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Meet ‘Mr. Earth Day,’ the Man Who Helped Organize the Annual Observance

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One of those chefs, a guy who goes by the name Mr. Fries Man, specializes in loaded french fries. Fries Man Instagram for a few months, admiring his photos of french fries, or at least the tips of fries peaking out from underneath extravagant mountains of seafood and meat covered in rich creamy sauces.

Intrigued, I decided to place an order. I called the number on the Instagram account and ordered a trio plate, three flavors over one order of fries: Steak Teriyaki, Lemon Garlic shrimp and snow crab, and buffalo chicken. The woman on the phone told me to text her my email address so she could send an invoice and after I paid I got another text telling me to drive to the Smart and Final parking lot on Redondo Beach Blvd.

I pulled into the lot, saw the Grand Prix idling, and a man and a woman sitting inside. Fries Man? Then he reached into the back seat and pulled out a styrofoam container with my name written on it and handed it to me.

And I had a lot of questions. Mainly who is Mr. The real Mr. Fries man is a guy named Craig Batiste. Batiste runs the business out of a small two bedroom back house in Gardena where he lives with his fiance Dorothy Morales and their three kids.

Sunday through Thursday Batiste works at Pepsi, where his shift starts at 3 am. After work he heads straight home to start cooking. Then the phone starts ringing. And then there are the specialty fries which pop up sporadically on the menu from shrimp crawfish scampi fries to pork belly adobo and fiesta corn fries. With his thin goatee and closely cropped hair Batiste looks like a stockier version of Cuba Gooding Jr.

You gotta be comfortable with your skin. I spent some time with Batiste and Morales recently and saw them at work in their tiny kitchen, taking phone orders. Standing over a small deep fryer, Morales covered cubes of chicken in flour for the buffalo fried chicken fries.

In the beginning, they were only open one day a week and they were selling mostly to friends and family. Morales had been laid off from her job as a medical technician they needed some extra income. At first, it was just an idea he tried out for friends. Next thing you know I had pizza fries, buffalo chicken and lemon garlic fries. Business was slow at first. But then two things happened that changed everything. The first said Craig, was the hashtag. And then I started doing it and next thing you now followers started coming in I said you know what this is getting serious.

Craig would post a photo of some fries and add as many as 30 hashtags, things like fries, bestfries, goodeats, greateats, Compton, Watts, LongBeach Carson, Miami. He also started tagging foodie celebrities and other nearby home chefs, people like Taco Mel who sells tacos and burritos in South Central. Craig started connecting with other home chefs through Instagram. The second spike in business came Thursday September 8th. The phone started ringing at about 1 am. When they woke up the next day, the orders were flooding in.

Since then Mr. Fries Man has reached 38, followers on Instagram and to keep up with all the new business he had to upgrade to an industrial grade deep fryer, who he named Big Bertha. He was cooking fries. I rap as well and do a whole lotta other stuff but Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you can catch me here in Gardena with Mr. Barney and everyone else who helps out with the business work for free. Barney says he volunteers because he believes in his friends vision.

Another home chef stopped by to swap plates. Everyone was having fun despite the degree heat. Batiste was starting to look a little tired as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. But when I asked him about it, he stood up straight and said he never gets tired. Rolling her eyes at him, Morales laughed and Batiste turned up the Curtis Mayfield song on the stereo.

There were still two more pick ups to go before they would eventually sell out of fries and call it a day. Did you enjoy this piece? We are member-supported, so your donation is critical to KCRW's music programming, news reporting, and cultural coverage. Help support the DJs, journalists, and staff of the station you love. News Stories.

Written by David Weinberg Nov. Listen to the story Read the story Batiste in his kitchen. A delivery. Photo by Stan Lee I pulled into the lot, saw the Grand Prix idling, and a man and a woman sitting inside.

Photo by Stan Lee Buffalo shrimp, buffalo chicken, bbq bacon ranch, chicken green chili enchilada, shrimp snow crab are all possible toppings.

Photo by Stan Lee In the beginning, they were only open one day a week and they were selling mostly to friends and family. Fries come loaded with toppings. Photo by Stan Lee Each order gets a topping of cheese before anything else. Photo by Stan Lee Barney and everyone else who helps out with the business work for free. Here's how: Sign-up for our newsletters.

