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When your girlfriend has her period meme

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: When I'm on my period- tiktok memes compilation - popular tiktok videos US UK

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: When your girlfriend is on her period! Tik Tok meme!

50 Period Memes That Will Make You Laugh Through That Pain

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No, I'm not talking about Shark Week, I'm talking about your period. Yes, just like clockwork The Moon Time comes each month to wreck your plans, bedsheets, favorite underwear and destroy your mood with period cramps.

And you know what's the only consolation while enduring The Red Curse? Nope, not chocolate, but rather a healthy dose of funny memes, made by gals who know your sufferings. So take a break from whatever series you are binge-watching, from glaring at that one obnoxious person you work with or wallowing in self-pity because of period pains and take a look at this comprehensive list from Bored Panda of hilarious period memes.

From uncontrollable emotions to uncontrollable cramps, we've got it all, and these period jokes might just be enough to make you give a halfhearted smile at your screen.

And with new meme-worthy aches and pains every month, you are sure to find something relatable. So start scrolling for the bloody best memes and don't forget to upvote your favs This post may include affiliate links. You're too self-conscious about it. It's not like we need to keep our period a secret from other women.

They know what's up. No sane woman judged another woman for using a tampon or pad. After I got my period as a preteen my Doctor told me to try exercise. I laughed out loud because He had to be joking. He was dead serious. No man is allowed to judge period craps- like no woman is allowed to judge man- specific "illnesses".

Also if you are going to travel somewhere then that is probably same time when your period starts. I remember when I waited many months to my first trip to Prague and when I finally get there I had to spend 2 first days resting at the hotel because it was too painful to go anywhere.

Unless you're in an actual tampon advert, when this would apparently indicate that you are My male friends have stopped asking me why I take my bag with me to the bathroom cause they know that if they ask I will paint them a disgusting but accurate picture of what period is. One of them almost threw up once..

I'm a bitch when I have my period.. This girl has the right idea! She wore the red dress. Please let someone get this reference. I always had painful period and I read that it is caused by small contractions and also lots of people told me, that actual labour pain is 10x worst.

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I think the absolute worse is when you can feel the blood and blood clots coming out you you just wanna wiggle out of your body. This comment is hidden. Click here to view. Wonder why nobody mentions how testosterone cause men to act abnormal most of the time. Especially when in peak levels of late teens and early 20s, they have the most aggression and dangerous driving.

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My Girlfriend Just Got Her Period. Now What?

Because, uh, it's the absolute worst. And if you manage to actually exercise, you're a goddamn hero. And let's not even get started on the terrors that are period poops. Time on your period feels ssssssoooo sssssllllooooooowwwww.

Most women bleed every month. This you know.


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Oct 13, - When your boyfriend surprises you because you're sick and on your period, you know you have a keeper.








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