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Single-minded woman meaning

We all know people who have tunnel vision: They only care about one thing, at the expense of pretty much everything else. Often, this is a flaw that blinds people to facts and ideas, but sometimes a singular focus is impressive and effective. Please enjoy and consider reviving these older terms for people whose mental choo-choo trains ride a single track. Thin-minded has been a synonym for narrow-minded since the s.

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Most of us have at least one single-minded person in our lives. It may be someone at the office, a family member, a neighbor or a friend. The subject of their single-mindedness can be anything — a cause, a political opinion, an obsessive hobby, a worshipped celebrity. It may be virtuous or ominous, fascinating or boring, intelligent or silly. Single-minded people come in many shapes and forms, but they all share a seeming inability to talk about anything else, even — apparently — think about anything else.

Single-minded people are not much fun. But there is something about them that elicits our amazement, even admiration. They have devoted themselves to something unequivocally.

Imagine what we could achieve if we could make such a commitment to the things we truly care about! Not that we'd want to become a single-minded person. But we would like to have some of that single-mindedness mixed into the concoction of our character. Perhaps one part in five, or one part in fifteen. Just enough to impart that extra oomph! Our sages tell us that, "Gold was created only so that it should be used for the Mishkan. Fifteen materials were used in the construction of the Mishkan — gold, silver, copper, three types of dyed wool, linen, goat hair, ram and tachash skins, acacia wood, olive oil, aromatic herbs and precious stones.

That's why Abraham was visited by three angels — one to inform Sarah that she will have a son, a second to heal Abraham and rescue Lot, and a third to destroy the evil city of Sodom — no one angel can do two kinds of jobs.

Humans are not built that way. Yet a bit of single-mindedness is always a good thing. That's why one of the materials used in the Mishkan was the hide of a tachash. According to the Jerusalem Talmud , the tachash was a gloriously colored animal that was created specifically to be used in the making of the Mishkan — it did not exist before that moment, and has not existed since.

The interesting thing, however, is that the tachash is described as bedecked with many brilliant colors. Apparently, there's more to single-mindedness than meets the eye.

Being 'single minded' I am brought to my knees by this. Would you describe it as an essay, or idea, thought, or what? As an autistic person, I understand about 'single minded'. We call it monotropism. We can only focus on one thing at a time. We can only do one thing at a time. In response to Michael S. Jeffers, yes, you have angels among you. In human culture, you call us autistic. The lesson in this teaching remind me of the truism: 'Did you not convince a man by silencing him?

Single Minded Person? Are They Angels Incognito? If what is said about angels being single-minded, with mostly only the purpose and the task given to them to do from on high? Then I think some people that I know and know how they think about things and do things, my gosh!

They even do things mostly for good purposes like I know them to do from being with them sometimes. We have incognito angels among us, and gosh, they're really real.

I can see this now. It must be absolutely true? Single-Minded person are quite interesting topic to deal with. To say frankly,I am not aware about this topic before. I am eager to know about this more. Thanks for sharing the glory of single-minded people. Communism propaganda has suffocated my ears, blinded my eyes as they built their vain hope with pure vanity; Christianity was all up to my nose, seeig these Christians act one thing and say another.

No communism, no Christianity explained my relationship with the Above. Christianity is for general, i am particular, odd number. In you i found depth, profoundity i sought, though kept away from. But inner connection exists, coherence echos, ever since it has been, from the same source, at the beginning.

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By Tzvi Freeman. By Chana Weisberg. By Mendy Herson. By Boruch Cohen.

The Glory of the Single-Minded Person

To save this word, you'll need to log in. See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near single-minded single man single market single-member district single-minded single money single mother single-name paper. Accessed 14 May. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for single-minded single-minded.

Toggle nav. Having a single purpose; concentrating on a single goal; hence, artless; guileless; single-hearted.

Most of us have at least one single-minded person in our lives. It may be someone at the office, a family member, a neighbor or a friend. The subject of their single-mindedness can be anything — a cause, a political opinion, an obsessive hobby, a worshipped celebrity. It may be virtuous or ominous, fascinating or boring, intelligent or silly.

11 Old Words for the Single- or Narrow-Minded

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Use single minded in a sentence. Terence's single minded determination to make the high school baseball team motivates him both physically and academically. An example of single minded is a person who cares about only his own happiness and who will do anything to make himself happy. Sentences Sentence examples.

He dropped out of school to work as a typesetter and a printer's apprentice. He taught himself through intensive reading and the study of Spanish, French, Latin, and German.

An accomplished pianist, he was described as a " single-minded " young man who had been shaken by the disappearance of his father, a doctor, during his childhood. It represents a potential distraction, although any side capable of winning 13 games on the trot with a home ground as lacking in atmosphere as Vicarage Road can be described as single-minded. Leicester Saracens Premiership final match report.

What is "single-minded"

Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. See also: single-mindedly , single-mindedness , single-handed , single-ended. British slang. The correct spelling in French where the word originates from is "charrette".

Add single-minded to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Gathering, compiling and analyzing: talking about data 1. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.


The first is not a true definition but more a fact of life. Our view of life can be a little different. You might be single if you can relate to the picture on the right. We can do just fine, thank you. Still others get desperate and wind up with major regrets. Anyone could, and should, learn to relate to this one. I know, it sounds cliche. Whether single, married, or divorced, before anyone can have a healthy relationship with another human being, they must get to know the One Who is Love.

Word definitions in dictionaries Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, She's a tough, single-minded lady who hasn't achieved her present position.


Single-minded obsession of woman nursing Arab - Crossword Clue






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