemon you're really empathetic. Because The Night by tiramisuspice reviews Belongs to lovers The B-Word by smileslikesunset reviews Because if Lucas is not her boyfriend then what else could he be?

A Father's Blessing by smileslikesunset reviews You have been here before. Ever since she came home with you the day your little girl bounded towards you after her third day of kindergarten and said her new friend's mom had forgotten to pick her up, the little blonde girl with the guarded blue eyes and riley and lucas fanfiction lemon smile was yours.

Dig Up Her Bones by jemmasimmmons reviews "'What's that? A condom' Clove pulled back to look at him. Clove is a trained assassin. Cato is her next target. Lusting Liar by Cloverrrrrrrrrr reviews Cato and Clove have an interesting relationship. After all, hate and love are very similar emotions. Her pants looked better on his floor. The Institute by leahmasen2 reviews -"Prefiero que me degollen a estar contigo en cualquier cosa"- Dijo Clove furica a un Cato sentado encima de la banca de entrenamiento.

Riley and lucas fanfiction lemon by 3vlee reviews This is a 'very' long one shot of Porunn's pronounced Thorn or Thora story.

This will be done in three POV's as needed. I did my best to keep all in character but they'll will be parts when they do go OOC. Rated Riley and lucas fanfiction lemon for a reason. She befriended Cato Wood in second grade, a boy that's known to have problems of his own. A girl as mysterious as her is bound to have secrets, but the problem is, which ones should you keep to yourself?

Rated M for sexual stuff Hunger Games - Rated: Down the Rabbit Hole by PetalFleur reviews She was fifteen when her reality changed along with everything she had ever known about herself, let alone her own emotions.

He let go of everything he had ever believed about himself, or his own life. Neither of them had any control, and neither of them planned on gaining control any time soon. Rated for age gap and possible future scenarios. Cruel by PetalFleur reviews Cato and Clove had been best friends since they could remember. She was logical for the most part, but when it came to Cato her logic was scarce.

He was a typical playboy with something to hide, and she was blind to the fact that she was hiding the same thing. When things come to the surface it might seem like everything is simpler, but instead things become much more complicated.

Picking Up The Pieces by Riley and lucas fanfiction lemon Desires reviews After catching her kissing her girlfriend, Clove's parents force her to move to a new town. Someone who seems to like most people as little as she does and yet he seems to like her. Then when Clove's life truly falls apart, of course there's only one person left to pick up the pieces, Cato. Blood riley and lucas fanfiction lemon Lust by Jaslyn reviews 3 years after winning the 74th Hunger games, Clove receives an unexpected Visitor at her home on a stormy night.

M for Violence, Sex, and Violent Sex. When Cato Reed joins the Trinket family,everyone seems pleased, that is everyone apart from Clove. Clove needs to learn how to deal with being across the hall from the arrogant bad boy.

But Cato doesn't only want to be housemates, he wants more, much more. The untold story of District 2 by Cornsilk reviews What happened before the tributes of District 2 went to the 74th Hunger Games?

And it took some time for either of us to even warm up to each other. And once we had we never thought we would both wind up in the arena together Nevermind by Meybell reviews I was going to start my second year in High School, and I expected it to be great. Obviously, as any realistic person, I was waiting for it to have its ups and downs. I just never thought so many things could happen in the space of a year. RSS Feed.

maya hart x reader

See More by Psajchol. Reader P. V Rose's Household I woke up and yawned the moment my eyes opened. It's so comfy

Originally posted by duhriarkle. Requested by: anonymous. Garcia torture us like this?

Anonymous asked: Could you do one where there in taxes at the campfire and after Lucas moment thing she realizes her feelings for female reader? I hope it was to your liking! You watched Maya walk away after Lucas agreed to ride the bull even after she begged him not to, going as far as to never speak to him again. You followed after her, your heart clenching as you realized that she had feelings for Lucas. You had fallen hopelessly for her bad girl persona but when you got to know her, the real her, you knew you were in deep.

Fandom Imagines — Farkle x Reader

Alright Girl Meets World Fanfic. I am going to try to make this as canon as possible, but seeing as I don't want to wait until the series is finished, this may break off a little from the series storyline. Don't freak. The smell of bacon mixed with a cheeseburger never failed to create an interesting feeling within her stomach that identified as a collaboration between nostalgia and nausea. Just another day of work. Take orders, wipe down tables, deliver orders and be as cheery as possible in hopes of a good tip. For a Thursday night, the tips have been good and that is good. It is simple as that when entering the workforce.


Pam Markham is a fanfiction author that has written 2 stories for Girl Meets World. Explora el tablero de Federica Lemon "El mundo de riley" en Pinterest. All she had to do was seduce Lucas Friar in a month. But then, nothing riley and lucas fanfiction lemon is ever so simple, is it? Just a Smile by tiger reviews In Hyrule palace, there was one rule left over from the time of her great-grandfather, one that most certainly could not be broken: But that never stopped Princess Zelda from trying to make them.

This is a list of live action LGBT characters in television and radio. This list is for bisexual , gay , lesbian , and transgender fictional characters in various television includes TV movies and web series , radio, and podcast programs.

Producing Christian Culture takes as its thread the 'interpretative genres' within which medieval people engaged with the Bible. Contributors to the volume present specific material as a case study illustrative of a specific genre, whether devotional, homiletical, scholarly, or controversial. The chronological range moves from St Augustine to the use of gospel texts in polemical writing of the first two decades of the s, with focal sections on early medieval Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian theology, the scholastic turn of the High Middle Ages, and the influence of vernacular writing in the later Middle Ages.

List of LGBT characters in television and radio

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Originally posted by fcglfs. You were three years older than them, a senior to their freshman. It can be like old times! But once again, you pushed aside your doubt and decided to do as Riley instructed. You puckered your now red lips before knocking on the door of the Matthews apartment, waiting for the door to open which was swung open excitedly by the two best friends you had grown up with.


Doomsday (Harem x Male Reader) - Meet The Characters! Anime NekoKawaii Anime Anime Neko girls are loved all over the world. What are catgirls? what is.








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