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She uses the Persona Reverse Asteria in battle. She appears in the Room of Instinct and mocks Ulala, saying that she looks after Maya so she can hide her inferiority complex. Ulala felt hurt at those statements, telling the Shadow that she didn't have to rub it in. The Shadow turns to Maya and tells her that she should know if Ulala found herself or not, because she is her best friend.

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Ulala best tank

When we saw the teaser photos, we were really excited about this group. We thought — considering Orange Caramel — this group might be the middle ground between After School and Orange Caramel. Then the name of the song is Venus! Strong female band FTW! To begin with, it is really forced to me.

I feel like Miss A made the strongest debut for a rookie girl group to this day. I was immediately drawn to them. But people need to acknowledge that there are different levels of kpop consumers, some who are extremely steeped in the fan base culture, watch all the shows and interviews and are up-to-date on information. So, we come full circle to A Pink and Hello Venus. PS: OH! Where do you fall in? M-KF Middle Kpop Fan Culture: I really respect this band, I know details about them, I might watch their TV shows, interviews and so on, but I can compare and contrast their songs and videos, and make preferences of one song over the other.

N-K Non-Kpop Consumer: WTF did I just watch, why are there so many people in this band, why are they wearing the same clothing, why is that guy wearing make up, is that a even a guy, what crappy English, haha now I will mock Asian pop music. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sort by: Newest First Most Liked. Has anyone else noticed the seemingly forced tomboy image, too?

I feel like these girls are set up to have to fight to feel pretty like their bandmates? Korean ladies accept your Korean…ass.

Copy Kats are not original artists. Embrace your worth, refuse to be exploited. Practice Taekwondo! Be the woman of your dreams. Having been around Koreans for 25 years there is nothing that annoys me most than those ladies that giggle and try to be cute. When I visited Korean, got married in Korea I was so annoyed by that false humility.

Another intriguing thing is why the girls in kpop culture are not wearing stockings? I agree with you on rookie groups. If they could at least make them stand out groups could be a lot more successful.

The others, I just listen to their new songs and watch their music videos and not much else. I dont particularly like cute bands too, especially if their concept is being cute in every video! Though I might not have minded this video bc of all the guys, I can tell you I was very distracted by them. What i do like though, is occasional cutsey videos. Then I totally digg them. Never thought they will do that, plus they actually pulled it off well.

Oh and on the chart I might be M-KF? Not so much with the others. Although without the need to talk on videos! Rest up :. Thank God for this rant!!! I was like… agreeing, checking my imaginary WTF Kpop things. I can handle aegyo, but not all the time. I can only bear Bilasa type of aegyo.

Glad they toned it down. I love 2NE1 with all of my heart. With that said, I compare and contrast their songs, music videos and performances. I think their pretty, but I wish Bom did not undergo that much surgery. I like their fashion, but sometimes I question it too. I love their personalities, but I wish they would try to get close with other people from other agencies too.

They are not perfect, I know, and yet I still love them. With other groups that I like B. Or at least ones that sound like real words…how about something like…. Like saying how hot Korean guys are, in front of your guy friends. One of them happens to be be Korean guess who?

I feel the same way about the cutesy stuff! And Bilasa is also my exception. What is this sorcery Bilasa? How do you capture my heart so? Your K pop fan culture scale is pretty interesting. I think I would mostly fall into the M-KF category. Only on very special occasions. And both of the songs are pretty terrible. Also probably an MA-KF.

Ugh, agreed, none of the songs this week have been great. I agree with your rant! I would love to see more girl groups with a strong, fierce and confident appearance like them and 2ne1! Instead of giving each member a different image I think they should let the members be themselves a little bit. That would solve the whole different image thing without having to work so hard at it. Some may think they changed to quickly though.

I actually like cuteness and generally like it alot more in girl groups than in boy groups strangely enough. I really want more bands like After School though, they are so underrated even though their concepts feel unique to me. Their presence seemed a bit too prominent for being back up dancers. Apparently, Pledis plan to debut a 17!!!! These two are great songs and would be a waste if they didnt perform them…. Well, I do agree with the opinions.

I guess the only video I liked was Ulalasession, because is freaking funny. Major respect to simonandmartina for voicing their opinions about this side of kpop.. Ailee for me is more Beyonce than Adele though. Her song Heaven sounded Halo-ish, but I really like it and I can ignore the resemblance.

And Lee Hayi is the bomb. Archives About Store Go Premium! Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Kpop Charts Update. May 12, Comments Share Post facebook Twitter Gplus. Incoming rant! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Lauren Semple Stroman. Vanessa Benevento. Ryan Wong. Gaelan McCallum. Nes Podargo. Allison Merkel. Donna Crischelle L. Lim Yi Jern. Nur Hidayah. Anders Hammar. Kaat Vannieuwenhuyse. Stacey Williams.

Would I Lie To You?

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The story begins with Rob Lawrie, a former army fitness instructor and the owner of a carpet business in Leeds. In September the world was shocked by pictures of a Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, who had drowned in the Mediterranean and been washed up on the shore. There was something about that perfect little body, fully clothed, lying like a piece of flotsam on the sand.

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Shadow Ulala

The group rose to popularity after competing in the twelfth season of the British singing contest The X Factor , where they finished in fifth place. Almira, the eldest of the sisters in the group, first began competing at a young age in Filipino talent shows such as Batang Kampeon, which was won by Charice Pempengco , and Star for a Night , which was won by Sarah Geronimo. The sisters formed their singing group in at the suggestion of an aunt. They won 16 gold medals and four outstanding plaques and were proclaimed Junior Vocal Group Grand Champion of the competition. They continued to compete in various singing contests and in participated as members of a family troupe that won in the Filipino variety show It's Showtime , singing covers of " I Believe I Can Fly " and " Queen of the Night ". In August , the group traveled to South Korea to audition in the talent competition Superstar K6. There they changed their name to 'MICA', an acronym formed from the first letters of their names. Their performance went viral on social media and YouTube , [25] quickly garnering over 20 million views.

Ulala mage build reddit

Ulala is a very talented dancer and skilled at playing several musical instruments, including the guitar, drums and keyboard. Her goal is to become recognized as the number one news reporter in the entire galaxy. Ulala was born somewhere on the planet Earth on May 30, at AM. Her name was inspired by the tone of a small country in East Nippon, where her mother was born. At the age of 12, Ulala was the sole survivor of a spaceship accident, making her an orphan.

In my opinion, it would bring your blog a little bit more Champagne-Ardenne.

When we saw the teaser photos, we were really excited about this group. We thought — considering Orange Caramel — this group might be the middle ground between After School and Orange Caramel. Then the name of the song is Venus! Strong female band FTW!

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David Guetta - Would I Lie to You Baby Lyrics


You're not qualified to be a woman. No one would even look at a woman like you. Looking after that girl is just to hide your inferiority complex. Shadow Ulala to.








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