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Request: Hi! Can you please write Lucas Friar X Reader? You make the end. Requested by: cecesunshine-fanfictions.


Girl meets world lucas x reader quotev

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Request: Hi! Can you please write Lucas Friar X Reader? You make the end. Requested by: cecesunshine-fanfictions. Moving from Texas to New York was a huge change. So now you had to live a whole new life in New York and leave your old one behind in Texas. The thing that terrified you the most was going to a new school. At your old school it was hard to make friends, but after a few months you ended up making some. Especially since you were going halfway into the school year and everyone most likely already had their friend groups.

Still in the end you decided to be optimistic and at least try to make a new friend. Your first day of school had arrived and you were beyond nervous. You entered the middle school with your heart beating a mile a minute. You took in a deep breath before heading to the office and getting your schedule along with a map of the place.

You held your transcript, your schedule, and your map tightly as you stood outside the history room door. Inside a few kids had noticed someone standing on the other side of the door before they heard a slight knock on it. Mathews stopped writing on the board suddenly remembering he would be getting a new student today. Someone that you recognized very well. You gulped afraid and looked away. Mathews your new history teacher.

Do you have a transcript? Mathews asked you with a kind voice and a cheery smile. You could feel your jitters come to an ease as you handed him your transcript. As he did you saw the two girls in the front, a blonde and a brunette, whisper to each other. You wondered what they were saying, but your thoughts were cut off by a loud slam.

A boy stood up, another one that you recognized as Zay Babineaux, and pointed at you. They shared a knowing look and you just stood there uncomfortably confused. Welcome to John Quincy Adams. He was being really friendly towards you.

Nothing like his aggressive behavior back in Texas. You came to the conclusion it was just a facade and decided to stay away from him. He was bad news and you did not want to get involved with him. Lucas stared back a bit hurt.

He knew you were probably scared of him. The person he was before was someone even he was scared of. Even now he was scared of becoming that person again. His anger was hard to control at times, but he was getting better at it. He hoped you would notice that. What hurt Lucas more was the fact that he had a crush on you.

When he moved away he thought he would never see you again. But now here you were. Mathews pointed to a seat next to a boy named Farkle. You quickly sat down as Mr. He was the definition of trouble. Always getting into fights and getting suspended. You had witnessed one of those fights before. You can clearly remember the coldness in his eyes as he walked away from it.

Remembering it brought chills down your spine. You shook the feelings away waiting impatiently for the bell to ring, so you could go to your next class.

You successfully avoided Lucas for half of the day. You were currently heading for lunch and you knew you would see him there. You entered the lunchroom and grabbed a tray of food.

You looked around the room for somewhere to sit and found an empty table in the corner of the room by the vending machines. You sat down in it and began eating your food while reading your favorite book. You looked up and felt yourself tense up as you realized one of those people was Lucas. Specifically you were watching Lucas.

He had anger issues and you were scared he would blow up any minute. Just like he used to do back in Texas. The next few minutes you were on edge. Riley, Maya, and Zay were trying to make small talk with you. Farkle had left awhile ago to work on some science thing.

Why would he be staring at you? Have you done something wrong? You gulped nervously at all the possibilities running through your head. You looked at all your possible exits before mentally returning back to the conversation. And he felt his heart sink at the confirmation that you were scared of him. If only you had known that he had changed. Lunch was over and you quickly exited the lunchroom and headed for your locker.

It took you awhile to open it, but once you did you exchanged your books to get the ones you would need for your afternoon classes. Carrying them all would be pointless and too much of a hassle. You closed your locker and screamed startled when you realized someone was on the other side.

It was Lucas and he looked a bit shaken at your reaction. You had no intentions of talking to him. You turned around walking away when you suddenly felt him hold onto your wrist. Your heart was ready to burst any minute now. Lucas quickly let go of your hand as if it just had been burned.

You opened your eyes to see his expression look like someone had just shot him. You frowned. Why did he look so hurt? You frowned again. Why was he talking to you as if you guys had been friends before? He never approached you in Texas. So why was he doing it now? So please stop being scared of me. Why was he so worried of how you thought of him? Why was he staring at you like that? Why were you suddenly feeling regretful of your feelings towards him?

Lucas stared at your retreating frame with a sunken heart. He hated the fact that because of the guy he was before he had lost his chance with his crush. He was going to give up completely until Zay convinced him to show you otherwise. Show you he had changed. The next few weeks consisted of Lucas trying to show you he was a changed man.

But the more he helped you carry things and find your way around the halls you ended up gaining a soft spot for him. You were still cautious around him, but you could feel the walls you had built around yourself slowly start to crumble.

And you hated that. The day finally came when Mr. Maybe Riley, Maya, and Farkle had changed him. Changed him for the better. Having to go to the bathroom you raised your hand and Mr. Mathews let you go.

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Originally posted by sanathequeen. You looked down at your phone anxiously, Josh was 30 minutes late for your piano recital. He was supposed to meet you before the show started to wish you good luck.







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