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How to look taller on your wedding day

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and most photographed days in your life, and of course you want the everything to be perfect for your blushing bride. If you happen to be a short groom or just shorter in height than your soon-to-be wife, you may be feeling a lack of confidence for on big day. Short men have always had a tougher road than taller guys, and your wedding will be no exception. Luckily, you are not alone.

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How To Choose A Wedding Dress That Makes You Look Tall

But I feel differently about my wedding, silly as it sounds I want to feel dainty and feminine on my wedding day and don't want to look obviously taller than him.

I have my dress and am planning on wearing kitten heels of around two inches, enough to give me a good posture but not super tall, has anyones groom used insole lifters or perhaps know of a men's shoe brand with a subtle heel to bring him up by those two inches to make us the same height again?!!

Im the same height as mine, were both 6 foot though so I dont wear heels anyway. I fond it really irritating when people glance at my feet to see if Im wearing heels, and when I have worn them they always feel its ok to comment on me not needing them. Just do one people! So Im wearing flats, and mens shoes always seem to have that little block heel of about an inch so that will do it. My posture will be good in flats as well, I was always taught to sit and stand straight in horse riding so that doesnt worry me.

Had your h2b said hed be happy to wear the insert things? I cant imagine mine would be. But Id just look for shoes with a chunkier heel for him and suggest them to him. I dont know anywhere that sells them specifically but Im sure youll find some. I'm 5'8 and OH is 5'6 he has no issues with my being taller and it doesn't bother him if I wear heals either however I'm not one to wear heals anymore and have chosen flats for the day of our wedding. What is your dress like? I wore flats and honestly cant tell if a bride is wearing heels under a long dress.

Maybe if it was skin tight on the legs? Perhaps consider wearing flats? Max and I are the same height 5'8" I'm wearing flats. Usually he doesn't mind but like You, for the wedding he feels a bit differently.

So he's got some of those heel insert thingys. They add up to like 6cm. He's wearing converse hi tops though so can comfortably wear these, in a normal shoe his heel would be hanging out the back! I'm slightly taller than my husband and I wore 2 inch heels on the day so not super big. Our photographer was great as well at positioning us so I was shorter in some photos.

Using a slope having my husband stand on the first rung behind a gate. They are really cute pics and not an obvious lets make him taller shot! Yes I also got some where I am shorter by standing on a slant or me standing with my legs far apart also works for the shots your legs aren't in.

But like Lauren says it is not immediately obvious as it makes me only a couple inches shorter when we are normally the same. I do enjoy to tower over him and he loves my heigth, I don't want him to protect me, I want him to love me. When we go out for dinner or parties I allways use really high heels, I love how the heels make me feel feminine, and he adores being short to me. Of course there are stares and stupid comments but, we don't give a sh Of cours I have to bend for kisses, sometimes he likes to stand on a step on tip toes to kiss me and even as I am the big one I can lift him up to make out and also enjoy when he sits on my legs to kiss at home.

At the begining it was a little bit weird but I started enjoying every day and now I really like to be stronger and taller, I am a confident person, love my self enjoy everything in life and the feeling of being a powerful amazon.

If you love your hubby enjoy who you are, embrace your differences and be happy otherwise a hell of thoughts, remorse, daydreams with an alfa macho, stupid comments and silly questionning will finish to ruin your marriage. Good for you for feeling confident with your height. I am sure many of us here are also confident with our height, however our husbands to be may be slightly less so. What you've said is completely superficial.

Agree with the above, should people only get married if they are equal heights? Short women perhaps should not Marry taller men? What about Cuban heels? I know they're not everybody's taste but I used to date a guy that loved wearing them. Everyones entitled to an opinion but if you go around stating people shouldnt get married and are 'making excuses' to be with their man then were entitled to say its a ridiculous or absurd opinion.

Its easy to cherry pick a few lines of half decent advise from a long post full of rubbish, but what she was saying is out of order. Freedom of speech goes both ways. You wouldnt march upto someone in real life and tell them they shouldnt get married and spout loads of crap, and for those people to politely accept your opinion, so why should she get to do it on the internet? Sorry if someone felt offended, I didn't want to be rude but really is annoying to see so many posts trying to figure out how to hide something that is a reality.

If you really want to be smaller than your hubby, good! If you love heels, wear them, if he really loves you he will enjoy the gorgeous women on his side, when a woman is really in love allways she will look beautiful and gorgeous. Imagine in the future when your kids see the photos and ask: what happened to dad that now is smaller? Anyway, OP I think you have to be careful with how you present the idea of heel blocks to your husband as I don't know if mine would be upset at the idea I'm 5 foot What I would say though is that while I couldn't have imagined getting married in flats, I unexpectedly ended up having half my photos done barefoot on th beach and ended up not dating at all!

I'd gone for smaller heels than my usual anyway, which put us at a similar height - but actually the photographer's angles sort out your photos anyway. If you don't want flats, various poses one knee bent will make you shorter AND give you a really flattering sillhouette! My husband is also a sloucher usually but on the wedding day stood tall and I swear he gained a few inches from that!

Good luck. My hubby is much taller than me anyway but I no longer do high heels so I wore kitten heels for my wedding even though I'd have been fine with height. Hubby wore Oliver Sweeny shoes - they were really nice and fashionable and it's seems most of the quality shoes that are the style of a wedding shoe like the brogues and formal shoes have a fairly chunky sole and heel anyway!

You OH will probably find just a good quality normal smart shoe will add a little height anyway and you could consider a beautiful flat if you wanted? You'd probably find the fit of your dress will give good posture anyway if it's remotely structured and you'd be super comfortable!! My kitten heels ended up rubbing they were new designer shoes that I hadn't worn in enough so I bust out most of the evening in old comfy flats anyway! You can't see under a dress and I boogied with the best of them!

