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Teenage girl get rid of belly fat

Some teen girls have a fast metabolism: They're able to eat anything they want and not gain a pound. On the other hand, some teenage girls struggle with their weight, and they look for effective ways to lose belly fat. There are several techniques to help teenagers reduce stomach bulge. With patience and willpower, these young ladies can achieve their ideal body image within a few weeks or months. Cut back on sugary foods. Sugary treats like cake, cookies and ice cream can cause abdominal weight.

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Updated: April 9, Reader-Approved References. It's actually not possible to spot-burn fat in just one part of your body. If you want to get slimmer, establish healthy eating, sleeping, and workout habits to help you lose weight all over.

You can also tone your abs with ab exercises! Remember, though, that many different shapes and sizes of bodies are beautiful. Some girls have fuller figures and some are naturally slimmer, and both are perfectly okay. YouTube has lots of free exercise videos, which you can follow along in your own room. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 25 references. It also received 62 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Learn more Explore this Article Establishing a Workout Routine.

Eating Healthily. Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Find a physical activity that you enjoy.

Instead, find an activity you enjoy. You may have to try out a lot: yoga, dance, soccer, basketball, swimming, jogging… The options are limitless! You may find you enjoy energetic team sports, like baseball, or that you prefer the solitude of a long walk in nature.

Try to do some other kind of physical activity 2 other days a week. For example, if you love playing basketball, try playing basketball 3 times a week, and lifting weights twice a week. Switch activities if you get bored. If you get injured, stop doing that activity and go see the doctor. Find positive friends to exercise with.

The best way to motivate yourself to keep exercising is to have other people counting on you to show up. Then you can nag them to show up, they can nag you… A perfect arrangement! Or, you can encourage your friends to start working out with you. Aim for 1 hour of physical movement every day. For example, you could walk your dog for 30 minutes before school, and then play soccer with some friends for 30 minutes after school.

Do strength-training and weight-lifting about twice a week. Girls need to be strong to be healthy, and lifting weights is a great way to lose fat and gain muscle.

You should exercise your arms, legs, and abs. You can start with body-weight exercises, like push-ups and crunches, and work up to using the weights. Tone your abs with ab exercises. Try doing planks, where you hold yourself in a push up position with your arms straight or resting on their elbows. Keep your body in a flat line. Hold the position for 30 seconds, and work up from there. Take rest days in between your ab workouts. Method 2 of Eat a healthy breakfast every day. Instead, eat a healthy breakfast, like oatmeal, yogurt with granola, or scrambled eggs.

Not only are they really unhealthy, but they burn off quickly, leaving you hungry for another meal really fast. A bowl of whole-grain cereal with semi-skimmed milk and fresh fruit is a tasty, healthy breakfast. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Try to include fresh fruit and veggies in most of your meals. For example, you could eat fruit with your cereal for breakfast, a salad with your sandwich at lunch, and some cooked veggies with chicken and rice for dinner.

But eat plenty of healthy, unsaturated fat, like fish and avocados. Drink water instead of soda or juice. Drinking soda or juice sends tons of sugar straight into your bloodstream, which is really unhealthy and makes you gain a bunch of weight. Instead, drink glasses of water per day. Get into the habit of bringing a water bottle with you during the day so that you can sip regularly, instead of waiting to get super thirsty. The point is to drink it as an occasional treat, and have water be your go-to beverage.

Serve yourself a reasonable portion at meals and hide the serving bowls. Avoid this common pattern by serving everyone a reasonably sized portion, and putting away the serving dishes immediately. Avoid fast food. This is a tricky one! What do you do when all your friends want to hang out at McDonalds, yet again? Well, you can propose a different activity for right after school, like hanging out in the park, or listening to music. Then when you get there, just get some water to drink.

You could get a salad with low-fat dressing. Method 3 of Make sure you actually do need to lose weight.

Many girls think they need to lose weight based on what models look like. BMI shows you generally if you are underweight, a healthy weight, or overweight. Girls naturally fill out as they hit puberty. The same fat that gives you breasts and a rounder butt gives you a bit of fat around the stomach.

This is normal! Aim to lose a maximum of 1 pound 0. Unhealthy fad or fake diets will claim to help you lose weight faster, but the only real way to lose weight is to establish reasonable, healthy habits, and then stick to them. If you build healthy eating and exercise habits, you will lose about 1 pound 0.

Avoid weight-loss pills, laxatives, inducing vomiting, and under-eating. These are dangerous techniques that are really bad for your health. Eat when you get hungry. Instead, bring healthy snacks with you to school or work. Try crackers with cheese, an apple, a banana, a peanut butter sandwich, or carrot sticks.

Get hours of sleep a night. Getting enough sleep is super important for health and weight loss. It also reduces stress and sadness, which are 2 major causes of over-eating. Going to bed at the same time every night makes you sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed.

