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While much has been written about Ho Chi Minh city on this website, the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, has not been really covered yet. I have lived in Hanoi, and I could write a whole book about each aspect of the city. It is a city which is very hard to fall in love with. Perhaps one day I will cover each aspect of Hanoi, and perhaps, if Stickman allows, on his website, but for now I would like to focus on one aspect — the nightlife. This was innocent happiness.

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Hanoi Red Light District: Best Areas For Bars, Girls, and Night Clubs

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Just came back from an awesome 2 day trip from Hanoi. Wish I could have the chance to go back there again. The nightlife scenes in Hanoi is unbelievably lively.

I find Le theatre, hero bar are superb. Headed to craft beer pub for drinks to kick start the night. Beers are cheap with the lowest 35k for a mug of Saigon beer. Then headed to hero bar which I believe Is the most happening place in Hanoi after 2am. I would say that Hanoi is a fun place and it just added to my list of places of great nightlife, the list will go if u guys even care : Bangkok, hcmc, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, chiang mai, Lombok,.

If many vietnamese girls could not speak english,how can we commnicate with them? It also happened in bangkok. Google Translate works very well. Or drank one bottle.. Just visited Hanoi for a week, was looking for some girls in Hanoi and found that it is extremely difficult to have some fun. Have tried the escort too, has a very bad experience. The escort service is vietnamdolls. Told them would like to have a girl that can stay overnight, I promise to take overnight if only the girl providing good services.

However, when they girl arrive, she says not staying for overnight. After some argument, agree that she will stay until 12am and she will go back. After paid the money, have some fun, drink and the girl keep saying wanted to go back as early as 10pm. They will always ask for money first, once they have money, they will have a lot of excuses to go back, beware. Why do you bother looking for prostitutes or escorts in clubs?

You will only find Vietnamese girls who can't speak English and with no education I come to Vietnam times a year, and each time I find a sugar baby on SeekingArrangement.

This site has cute, young, university-educated girls who are willing to spend a weekend or holiday with you as long as you help them a bit financially. Try it and then thank me! AND the Playboy Club doesnt exist anymore. HERO was definitely the best club i have visit in Hanoi. If you want a pretty girl for a few nights in Hanoi, it's best to find a sugar baby.

Check SeekingArrangement to find one, there are many many Vietnamese girls using it to find a foreign guy. Tinder can be used on a Laptop and you need to include Bumble, it's a goldmine. When I was living in Saigon , people kept telling me that Hanoi was a conservative town with unfriendly people, a curfew at midnight and a suffocating weather.

In fact, I found barely any differences between the two cities, and particularly at night. Saigon is in my Top 3 party destination in Southeast Asia, and Hanoi is not far behind.

The hundreds of bars, clubs, lounges, spas and karaokes in Hanoi range from extremely basic 4 walls and a stool to world-class sophisticated venues. You'll rarely pay an entrance fee for any nightclubs and the drinks are usually cheap, even in the more upmarket spots.

Girls are everywhere, from young backpackers to crazy-hot Vietnamese dolls. Just open VietnamCupid or Tinder and you'll have so many matches you won't be able to follow up with half of them.

This review is a summary of my findings: The best bars, the best clubs, the best places to stay, and how to meet girls. If I forgot something important, please don't hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the post. Nightlife Areas in Hanoi. To make things simple, I would say there are 3 major nightlife areas in Hanoi.

It is cheap, cramped and messy. It is naturally more expensive and the crowd is older. Please have a look at the Hanoi nightlife map at the end of this article to see the exact delimitation of these areas.

It is popular with a young Vietnamese crowd mostly students and foreigners backpackers, tourists. It reserved for pedestrians and from there you can just walk from one place to the other. Many bars seem to have been inspired by a Communist ideology: Identical design, identical product, no name only a number and little attention paid to customer service.

That said, getting drunk on those tiny stools is still a fun local experience. You'll notice that a lot of people are breathing into balloons of laughing gas. They give a mild euphoria or a feeling of numbness for a few minutes.

I have the impression that they make your hangover worse on the next day though. On your pub crawl, you may include some more proper bars and clubs, for instance: Bars: Factory 47 : A foreign-owned, hipster bar. Better music than elsewhere but also more expensive. Open from 10AM to 3AM. RockStore : Same owner as above. Unlike its name would suggest, the DJs and live bands play rather eclectic styles of music, from reggae to pop.

Western food. Backpacker crowd. Prague Pub is very similar. Dragonfly : Tiny bar with an outdoor and indoor area serving food, shisha, balloons and alcohol. They have a DJ and occasionally sexy dancers. Mainstream music. Craft Beer Pub : A rustic pub serving craft beer and Western food. Popular with young and older foreigners. Live sports on screens. Mixed crowd. Recommended for meeting girls. Closes at 1AM. EDM and commercial music. They normally stay open until 2AM or 3AM.

Recommended for meeting Viet girls. Mixed crowd: 1st floor with locals, 2nd floor with foreigners. It gets started at midnight. In 3 hours, you'll have a chance to try about a dozen delicious Northern Vietnam dishes. More information on their Facebook. In this neighborhood, trendy and chic venues are spread out, principally on the east side of the Lake.

