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Girl meets world riley sick fanfiction

Hey y'all so I'm just posting this as a long one shot. It was originally supposed to be broken into about 4 parts. I debated with myself multiple times over if I thought it was good enough to post before finally I'm just going to post it quickly and hide :P As for those of you who were following my other story "The New Life Of Melody Pond" I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to adding the final chapters. The end of senior year and most of this summer have been chaotic trying to gather everything I need for college. Without further ado, here's the story! Maya awoke to the shrill ringing of her alarm clock.


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Girl Meets World Fanfics — Sick Days (lucaya)

It had been a hell week at school for Riley. It was midterms so all of her teachers had loaded her down with work. Most of her teachers were doing mid-term projects instead of tests. For this Riley was partly grateful because she had never been good at tests. But she really cared about her projects and wanted to do a good job. Most of her friends were in a similar boat, busy with school and projects. They were all stressed, and Riley wanted to do anything and everything she could to help them.

And she did. She sat for a painting for Maya's project, helped Zay with some science he was confused on, made sure the two geniuses took breaks in their studying.

And she made sure Lucas was taking care of himself. But with her friends, her schoolwork, helping out around the house and the bakery, and writing for the school paper Riley often forget to take care of herself. Her friends noticed right away. Maya and Lucas had frequent conversations on how to get her to slow down and came up with some ideas to do so. But these past two weeks none of them had been working. Use ring power or something to get her to slow down or something?

She's overworking herself. She hasn't been sleeping and she hasn't said anything but I can tell she's getting really anxious again. Riley had to meet with the school paper on some mornings before class started. So they were waiting at her locker for her before school. She shut me down and wouldn't even let me sleep over because she was working on her projects and her article for the paper. The girl needs to chill. Can't you use some of your cowboy charm to get her to take it easy?

Her nose was red and she looked like she was about to fall over from exhaustion. She gave Maya a big hug and then gave Lucas one. She left one arm around his waist and put most of her weight on him as she turned to them. Lucas gave her a look of concern but Maya spoke first. Just concerned, we're worried you're over working yourself. And are you sniffling? Are you sick? I'm fine I just have some sniffles, and I'll slow down once this week's over. We have that 5-day weekend? No school Thursday or Friday because of teacher stuff and then it's a day off for some such reason.

I don't know. And are you sure your okay you feel a little warm? You could be getting sick. I'm fine okay. I'm not getting sick its just allergies.

But it's fine. I'm fine! Come on we have to get to class. Riley was most definitely getting sick and she still wasn't taking care of herself. By the time Wednesday rolled around it was apparent to everyone that Riley was sick. Although she manged to turn in all her projects, she just kept staring off into space and would stop half way through a thought. Not to mention she looked awful, he eyes were baggy and her nose was red.

And her hands were al clamy, Lucas noticed first and tried to get her to go home but she refused. Then I'll just sleep the long weekend away. Lucas tried his best to hold up his girlfriend but she kept swaying away from him. He just wanted to help her and he was getting frustrated at her refusal. But it wasn't just him. All their friends tried to get to go home and she was having none of it.

Even her dad tried to get to stay home but Riley, stubborn as always refused. Although she did allow her dad to take her home because everyone feared she'd pass out on the subway or some such Riley nonsense. Once Riley got home she immediately plopped down on the couch with a loud groan. She didn't feel well at all and she knew it was her fault. She hadn't been taking care of herself these past few weeks.

But she figured her needs could wait, her friends needed her help. But now she felt terrible and woozy all she wanted was her mom to take care of her. But that's when she remembered her parents were going on a school trip with Auggie for the long weekend.

Mom Mom! Topanga came in and noticed Riley on the couch, she had too noticed Riley letting herself go these past few weeks. But she didn't figure she's be this sick. What's up? Riley closed her eyes at the feeling and enjoyed the comfort her mom was providing. I don't feel good at all. And I know I'm almost an adult but I think I'm dying. As much as I want t stay home and take care of you we promised the school and Auggie we'd chaperone.

