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Look at me now family guy parody

By Steve Hopkins for MailOnline. A New York man who is a dead ringer for Family Guy character Peter Griffin has become an internet star - with footage of him impersonating Griffin getting millions of hits in just 48 hours. Robert Franzese, from Long Island, had fans of the show doing a double-take, after he attended the Com Con comic book convention in Griffin's trademark, green trousers and white shirt. But it was when the year-old opened his mouth at the New York event and mimicked the high-pitched character to perfection that fans really freaked out. In less than 48 hours, a YouTube video of the impersonator at the convention had racked up more than 3.

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Man who looks and sounds like Peter Griffin becomes internet sensation

The episode originally aired on Fox in the United States on March 18, In this episode, Peter , Joe , Quagmire and Brian wake up in the hospital and realize their memories have been erased and the city of Quahog has been deserted.

This episode was written by David A. Goodman and directed by Brian Iles. When Peter and Brian leave to play laser tag with Joe and Quagmire, Lois reminds Peter that he has agreed to spend Sundays with his family, but Peter and Brian leave anyway.

Peter wins at laser tag and buys a fake newspaper that says he destroyed the world. He comes home to a furious Lois. Brian defends Peter but Lois claims that Brian is just taking his side because they hang out and would never have been friends if it was not for circumstance. On the way they see strange lights in the road, run into them, and black out. They wake up in a hospital with no memory of who they are, and as they investigate, they discover that Quahog is completely deserted except for them.

Walking on, they chance upon Peter's wrecked car by the roadside. They work out that it is indeed his car and discover his address. They also assume that they are the last people on Earth. When they find Spooner Street, Brian realizes that they live there, but they make wrong assumptions such as that Joe is a stripper due to finding a cop's uniform and Brian is Quagmire's dog due to Brian defecating on Quagmires lawn. At Peter's house the other three see the fake newspaper front page Peter bought after his laser-tag win; from this they suspect that Peter is an alien who has killed the rest of the world.

Joe and Quagmire search for weapons while Brian spies on Peter, but by the time Joe and Quagmire return, Brian and Peter have bonded so that Brian warns Peter and they try to escape but the others intercept them. As Joe fires toward Peter, Brian jumps in front of Peter to sacrifice himself for him.

Peter picks up and cries over Brian's dead body. Brian wakes up, startled and confused. It turns out Stewie had captured them and hooked them to a computer system simulating the world to see if Brian and Peter were just friends through circumstance, but the simulation has proved they do belong together. Then Brian notices that Stewie has attached Lois, Meg, and Bonnie to an identical system, but instead of investigating their circumstances, or even discovering each other's names, the women are fighting.

In its original broadcast on March 18, , "Forget-Me-Not" was watched by 5. David A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved March 22, The A. Retrieved March 19, Retrieved 23 February Television portal. Family Guy episodes. Road to Star Wars episodes. Category Book. Categories : American television episodes Family Guy season 10 episodes. Hidden categories: Redirects with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names Redirects connected to a Wikidata item.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Family Guy episode. Family Guy season List of Family Guy episodes. Wikiquote has quotations related to: "Forget-Me-Not".


For this episode Trip is joined by Repeat Offender 'H' and Trip's younger brother Sparky to find out why people in nursing homes are getting Prostitutes and how losing you virginity effects you. Plus much more weird fun stuff. The Cookie monster has stolen real gold cookie, leaves ransom note saying free cookies for sick kids or Oscar the Grouch gets gold cookie. Man goes to court to get all his downloaded porn back, claims he needs to get the most from a pornsite subscription.

And Lucasfilm is probably the only company out there right now that is progressive enough to allow this. The Stormtroopers look like Stormtroopers.

Brian and Stewie travel back in time to January 31, to change history, only to alter the past with dire consequences. Check out what's streaming this month. See the full list. Principal Shepherd moves in with the Griffins when he gets fired for fat-shaming Chris at school; Brian sues Stewie for portraying him as an idiot in a series of children's books.

Since , the adult animated series Family Guy has been a regular staple of late night tv. The series creator Seth Macfarlane was only 24 years old when the show started, and since then has risen to prominent stardom largely thanks to the show's loyal fan base. Twice the show was cancelled by Fox, and twice it was brought back due to the strength of DVD sales. It was also the first show in television history to be brought back from DVD sales alone. Nearly 20 years since it began, Family Guy continues to air new episodes every Sunday and is currently in its 16th season. The show has undergone a number of changes but still catches attention for its irreverent humor and over-the-top graphic content. Given the time of its arrival, it might not be a surprise how well Family Guy took to internet culture. Before such shows as Tosh or Web Soup , it was one of the first comedy series to fully parody viral trends. Social media has been just as kind to the series, having created and shared countless memes about it across the span of the internet.

List of music used in Family Guy

The irreverent animated comedy Family Guy follows the exploits of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Seth Macfarlane, the creator of the show, says that the ultimate goal of Family Guy is to make the viewers laugh as much as possible in each episode. One of the main ways he accomplishes this is through the music. For example, the network executives were against the idea of an opening theme song.

However, it also outright reuses jokes from time to time. While there is a bit of humor in this brazenness, it also feels pretty lazy.

On the 20th anniversary of its premiere, here are some facts about Family Guy and its creator, Seth MacFarlane, that you might not already know. They didn't really have the budget to do any kind of animation at that point. Uncertain of how King of the Hill would fare with viewers, Fox executives were hesitant to add another new animated comedy to their lineup.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Man Rapping To Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" All In Family Guy Voices

The Oct. Each of these Family Guy pilots is then subjected to focus-group hell, and behind the glass, the Griffins — Peter in particular — watch in dismay as the criticisms start piling up. How soon after the Disney deal was announced did the writers decide to turn this acquisition into material? It was fun to be in that space, looking at the show from a different place. Might this corporate coming-together even open up synergistic opportunities for the show?

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Family Guy is full of pop-culture references and connections. Seriously, every single episode is filled to the brim with them, both obvious and obscure ones. In fact, it's probably what sets it further apart from its cartoon competition, predecessors and inspiration, The Simpsons , and South Park. So much so that there is hardly an episode where a movie character, idea, or story isn't brought up. So, for this list, I'll focus on when Family Guy spoofed popular movies head on. Nothing all that obscure here. Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, obviously wanted to be sure that we knew what they were doing. I kind of felt bad about laughing hysterically, but I soon got over that once seeing it three or four more times.

Dec 27, - Why do an extended “Star Wars” parody? And Lucasfilm is probably the only company out there right now that is progressive enough to allow this. But wait -- Stewie, the baby in “Family Guy,” doesn't exactly look like Darth And when she came out, everyone gave her a standing ovation, including me.

The parody, "Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side," which was released last week, follows the same storyline as the nearly year-old "The Empire Strikes Back," in which the rebels survive an Imperial attack on the ice world of Hoth, Luke travels to the marshy planet Dagobah to train as a Jedi under Yoda and a betrayal sets the stage for "Return of the Jedi. And of course, we learn at the end of the minute flick that Darth Vader is in fact spoiler alert! Luke Skywalker's father.

The American animated sitcom Family Guy has been the target of numerous taste and indecency complaints. The show is known to include offensive jokes including racial humor , violent, gory, and disturbing images. The show's dark humor and sexual themes has led to backlash from special interest groups.

Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is That's a hell of a lot of giggity's, Buzz Killingtons and Conway Twittys. Not bad for a show that was actually cancelled and taken off the air for three years.

The episode originally aired on Fox in the United States on March 18,

Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. Title: High School English 20 Nov People complaining about the episode don't get the jokes.



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