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Meet Mr. History

Like Like. Did one guy say? That comes after the part where David uses the axe of the apostles to kill Goliath. Of course both of these events occurred well after Moses and his wife, Joan of Ark, survived the flood with two of each kind of animal on a big boat — which is how Joan got her last name. Looks like anyone following this reciepe is saved…Simple right?!?!

One of those chefs, a guy who goes by the name Mr. Fries Man, specializes in loaded french fries.

It's not exactly a Dickens-like tale, but a close look might reveal a change creeping over David Payne and his Westamerica Bancorp. Sure, when Westamerica opened a branch in Livermore last month, it wasn't as big of a deal as the acquisitions that gave Payne the reputation of a slash-and-burn buyer of community banks. Yet the new branch represented a watershed for Payne and the San Rafael-based company. New branch startups had been pooh-poohed as too timely and expensive, but Westamerica now says it will investigate a couple of East Bay locations later this year.

Meet Mr. Nice Guy

I really didnt like this book at all! Way too predictable and a little boring. I thought the addition of all the useless extra characters was really distracting from the main plot. I wanted a lot more suspense and this just didnt cut it! Mary Higgins Clark keeps you interested from begining to end. Every book I have read by her has never left me disappointed. Natalie Raines the heroine has to keep one step ahead to keep herself safe With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she coauthored five more suspense novels.

Meet Mr. Fries Man

The campaign takes a fresh approach by focusing on the abuser: who he is, how he works and how dangerous he can be. Created by Lowe Campbell Ewald and directed by Academy Award winner Angus Wall, the campaign includes TV, print, digital, and out of home assets that showcase the hidden and deceptive aspects of many abusive relationships. Our hope is that it reaches those who are suffering and provide them with the knowledge that help is out there. The print ads and hidden message web banners focus on simple and loving phrases that transform into ugly messages from the abuser. Similarly, with the outdoor executions, what looks like a loving phrase from a distance is made up of manipulative, hurtful thoughts, as one gets closer.

With the ever-changing world of entertainment comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern celebrity.

Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. Chris and Jamal are assigned to write a paper about someone who has witnessed an important historical event but when they can't find anyone to interview, they make one up.

Internet, Meet ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’

Search Search. Menu Sections. Paul Whitington. An air of skittish unease pervades the journalists who are waiting in a swish Merrion Hotel antechamber to interview Russell Crowe, as though they're about to enter the arena with a particularly irate bull.

Mediocritythe act of simply existingcan reveal the clock on a ticking time bomb in your life. How long must you run in the rat race while watching others enjoy the lives of your fantasies? Slide 86 Your Current Life and Pursue the Lifestyle Youve Been Dreaming Of offers a dayby-day, thought-by-thought illustration of how author Anthony Von Mickle exchanged his comfortable six-figure salary for his dream life. What he sacrificed at first seemed like too much to bear, but in the end, there was no price not worth paying for complete control of ones sanity. He reminds us that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Each chapter provides real-life examples of problems that Von Mickle encountered en route to his dream life and how he overcame them.

Meet Mr. Coal Guy: He’ll say anything to make you think coal is safe

Ben Hogan's pro golf record is legendary. A four-time PGA Player of the Year, he celebrated sixty-three tournament wins and became known as a man of few words and fewer close friends. Most of what we know about Hogan has been based on myth and speculation. Until now. In the s, though Hogan's competitive career was over, he kept the practice habits that made him famous and remade modern competitive golf. He hired seventeen-year-old Jody Vasquez to help. Each day, after driving to a remote part of the course at Shady Oaks Country Club, Hogan would spend hours hitting balls and Vasquez would retrieve them.

Soon, I got the chance to meet Mr. Mfume, and this time I didn't have as many positions, but I swear when I spoke with him, he was just the guy next door.

This is a statement by Mr. He spoke about reducing inequalities and addressing the crisis of multilateralism, which He spoke about reducing inequalities and addressing the crisis of multilateralism, which calls for policy approaches that promote well-being, equality, sustainability and inclusiveness.

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N early 50 years after 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day on April 22, , more than countries mark the annual day for raising awareness of environmental causes. And the stakes only grow as the years go by. Though Earth Day has been dogged by rumors that it was founded by a murderer and as communist propaganda , the truth is much more straightforward — but no less fascinating. Hayes is now the president of the Bullitt Foundation , which doles out grants to environmental efforts.

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