Auggie's still sad he didn't get to go on the ski lodge trip with us. Try to get some rest sweetie and I'll see if I can find anyone to stay with you for the weekend. I don't want you alone when you're this sick. After letting Cory know about her plans she picked up her phone and scrolled through her contacts until she found the one she wanted. After letting his mom know where'd he be this weekend Lucas packed up a bag with clothes and other things he might need. Topanga had called him and asked him if he minded coming to stay with Riley for the weekend.

She and Cory had to go on some trip with Auggie and Topanga was worried Riley would injure herself if she was left alone in her sickness.

Lucas had made sure to ask if it was okay with Mr. Matthews before he agreed, the last thing he needed was to loose a shoe. He was grateful Mrs. Matthews had asked him to watch over Riley this weekend, he savored every moment he could sneak with the brunette and a long weekend of uninterrupted time was pure bliss. Sure Riley was sick but he'd still be spending time with his sunshine.

He quickly shook his head as he pressed the buzzer and were let into the building. The door was unlocked and the cutest site he had ever scene greeted him. Riley was on the couch wrapped up with her fleece tie blanket they had made together one time. One side had purple cat fabric and the other side was blue fabric with cuddle bunnies on it. Her hair was partly falling out of her bun, she had a pillow indent on one side of face and she still look exhausted and confused. All in all she looked beautiful to Lucas.

You're pretty sick and I just worry about you all alone here. Also I know you get lonely when you get sick so I'll be here to keep you company. Riley sat there trying to process the fact that she would have a full weekend alone with Lucas.

And her parents were letting her? He's just happy you're not going to be alone while we're gone. I put the numbers you need in case of emergency on the fridge and there's money for food in the drawer. Medicine is in the tray on the table. I'm sure our future vet over here can figure out what to give you. Before she exited the door she turned and said, "Take care of our girl Lucas. Riley just stared at Lucas in awe.

She quickly wiped them away, embarrassed and confused as to why she was crying. Lucas used his thumb to wipe away some of the tears she had missed and kissed her head, "Yes, Sunshine. All weekend long, I won't leave you unless you ask okay? Other than your stuffy nose? And my stomach feels weird.


Maya Hart never got sick. She swung open the door to see the family sitting down for breakfast. After all the Matthews left, she finally closed her eyes to get some sleep.

Hello, my fellow readers. This is about Lucas visiting a sick Riley after school and takes care of her.

I apologize. Hope you all like it:. The gang, along with the rest of their high school history class, had just arrived at a ski lodge in Connecticut for their first weekend filed trip of high school. This is a weekend away from school.

The whole way to Riley's apartment, Maya tried to make sense of the whole situation. Why was her best friend drunk? Did it happen at the party? Why hadn't her date brought her home? Why had her date let her get drunk in the first place? Once Maya got to her best friends building, she made her way up to her door. There was no reply.

Story Author Community Forum. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday.

This is not the story about Riley having mono. That will be up sometime soon, I promise.

Here goes nothing! I hope you like this. Maya knew something was off with Riley.

Riley was sick, and she's not afraid to admit it. She's always been the more open one of the two. Maya sat on the edge of her bed, watching over her.

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That, everyone was grateful for. But Lucas was worried. Maya always showed up at school, even when she was sick. He decided to drop by her house after school to check up on her. The end of the day could not come fast enough for the worried boyfriend.

At the sound of Lucas' name, Riley perked up, just then noticing his absence. Matthews was shuffling his notes - he actually prepared for these little life lessons? Didn't look too good either. Maya leaned over. Riley pursed her lips and nodded, an idea flickering and dying in her eyes. We're going to Uncle Shawn's this weekend. Knowing him, he probably could barely function on his own when he was healthy, let alone sick.

Nov 10, - Riley gets sick, Lucas takes care of her. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - [Riley M., Lucas F.] Maya H., Topanga L. M. - Words.

It had been a hell week at school for Riley. It was midterms so all of her teachers had loaded her down with work. Most of her teachers were doing mid-term projects instead of tests.







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