This might seem crazy, but it actually feels great and makes you lose weight. You can sleep in a little later on the weekends, but don't stay up crazy late. Eat plenty of fruits and green veggies, and avoid eating anything after 7pm. Also, be sure to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Do this every day, and you should see a difference in about a week or two. Yes No. Not Helpful 74 Helpful Not as long as you eat it in moderation.

It's okay to indulge a little once in a while.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Teenage Girls

How to lose belly fat is a topic that interests many women and in particular teenage girls. Being a teenager has many challenges and having to lose fat from the belly just adds more stress to the already vulnerable teenage girls. Having a big belly is certainly not nice but you do not have to despair since there are a lot of ways to reduce your belly size and get a flatter belly.

Updated: April 9, Reader-Approved References. It's actually not possible to spot-burn fat in just one part of your body. If you want to get slimmer, establish healthy eating, sleeping, and workout habits to help you lose weight all over.

Currently, around 1 billion people are overweight and obese, and teenage girls are not out of this figure. At this age, with the habit of eating a lot of calories in the body and sedentary, teenage belly fat tends to increase. Although we always tell ourselves that we have a perfect body, you will probably want your abdomen to be flatter to wear an ideal bikini and do some selfies with your friends. It is not difficult for any Teenage girl with a small belly fat area, just a little bit fatter, what about girls with large belly fat area?

How to lose belly fat for teenage girls

Being healthy is really about being at a weight that is right for you. The best way to find out if you are at a healthy weight or if you need to lose or gain weight is to talk to a doctor or dietitian, who can compare your weight with healthy norms to help you set realistic goals. If it turns out that you can benefit from weight loss, then you can follow a few of the simple suggestions listed below to get started. Weight management is about long-term success. People who lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures usually gain back all and often more of the pounds they lost because they haven't changed their habits in a healthy way that they can stick with. The best weight-management strategies are those that you can maintain for a lifetime. That's a long time, so we'll try to keep these suggestions as easy as possible! Make it a family affair. Ask your mom or dad to lend help and support. The goal is to make diet or lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole family.

Cardio Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat for Teens

As a teen, you may prefer fried foods and sodas to greens. But according to the WHO, 1 out of 10 adolescents are overweight or obese due to poor food habits and lifestyle 1. More often than not, teenage obesity also affects adult life. Hence, shedding a few pounds and improving the overall health is very important for teens. We have compiled 13 healthy weight loss tips for teens that can help get their health back on track.

Drastically cutting calories to lose belly fat when you're a teenage girl isn't wise.

If your teen is experiencing weight gain, you're right to be concerned. Adolescent obesity has tripled in the last three decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and teenagers who struggle with their weight are likely to be overweight as adults. Although it's also necessary to make dietary adjustments, a variety of cardio exercises can help your teen work toward the all-important caloric deficit that results in fat loss. Excessive belly fat might negatively affect your teenager's self-esteem, but the risks of built-up fat in this area are more than skin deep.

13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

Just like adults, the obesity epidemic is hitting teens hard. But if they're trying to lose belly fat, teens should not follow a restrictive fad diet that promises quick weight loss. For a teen, it's more about creating healthy habits so his middle trims down as he slowly grows into his weight. Skipping meals, eliminating food groups or not getting enough calories can seriously affect a teen's health.

Losing excess body fat is a great way to get healthy. While losing excess body fat is important for overweight teens, the focus should always be on improving health, not body weight. Having a realistic weight goal can be helpful for some teens, but improving diet and increasing physical activity can be much more effective overall. Family support and education at home and at school are associated with teen weight loss success and can help reinforce positive lifestyle changes 1. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to lose excess weight is to cut back on sweetened beverages. Studies show that high added sugar consumption can lead to weight gain in teens and may also increase their risk of certain health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, acne, and cavities 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7.

Ways for Teen Girls to Lose Belly Fat in a Month

Thinking about going on a crash diet to get rid of the belly fat? The calories that you think are bad are also what help you stay focused in the classroom. When you lose fat, it leaves your entire body. However, belly fat leaves at a higher rate when you change what you eat when you eat, and how much exercise you do. Any food that has a high sugar content or refined grains like most products made of white flour can cause you to go way over the limit with your calories.

Get the facts on weight loss here. The best way to find out if you are at a healthy weight or if you need to lose or gain Muscle burns more calories than fat.

Teenagers struggle with weight issues just as much as adults and due to lack of guidance are far more likely to follow fad diets. These fad diets are not only potentially dangerous, they are generally ineffective yielding only temporary results, and the diet itself is not sustainable. What teenagers really need is some healthy habits that they can incorporate into their lifestyle to really see long term results. Here are 12 sustainable ways for teens to lose belly weight.

How Can I Lose Weight Safely?


How to Lose Belly Fat For Teenage Girls?




12 Easy Tips For Teens To Lose Belly Fat Fast



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