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Girl meets world what happens to josh when maya gets hurt fanfiction

Ok guys. I know the last chapter was a little extreme. Maybe some of you didn't expect things to go down that fast but it did. Now I'm not sure what you guys want so you tell me.

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Josh and Maya

Ok guys. I know the last chapter was a little extreme. Maybe some of you didn't expect things to go down that fast but it did. Now I'm not sure what you guys want so you tell me. Do you guys want Joshaya or Faya. Please review which couple you want because I don't know which to do so I tried to put a little bit of both in this chapter.

Anyways here's the chapter its longer and hopefully it has more emotions that you guys wanted. Everyone looked at Josh as blood started to fall out of the hole in his stomach. Josh looked at the hole himself before he looked up at Kermit and fell hard to the floor. Kermit let out a small evil laugh and a big creepy grin made its way on his face. Cory looked at his brother and was instantly filled with rage. Before anyone could blink he knocked the gun out of Kermit's hand and backed him up against the wall.

He punched him in the face again and again never stopping. Topanga lay by Josh holding him up trying to keep him from falling asleep.

Shawn took the gun and pulled out his phone to call Auggie showed the most fear as he saw his uncle Josh now lay unconscious on the floor as a pool of blood started to form around him.

And as he saw his father who always taught him to be good, beat up the man that shot Josh. All the children were crying now as Topanga tried to stay calm as she checked Josh for a pulse. Time seemed to pass so slow the next fifteen minutes as they waited for the police to arrive. Shawn was now trying but failing to pull Cory away from Kermit as he continued to beat him up.

Punch after punch. Kick after kick until the police arrived. The police quickly pulled of Cory from Kermit and held him back trying to get him to calm down as another officer handcuffed Kermit and tried to pick him up off the floor. The doctor felt Josh for a pulse before he spoke.

Before she left the room Topanga said one thing. Everyone looked at Kermit as the police officers struggled to take him out of the room since he struggled. I will get every single one of you! Cory and Topanga ran along side Josh's unconscious body as they took him into the hospital.

They rushed him into the Emergency Room as a nurse stopped Topanga and Cory. Lucas sat on the couch with Riley's head resting on his shoulder as she sat next to him. After about thirty minutes of reassuring that everything would be ok, Shawn finally got the kids to calm down. Auggie fell asleep on the couch next to Riley curled up. A few sniffles every now and then coming from his sleeping body. Maya sat on a chair next to Farkle a worried look on her face.

She worried about Josh. Not only because she liked and cared about him, but because she blamed herself. Its all my fault I just had to come running back to them. She was trying to hold back tears because she didn't want anyone to see her crying. If I didn't come running here Josh wouldn't be hurt. Her eyes started to water up as a tears slid down her cheek. She quickly got up from her seat as she ran to the bathroom before anyone could see her crying.

Shawn gently carried Auggie to his room and Riley now was sleeping on Lucas's shoulder. Lucas slowly lowered his head to rest it on Riley's as he slowly drifted off to sleep as well. Topanga checked the time on her watch as she tapped her foot rapidly. Still no news on Josh's situation. They should've told us something by now.

Topanga bit her lower lip as she looked around. Every second passed so slow. Just then a doctor walked up to them. The bullet managed to puncture his left kidney and he'll have to take some medications for it to heal properly. He should be out of here in less then a week.

Farkle knocked lightly on the door. He heard Maya moving around in the bathroom. She opened the door and slowly walked out as she forced a smile to Farkle.

Farkle was smarter and he saw past all that. He opened his arms as Maya got into them giving him a long hug. He felt her relax as she let out a sigh. Whenever you need someone to talk to I'm here he said. He felt her rest her head lightly on his shoulder. The hug prevented Farkle from spotting the smile on Maya's face. Riley sat looking around the waiting room nervously. Her arm linked with Maya's. They had been in the waiting room for about an hour after Their parents told Shawn everything was ok.

Farkle and Lucas went home since it was late but Maya,Riley,and Shawn wen to the hospital. After a while of waiting a nurse walked up to the family. You may now visit him. One more thing. He keeps asking for a Maya Hart. Maya knew everyone was looking at her as she got up and headed to Josh but she didn't care. Maya slowly opened the door as she peeked in looking around. She spotted Josh on the bed playing with his food but not eating any of it with a frown on his face.

His face brightened up as he spotted Maya walking in the room. I'm so happy to see you. She sat on the bed placing her arm on the bed as well as she made eye contact with Josh. He slowly scooted his hand closer to Maya's until his hand was entwined with hers as they kept eye contact.

Maya looked down at their connected hands and looked back up at Josh with a small smile. She leaned in closer to him a few inches away from his face. Just then the door burst open as Riley walked in. Maya quickly shot up from her seat as she looked at Riley before once more facing Josh. I should get going I have to meet Farkle with something. Nothing Riley. Why would you think something happened nothing happened. Maya walked in the room nervously.

She looked around and noticed six jail cells as the officer let her off to the one on the far right. She saw the in the back of the cell facing the wall. When he heard the walking.

He turned around and walked towards Maya, an angry look on his messed up face. His lip was torn and his face was slightly throbbing. The black and purple bruises covering most of his face. What did you mean when you said you killed my mom.

I started the fire in your apartment! You were supposed to die with your stupid mother! Now all your friends will pay and I'll kill all of you! Both hands now on her neck he tightened his grip as Maya gasped for air. The police officer tried to break her free but he couldn't. Maya panicked as she erased for air as her lungs started to hurt from the lack of oxygen. She reached out for Kermit's face and did the only thing she could.

