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How can i find good wife

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If you were to stand before God today and make an account for your actions, attitudes, and overall role as wife to your husband, what do you think God would say? This post is not about being hard on yourself. Guilt is not the motive here. I am imperfect too. I struggle too.

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The Good Wife

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We become a soul mate of someone and start dreaming about all beautiful things in life. Nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, love, disappointments, are all gamut of emotions that any relationship brings with it. Talking about the wives, they are the soul of the marriage and play a key role in making things work out. Without your contribution, a good home will always be a far-fetched dream.

Now, the question arises — How to be a good wife? In this article, we have compiled a list of those rules or say have listed the qualities every Indian housewife must possess:. Husband are always happy to see their wives taking such a good care of homes.

Moreover, a clean and healthy environment will bring positive vibes in the house and will make both of you feel calm and composed. Apart from this, make sure to be a good cook. So, cooking well does half the job of keeping your better half happy. Alternatively, search on the web, there are plenty of cooking websites that teach how to prepare different recipes.

Good food surely impresses the hubby instantly and makes him go crazy about you. Just try it out once. Showing love to your husband often is extremely crucial for a happy marriage. Everyone longs for love and acceptance in a relationship and, hence, constant expression of love is the key to winning a heart. Small gestures like sending sweet messages, greeting cards, hugs and kisses are enough to make him feel special.

Also, find ways to spend time with your husband to gel well together as a couple. Spending quality time together is a key to a successful relationship. For this, try to celebrate as many events together as you can, try and dine together and take part in activities that you both like.

Honesty and trust are two qualities that are always appreciated. As is always said, honesty is the best policy. So, try to be open, expressive, and honest regarding everything. Be open to your husband and allow him to trust you. Keep a good and open communication with him while expressing yourself and never lose patience.

The only thing to watch out here is to make sure that you express yourself in the right time and in the right manner. What you say is not as important as how you say it.

This is where most women end up making mistakes…… and lose out on freedom of expression as they get misquoted and misunderstood. Though, marriage is about being together always, but at the end of the day you should maintain your individuality.

Take space and give space, no matter what! No one likes clingy people around and, so, never try to stick to your husband like glue. Give him his space and let him peacefully invest time in different relations like his immediate family, friends, or work. Try to be pleasing and warm when you meet them, this will automatically make you a part of his inner circle. Marriage is surely not a bed of roses as most girls mistook it to be. Different perspectives surely invite a lot of doldrums as arguments in marriage.

Of course, differences are bound to be there as you two are different individuals. The issues arise when you start expecting from your spouse, to reciprocate the way you want him to and vice-versa.

This is where it ends up into fights and disharmony at home. Being wise here, would mean to live together with minimum expectations and to have a sort of independent outlook of your own. It is surely hard to follow, but this is like a guru mantra to a successful married life. Also, if still you end up having a fight then just keep it issue based. Always, in arguments be patient and think before reacting, as harsh words can often leave deep scars in relationships.

Even, when your spouse is arguing or fighting, do not lose your patience, and try to calm him. Try to sort out things later, when you both are calm and peaceful. A good communication is not just about sharing your problems with your hubby but it also means listening to his problems as well. There might be things that are stressing him out and you may need to dig in deeper to find them out. Please allow your husband to be open to you and make him feel comfortable so that he can speak his heart out to you.

A key to doing this is not to be judgmental about his opinions or point of view. Just, extend a helping hand in solving the issues at hand, without pointing fingers at anyone.

This is surely gonna win his heart and he would seek confidence in being with you and would also start confiding in you. A healthy sexual relationship is crucial for a successful marriage and this is also a key factor to a successful marriage. So, try to keep your man happy in bed. This does not mean aiming at sex all the time but rather it means to give and take sex as many times as is needed to get satisfied from each other. Respect is important in a healthy marriage and by here it indicates mutual respect.