Lots of people want to hide or change things that are a reality. Clothes of any sort hide the reality, bras hide the reality, control underwear hide the realify. I think youre reading far too deeply into it. Do you wear heels? Yes you said you did, I imagine you might do your hair or wear makeup etc, why do you do these things if youre so wound up about brides wanting to wear flats or give the husband a chunkier shoe?

I like to change my hair colour and wear bright lipsticks, it doesnt mean Im ashamed of my natural hair or lip colour. Sometimes I like to be pale, sometimes I want to be tanned, not ashamed either way. I like to wear flats because Im tall enough as it is and like comfy feet, it doesnt make me ashamed if my height and Im not trying to hide it.

Being tall is one of the few things that cant be changed or altered somehow and it has no relation whatsoever to how people feel about their husbands or wives. We all want our pictures to look a certain way, or else wed just rock up to the wedding with bed hair and sleep in our eyes.

I dont want to tower over my husband, so I dont want to wear heels. There is really no difference in that than you enjoying towering over yours when you wear heels. I also have kids, and know that they have far more interesting questions to ask than why dad looks an inch or 2 different. What if your children ask why mum is sometimes taller?

What on earth will you say? You could just tell them it was because of your shoes, or because of his shoes. Just like if my kids ask why I had purple hair I will say "because I dyed it purple". Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. Mog25 Posts: 8.

August in Wedding fashion. Looking for a little advice MrsJ Posts: 3, August Kelly Posts: Jenni8 Posts: 3, MrsNolan Posts: Lauren Posts: Elisa16 Posts: 2. I have 5" on my hubby and this is ONE of the many things that we love of us as a couple. LOL at the post above! Elisa you need to get real, your post is absurd. Your post has very much struck a nerve, it's very inconsiderate.

Spacepuffin Posts: Ali's gone Posts: Charlotte Posts: MrsNH17 Posts: Elisa16 wrote see post : Sorry if someone felt offended, I didn't want to be rude but really is annoying to see so many posts trying to figure out how to hide something that is a reality.

How to look taller ???

Are you having any anxieties about the big day? The loose fit of the suit will trick the eye into stretching you horizontally instead of vertically, which is the exact opposite effect you want when trying to gain some height. So, in order to look taller, you need to ensure your suit is fitted properly, which usually means having the suit professionally tailored to your specifications.

But I feel differently about my wedding, silly as it sounds I want to feel dainty and feminine on my wedding day and don't want to look obviously taller than him. I have my dress and am planning on wearing kitten heels of around two inches, enough to give me a good posture but not super tall, has anyones groom used insole lifters or perhaps know of a men's shoe brand with a subtle heel to bring him up by those two inches to make us the same height again?!! Im the same height as mine, were both 6 foot though so I dont wear heels anyway.

Tall and slim women always look charming. How to look taller if you are a petite bride-to-be? Is wearing high heels the only way to look taller? What if you are not used to wearing high heels. In fact, there are many ways to look thinner and taller without wearing high heels.

Which wedding dress silhouette is right for you?

Planning the perfect wedding day is exhausting! With all eyes on you, the wedding aisle is your very own runway. You want to look your best and want that pair of rocking heels to put the perfect finishing touch on your wedding day look. But what if your perfect pair of high heels leaves you with the unfortunate situation where you find yourself towering over your partner on your special day? Unsurprisingly this is an extremely common question facing brides-to-be. Whilst it ultimately comes down to how comfortable both you and your partner are with any height variance between yourselves there are some key features of the day that are worth evaluating when making your decision. Whether it be the ceremony itself or the timeless wedding day photos where you may find yourself looking down to your partner you may find yourself looking to curb your heel height.


If you are a petite girl, you may have been struggling to find clothing that fits you your entire life. You have the choices of a few not enough petite fashion designers , and you could get by with certain styles of regular sizes although you may have to take a lot of them to the tailors. Of course you may even have picked out a few things here and there in the junior department. I started writing about petite styling tips for short women since , and my articles have touched the lives of millions since then. Click here to learn more.

Empire waist dress or just not a Basque waist for your gown.

Some of us are not blessed with gazelle-like legs that leave us head and shoulders above the rest. There is actually no perfect body on any real human being. The honest-to-goodness best way of appearing taller is rooted in your posture; you want to be standing up straight with your shoulders back, your tummy in and your chin up.

5 Best Petite Wedding Dresses for Short Brides

Let's be honest, the ceremony aisle is basically the equivalent of the real girl's runway. With all eyes on you, you're going to want to totally rock your bridal look — and a killer pair of heels to put the finishing touch on that perfectly fitting gown will do just the trick. But what if those dreamy 4-inch stilettos leave you towering over your husband-to-be?

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Below are tricks which will bring out the best of your figure so you can have the confidence of an Oscar winner when you walk down the aisle. Because you deserve it, no matter what your shape is. Which wedding dress silhouette is right for you? How to add slimming design tricks to your wedding dress Slimming the chest N ecklines for a large bust Does a strapless gown work for larger bust? How to make the waist smaller Is a wedding dress belt slimming?

How To Look Taller In Your Wedding Dress


There are so many ways to get married - just have a quick look at Pinterest, wedding blogs or your giant feed of insta wedding inspiration. If you have a fixed.


7 Easy Tricks To Look Taller At Your Wedding (Not Just Heels!)


Short Groom, Tall Bride Solution




Bridal guide: How to look taller in a dress



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