The crowd is mostly made of expats and rich Vietnamese. It features random live acts: Hip Hop, Latin, 80s, Reggae Expat and local crowd. Standing Bar : One of the hip bars in Hanoi at the moment. It is built on two floors with an outdoor area from where you can see the lake. They serve 16 types of craft beer, local and imported, for around VND80,, per half-pint. You can also eat some tapas. Events include stand-up comedy and live music sometimes brought by the team from the now-defunct ATK Cama.

Unicorn : A dive bar that you could easily miss, but worth a try for their affordable cocktails. Perfect to start the evening. It's a romantic location for a date. More expensive than average but you get happy hours from 4.

Check their Facebook for wine tasting and live Jazz events. Savage : A new nightclub, bar and lounge in the West Lake area. It is owned and managed by 4 French based in Hong Kong. Popular with expats. Techno and non-commercial electronic music. Closes very late. Good cocktails. My favorite nightclub in Hanoi.

Hero : One of the most popular nightclubs in the city with a mixed crowd of Vietnamese and foreigners. Good setup on two floors. Reasonable prices.

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The various types of Hanoi escorts that are available in Vietnam's capital city add up to fairly slim pickings by some regional cities' standards, but from within Vietnam the naughty boy attractions are second only to Saigon. If you are looking for short-term fun, the Vietnam nightlife scene has many opportunities but there are also many scams and rip-offs to avoid. A better option is found at:. My recommended Vietnam dating site.

I do not like nightlife myself but everything you are looking for is in Hanoi's Old Quarter area. Bars normally close around 2ish but it varies.

Easy to find on the right ,and second bar in the street. Right on the corner of Pub Street, this bar is a great location to chill, drink and take everything Okay, I'm going to be honest. The Fat Cat Bar is a place to go and meet girls if you're in Hanoi in that part of town.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Places to Meet Hanoi Girls

Vietnamese capital Hanoi has become a hidden gem in the southeastern part of Asia. It represents a mix of local cultures, Chinese influences and French accents from its colonial history. As for the beautiful Hanoi girls, get ready to see a mixed blood like nowhere else in Asia. Whether you are looking for a relationship or casual hookups on a daily basis, Hanoi has everything you can ask for. The best part about it? Vietnamese girls are never the same. I find some girls to look Korean, while others look Thai or Chinese — all because of the mixed blood. Interested to learn more? It will help your chances a lot! Now, where do you find the best girls in Hanoi?

5 Best Places To Find Hanoi Girls

Just came back from an awesome 2 day trip from Hanoi. Wish I could have the chance to go back there again. The nightlife scenes in Hanoi is unbelievably lively. I find Le theatre, hero bar are superb. Headed to craft beer pub for drinks to kick start the night.

Hanoi is the second largest city in all of Vietnam, and the largest in northern Vietnam.

If you are interested in the best places to meet girls in Hanoi and a dating guide then you are in luck. We have all the info you need to try and pick up single women around this city, and plenty of good date spots to take them as well. Since this post is in English we are assuming most of the readers are going to be foreign men. Towards the end we will be including some travel tips for tourists and new expats which you definitely will want to stick around for.

Meet Expat Singles in Hanoi, Vietnam

Whether you enjoy having beer on a little plastic stool on the sidewalk or prefer dancing to the latest tunes in a trendy nightclub, Hanoi has got you covered. Not interested in partying? Many of them follow a particular theme or specialize in some form of entertainment, food, and drink offering.

Hanoi girls whilst being harder to get than others in South East Asia are very passionate and open to foreigners. If you want to meet normal girls in Hanoi, read this article. A note of caution prostitution is illegal in Vietnam and many hotels will not let you take a guest back to your room. Check before you book that your hotel is guest friendly. Dating in Hanoi to find your dream sexy girl can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences.

Fun Place to Meet Girls - Fat Cat Bar

Vietnam is easily one of the best places in south-east Asia, and I have mentioned this before a few times on my site. Whenever I go to Vietnam I have a fun time. There is a reason why it has grown in popularity over the recent years. It is fun, cheap, and offers an authentic experience for all travelers. After reading this article you will see why this city has an amazing nightlife, and what to expect from the naughty districts. Hanoi is not as popular as Ho Chi Minh city for its nightlife. Ho Chi Minh city is a bit better for single guys that want to experience the most entertainment and girls, hookers, sex etc.

Like a Hanoi ladies, the women in Vietnam have an interesting charm about them, and in my opinion are one of the better looking Asian women around.

Not only was she sexy, but she had an amazing sexual drive that matched mine. From that etiquette on, I had an interest with Vietnamese girls. Once I started visiting South East Asia countries, I was able to compare them with the other Asian women in that area.

​Hanoi Girls – Ultimate Hanoi Nightlife Pick Up Guide!

Or maybe just for a happy ending massage. The main nightlife area in Hanoi is around Walking Street in the Old Quarter see black flag pin on the map below , which is also the main tourist area with the majority of hotels, foreign restaurants, bars, massages, girls etc. Vietnam Cupid is the largest online dating site not only in Hanoi, but in all of Vietnam. Corner Pub nearby is my favorite bar in Hanoi.

Hanoi After Dark: The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Hanoi




Hanoi At Night


Best Places To Meet Girls In Hanoi & Dating Guide


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