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Why do guys wear underwear under swimsuits

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Well it looks like underwear or boxers under guys swim trunks when they are at a pool and i have never wondered why they wear that under their swim trunks. I would like to know why! There is no point. It's so stupid actually. They probably just want their swimming trunks riding low like their regular pants do but don't want their butt cracks and penis's showing so they put boxers underneath.


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The 3 Rules of Board Shorts You Should’ve Known About All Summer

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Kitkat17 Xper 4. When I went to the lake I noticed a lot of boys wore underwear under there pants mostly teenagers I asked my friend that's a guy about it but he said ask some other guy I don't know why they do that can someone explain?

Share Facebook. Why do guys wear underwear under their bathing suit? Add Opinion. Never known any guys that do that not that I've asked them what's under their bathing suits, mind you. Some board shorts don't have an inner lining.

If they don't, they plaster themselves to you when they get wet. Your bulge is prominent, the suit can chafe like all hell, and thin suits become see through if they're white. I suppose in that instance, it would be a good reason to wear boxers. Also, if they're particularly loose around the leg, it's an easy opening to showing your junk, so I suppose that might be part of it as well. Shpongolia Yoda. I had no idea my own gender did that.

LOL I actually prefer swim trunks that don't have any inner netting. I imagine it would be super uncomfortable to wear underwear under a bathing suit, because the fabric of underwear would absorb water and be very difficult to dry out. And that could cause nasty skin rashes. To keep things from rubbing together and chafing 2. In the event that the top suit falls off, everything is still covered 3. To prevent the butt crack from showing if the top suit slips this is apparently different than reason 2 Source: My boyfriend.

I think it contains everything better? But yeah I've noticed guys do that lol. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. It doesn't make much sense really. But I think it probably has to do with their feeling insecure, or nervous about getting an erection and they want another layer. But why on earth would anybody want wet cotton underwear on under a swim suit? I do it to add an extra layer of clothing that can cover a possible erection.

And maybe in case someone tries to pull my pants down, haha. I'll be honest here, we I was years old I worn underwear under my bathing suit at friends pools all the time, reason - hide my erection! I wear it because I feel the suit will fall off. It's also feels slightly more comfortable and it feels weird without underwear on.

Tonymoulls Xper 4. Board shorts without a liner suction up to you when you get out of the water completely showing your junk. Also if the shorts have white on them, especially in the groin area, they become see through when wet.

GrowStrong Xper 7. Are you sure the underwear wasn't built into their swimsuits? You might have just seen the lining of the swimsuit, which helps hold the swimsuit on. I didn't know that. I don't. Maybe they want their man bits better contained. To stop the bulge from showing..

Personally I don't do it though. To hide boners and prevent chafing. Maybe they're borrowing someone else's bathing suit? Dick too big. Might poke somebodys eye out. Related myTakes. A day to honor or Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents.

But why is a special day made for them when we treat them like royalty all the time. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Learn more. Yes No.

Do you wear underwear beneath your swimsuit?

Although it may seem like a simple question, many people wonder if they should wear underwear under their one-piece swimsuit or swim trunks. As a competitive swimmer, swim coach, and avid beachgoer, I can help you figure out if you need underwear when you swim. So, should you wear underwear underneath swimwear? In general, you should never have to wear any underwear under your swimsuit.

Maybe you receive it from your insight into political or economic wisdom? I grew up in Manhattan Beach, Southern California, one of the biggest surf and volleyball playgrounds in the world. Board shorts are made to be worn commando.

Boardshorts are a type of swimwear and casual wear in the form of relatively long approximately knee length loose-fitting shorts that are designed to be quick-drying and are generally made from strong and smooth polyester or nylon material. Originally known as surf trunks , later as Jams , and occasionally in British English as swim shorts , boardshorts are a style of men's [1] and, more recently, women's [2] summerwear. Boardshorts have evolved over the last 50 years and separated themselves from the simpler swim trunks category from which they originated. In the beginning of their history, change happened organically — individual solutions were born out of the need to address environmental requirements and inadequacies in a garment that was increasingly used specifically for surfing. Although they are now considered a popular form of general beachwear, much of today's mass consumer acceptance is based on competing brands marketing themselves as being authentic due to their historical roots within the surfing lifestyle and their product's technical authority.

Why do guys wear underwear under their swim trunks?

We all know that underwear is a must-have with regular pants, but what about with swimsuits? In most cases, the answer is based on personal preference. If you want to know what is the proper etiquette at the beach, then wearing underwear under your board shorts is a no-no. Or for those of you that like your current board shorts and still want something underneath, compression shorts or swim liners are a good choice. Some board shorts are designed with built-in liners, whether they are mesh or another material, such as polyester. The main idea behind wearing boxers or briefs under your swim shorts is to give you added support, which the liners provide. The more affordable designs are likely to have mesh or a polyester lining, similar to what you would find in a traditional pair of swim trunks.

Do You Wear Underwear With Board Shorts?

When you hear someone mention board shorts, images of male surfers playing in the waves come to mind. Although board shorts were originally designed for men, you can also find many styles of women's board shorts that are perfect for swimming, hiking, playing in the water with kids, and just for casual summer wear. Board shorts were originally designed for surfers who wanted to ensure that their swim trunks stayed on their body even when getting thrashed about in the waves. The longer length of the legs provided more coverage in case of a wipeout and getting dragged over shells and sand.

I wear a "skinny" under my trunks.

The best option to wear under your boardshorts is the watermen shorts boardshort liners, but you can also wear boardshorts with or without regular underwear. A watermen is born with a unique relationship with the ocean. The salt pumps through our veins, the currents set the rhythm for our heart. We speak a special language of tides, winds, and swell reports.

These Are the Swim Trunks Women Want You to Wear

Strangely, one of the more common questions from a lot of guys is whether or not they should have underwear beneath their swim shorts. Underwear with swimming shorts is generally a bad idea. If you want to know why and get deeper into the topic, keep reading.

All of a sudden it's summer, which means it's time to swap some fresh options into your swimsuit drawer or you know, replace the one worn-out pair of swim trunks you've had in there since college. Sounds simple right? Well, not exactly. Now, more than ever, the men's swimwear market is a labyrinth of colors, patterns, shapes, and, most confusingly, a variety of different lengths. So if the idea of going swimsuit shopping makes you feel a wee bit anxious, we feel your pain.

Can women wear board shorts?

Swim trunks for men look like shorts but are made specifically for wearing in the water. Different styles of trunks have certain features, but mostly they are designed to be comfortable while swimming. Most, but not all, men's swim trunks contain a net lining that adds to the comfort factor. The netted lining inside swim trunks is designed to cover the crotch area. It is typically made of polyester, and the holes in the netting are relatively small.

Jul 29, - Whether you're a pool guy or enjoying the beach (or anything in When you do, wearing underwear beneath the shorts is bad for the pool itself. If you need to wear the swim trunks all day, and you're not getting in the water.

Kitkat17 Xper 4. When I went to the lake I noticed a lot of boys wore underwear under there pants mostly teenagers I asked my friend that's a guy about it but he said ask some other guy I don't know why they do that can someone explain? Share Facebook. Why do guys wear underwear under their bathing suit?

Why do guys wear underwear under their bathing suit?

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What Is the Net for in Swimming Trunks?

Guys- Why do you wear underwear under your bathing suits?? Wearing underwear is totally up to the individual. Most suits that I've seen are designed with liners so underwear are not needed.

They swear walking around in wet boxer briefs beats grating your dick on swimsuit netting.


Do Swimmers Wear Underwear Under Swimsuits? And Why You Never Should




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