When you give respect, you get it back. Sometimes, when things are not rosy you may feel lonely and left out in marriage and may feel as if you are not as respected and loved by your husband as you should be. But, if you continue doing your bit, the same bounces back soon in life. So, initially in arrange marriages, a lot of times things take time to shape up but hang on! Eventually, every man starts realizing the importance of woman in their lives.

And, moreover respect must always be earned, so, give respect to get respect. Showing gratitude is appreciating what you have. Men love women who appreciate them and love them.

Your hard work does get reciprocated eventually. So, make sure that you tell him that you are thankful for all things he does for you and the family. If he does something really nice, then look for ways to tell him that you liked it and the see the positive effects this expression brings to you! Physical attraction is the key to a happy married life. Girls should look their best post marriage. This is the time when you really need to invest money, time, and efforts in looking good. Sometimes, women completely ignore their looks after marriage, especially after having a child.

This starts to create a void in the relationship and the charm starts to disappear. If you have gotten into marriage you need to play all the cards well to make it work.

Looking good and being jovial attract men towards women. Looking presentable makes a lot of difference in behavioral perception of men. So, take good care of yourself and maintain good health. Focus on your diet and exercise daily to stay fit and healthy.

Remember, staying fit makes you look healthy and happy. Well, proving your worth as a wife may take longer then you expect but the efforts you are doing in making the best out of your relationship will start reflecting sooner. After marriage, start taking life with a pinch of salt as it makes the journey much easier. There are no written rules to make any relationship work, you can chalk out your own rules to see what works out the best with you. Last but not the least, expect less and do more to see smiling faces around in your new family!!

Stay blessed!! In this article, we have compiled a list of those rules or say have listed the qualities every Indian housewife must possess: 1 Take responsibility of the House : Take charge of your house and keep it as clean and organized as possible. Keep your physical relation healthy by keeping things exciting in the bedroom.

How to Be a Good Wife

The serial plots—a rarity on CBS, a network where most of the programming at that time was procedural —were especially showcased in its highly praised fifth season. The performances of the show's cast have been particularly recognized, with Julianna Margulies' role as Alicia Florrick receiving significant praise. It is considered by several critics to be network television's "last great drama", [6] [7] [8] producing full episode seasons while other similarly acclaimed dramas often produce only 6 to 13 episodes per season. CBS announced on February 7, , that the show was ending with its seventh season.

How To Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman is a haunting literary debut about a woman who begins having visions that make her question everything she knows. Marta and Hector have been married for a long time. Through the good and bad; through raising a son and sending him off to life after university.

Being a good wife is not easy, even if you have a near-perfect spouse. To be a good wife, you have to be able to communicate effectively, to keep your romance alive, and to be your spouse's best friend while maintaining your own identity. If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps. Expert Trick: Couples should have a getaway at least once a year. If you have kids or are really busy, you can do shorter, weekend-long trips.

How To Be A Good Wife

When you're married with kids and you have a thriving career, the first thing that slips away in your daily life is "you time. The good news: it doesn't take much to get the latter back on track. If you believe the top relationship experts and you should! So try these small, totally doable actions, and you'll find that they have maximum impact on your collective happiness. If you don't ever say this, do it today. It's easy to forget to do this. Make a conscious effort to let him know he's a total stud. There's something they get from each other that they can't get from women.

30 Ways to Be a (Much) Better Wife

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Once your eyes are opened to things you can do better, your marriage will only get better! I highly recommend reading the book if you get a chance.

Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. But wait. Because, it is not.

How to Be a Good Wife (in God’s Eyes)

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We become a soul mate of someone and start dreaming about all beautiful things in life. Nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, love, disappointments, are all gamut of emotions that any relationship brings with it. Talking about the wives, they are the soul of the marriage and play a key role in making things work out. Without your contribution, a good home will always be a far-fetched dream. Now, the question arises — How to be a good wife?

How To Be A Good Wife


A good wife is generally drawn to a good husband. What makes you a good husband? Do you take care of yourself physically? Do you have a good job or at  5 answers.


15 Qualities Of A Good Wife


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Top Ten Tips on How to Be A Good Wife!



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