She dug her fingers into his eye. He wailed in pain as he released his grip, Maya finally being able to breathe.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house.

As you probably know, the actor who portrays Josh, Uriah Shelton, got in a horrible motorcycle accident a little while ago which caused him great injuries. That incident inspired this, along with some posts I saw floating around on Tumblr. I know this has probably been done before but I think this would be a situation that really needs to be written out.

My name is Slightabear and I am new to fanfiction. Hope you guys like this story. I'm going to write more chapters at some point, but I have lots of animals and probably can't for about a week until I get more time. Hope you guys enjoy this story and please review. I was sitting in my room listening to my favorite music, when i heard a knock on my door.

The news felt like bricks were dropped on his heart. All the air in the fancy restroom seem to be sucked out the door. He couldn't find any air to breathe, except feel the dry, rawness of his throat, and the lump that was forming, constricting him. The temperature dropped, and the long sleeved button up he was wearing, no longer seemed comfortable. She was on the verge of tears, or already sobbing. He couldn't blame her. Tears were welling up in the ducts of his eyes. Trying not to get choked up for her sake, he took a hard breath. His mind was asking his heart why he was being so sensitive all of a sudden, but he didn't think too long when the next words came out his mouth.

I wake up in Cory and Topanga's guest room. The thoughts of last night play in my head. I had never seen Cory so angry until he saw Riley come home in tears after a party. Apparently, Riley had walked around looking for Lucas, her boyfriend ex-boyfriend now , and found him making out with a girl in a bedroom. Lucas didn't even see Riley walk in.

One minute everything appears normal, like there's not a single action humanly capable that could change the way things are happening.

Voices floated toward him as Josh opened the front door to the Matthews apartment. As the door swung open they fell quiet, and he saw Riley and Maya glancing at him uneasily. It had been three years since she'd first called him that, but while her crush on him seemed to have subsided, the nickname had stuck.

I heard it again a few weeks ago and could not help but think about how this is such a Joshaya song. Anyways, happy reading! We're getting late," ten-year-old Joshua Matthews bounces on his feet, excitement coursing through him as he waits for his older brother and niece to come down. He only sees Cory, Riley, Topanga and now Auggie, every few months when they come to visit him in Philadelphia or when he goes to New York with his parents.

Context: Maya gets sick in Riley's absence while Riley and Topanga are visiting her grandparents in Philadelphia over the summer. Cory immediately takes her in at the Matthews' house, and Shawn and Josh are also staying the night. It was 2 a. The moon glimmered in the night sky outside, creating a peaceful and tranquil sight; but inside a certain Matthews' apartment in New York, one boy by the name of Joshua Gabriel Matthews was as restless as ever, his eyes peering at the white ceiling above him, distraught with the distressed thoughts of a certain blonde, a gorgeous one at that. He'd had enough.

Hey guys, so I haven't seen many fanfiction on Maya getting cyber bullied, so I thought I would write one. Hope you like it. I am also bummed that Josh won't be legacy so we have to wait until season 3 to find out how he feels about Maya. I am sitting on my computer just browsing through Facebook before I go to pick up Riley for school. We have been best friends forever and honestly, I couldn't have found a better best friend than her. Even though she is goofy, weird, and a little bit awkward, I still love her as a sister I never had; I look at the clock and saw it is already I close my laptop, grab my backpack, and head down to Riley's house.

Jun 25, - Josh is also staying at the Matthews for a month, but him and Maya might I haven't gone to school in a week because I have been sick. Riley gets out of Lucas' texting page and goes to Farkle's. "So, what do you guys want to do? 2 are both the most prettiest girls in the world and i just can't decide.

A tear falls down my face silently, anoter text for my anonymous bully. Sad a part is that its true. Ever since I can remeber Shawn and I have never had a good relationship. He'd visit every once and a while but that just meant I went to my room more often than useall.

I am back at it again with my Joshaya stories. I plan for this to be a two-shot, and the second chapter is currently in the process of being written, so I hope for that to be posted within a week. For this story, the main six are 24 years old, and Josh is 27 years old.

Maya has been romantically interested in Josh since the day they met, although Josh did not reciprocate the feelings as he found Maya's attraction towards him uncomfortable due to their age difference. However, after Maya confessed her feelings to Josh in Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot , Josh realized that Maya is growing up and he should stop looking at her the way he used to. In Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2 , Josh admits he has feelings for Maya too and they agree to play the long game in the hopes that someday there may be a future for them both.

At that moment he wanted nothing more than to be her knight and save her from whatever monster was making someone so pretty so sad. I'm not sick!

Hi everyone, thank you for all the follows and favorites, plus the reviews, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and I will try my best to include it in the story. I don't want to give a ton away, because I have a specific idea of how I would like the story to go, but it is opted to change, as I get inspired. This is my first fanfic. My main focus is between Josh and Maya for this specific story, but I have thought about the other characters as well. Anyway here is chapter 2, I hope you all enjoy it.

Missy Bradford's Annual Kickoff Party was the back-to-school event to attend. Every incoming sophomore was invited, and even a few of the upperclassmen said they were going. It was going to be a total rager, with no adults, and tons of alcohol. It was August 19th, two weeks before the school year was officially set to begin, and Riley Matthews and Maya Hunter formerly Hart had already received their invites via text message. Maya wasn't really one for parties, especially those thrown by Missy Bradford. There were too many people, the booze wasn't usually that great, and the music scene sucked. There would be too many rowdy JV football players there trying to grab her ass and get her to dance with them, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

AN: I swear, I started to cry when I just came up with the idea for this story. I kind of hope this makes you cry. Any way I feel really bad for putting my babies through this horrible tragedy.

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