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A fter almost year of hoping and dreaming I brought this sweet eight week old kitten home from the animal shelter yesterday. Meet Tabitha, named after the character from Beatrix Potter's stories. She has loads of spunk and energy, and a truly enormous purr for such a tiny bundle of fur

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My 11 Favourite Equine & Country Blogs to Follow

On another note, the other two hens did not hatch at all. Farming is fun and educational!! Sadie is full grown now and we love her to death! Daisy has been laying one large egg for me since the spring of He took one 20 day break during the month of January and has been going strong ever since.

He seems to hate shoes and pecks any near him. We thought he was being aggressive with Sadie but we now know they are quite chummy! They chase each other in and out of the pond and if Sadie is laying out in the sun napping Donald climbs up on her back, then the chase is on. I think Daisy wants to set but Donald keeps breaking up her nests. Our breeding bulls purchased in have outgrown their herds. Their size was a problem and one was throwing a lot of twins and the other was missing opportunities!

One of our neighbors, Andy Hutton, had some beautiful young bulls ready to put with our breeding stock and he gave us a great deal on two and hauled them to the farm which was about distance of miles away. We have two herds that will come into their breeding heats in June. These guys will be put with our four year old herd along with two of our more mature bulls, Mick and Arby. Each herd will have a young bull and a mature bull.

I spent a lot of my down time during the winter months browsing seed catalogs. Hubby bought me a greenhouse for Christmas and my mouth was watering going through every catalog that came in. These are only the top ones that I perused every night while watching TV. I was so anxious to pop the first seed in the ground. The weather put a big delay on putting up the greenhouse and then the Covid delayed orders. You would think this would have delayed the garden but I know that nothing is put in the garden around here until late May and early June.

Hubby and the kids got the greenhouse erected but rain, ice, and cold winds prevented much from growing because the greenhouse is not heated, nor does it have electricity.

BUT it has been so much fun digging in the dirt and planting cold weather seeds. This will give me many months of pleasure planning and saving for next year. I started a diary that I keep records of everything that has to do with the greenhouse. I got to thinking about this in regards to our current situation with the coronavirus. Our local power company, Craig Botetourt Electric Cooperative, is awesome! Our guys are constantly working to make sure we have power!!

This family appreciates everything they do! BUT, what if something unforeseen happened and we were without power for hours, days, even weeks??? It happens in other areas of the United States all the time. Panic and unkind words were the norm! They work as hard and fast as they can. Now some of the reasoning behind this list would be if that power goes out early in the evening you will need the flashlights and candles to find your emergency supplies.

The buckets of water are a necessity at my house for flushing the camode no power, no way the pump can pump the water to flush. That generator can be used to keep your refrigerated appliances from spoiling, it can run that water pump when you run out of water for cooking, drinking and bathrooms. Radios and jam boxes are for entertaining but more importantly for keeping in touch with the outside world and the reasons for the emergency situations.

There are a few other items you may want to consider investing in for such emergencies and they are solar battery chargers for cell phones, tablets or a crank flashlight, radio and phone charger, butane stoves with extra tanks, a Mr. Heater with extra tanks. We really enjoy this magazine and have learned a lot from the subscription. Think about it, be prepared, make the most of every situation. God is watching over all of us but we need to learn to take care of ourselves too. My WordPress Dashboard where I write these posts has gone quirky on me and I have sent out a help request and waiting on a response.

We have just in the last three weeks been able to get out and start putting it together. Eddie had to dig out a 12 x 16 foot area to place it in. My son-in-law poured the footers to mount it on. It took a month for us to be able to even begin the building of the greenhouse due to the frigid winds and cold rains. Three weeks ago my son, Shawn and daughter, Heather came up on a beautiful Sunday and helped us start the constructions.

You have never in your life seen so many parts and pieces in one box!! Friday was beautiful and Eddie and I decided we should have a run at it and we got the pitched roof frame on. The kids came to the farm around and we proceeded with adding the four vent windows in the top and the two sliding doors on the front.

The last step is putting all the panels in and Eddie and I can do that on our own. He wants to do some reinforcing inside and out due to the winds we have here on the farm. He also wants to add some support on the walls inside and out for more sturdy support. I make applesauce anytime there is new fruit ready to pick.

I have a large crockpot that holds around eight pints of thawed applesauce. I dump it in, set the crockpot on low and let it cook all day or all night, depending on when I get around to starting it.

It will turn dark as more of the liquid cooks out and it will thicken. At this point I add my sugar which is usually two cups but taste is the best recommendation. Stir well making sure there is no big lump in the applesauce and put your lid back on and continue cooking at least two more hours.

During the last thirty minutes you can add spices if you desire. You can overdue and ruin the entire batch. Taste to your liking is a good judge! Once its finished and still very hot, pour into pint or half-pint jars and add your lids and rings. I cover the jars with a towel to keep away from drafts. You should hear the jars seal as they cool.

In about two — three weeks I need to have this little charmer cleaned out, sterilized and a couple small modifications made to house the spring chicks that I get every spring. Usually in April or May I go to our local chick stores and pick up 15 — 20 little chicks.

They are raised to pick up the slack when my older hens take a break next winter from laying. It normally takes months for the chicks to mature enough to start laying those beautiful fresh eggs.

I start them out in a large tote that is cleaned daily. Their water and food containers are filled twice a day because they eat constantly.

This is their small surroundings for at least another month and warm weather arrives. At this point I open the upper area door and allow them to explore the lower level of their domain. About weeks later I let them out of the barn to browse and chat with the older chickens. By late June, early July, depending on their size, I will introduce them to the main chicken house and living large with the old girls!!

Our Sadie has really grown and I had forgotten how smart these dogs really are. Our runts have turned out to be the best of the breed! She has become quite the guard dog and alerts us when someone comes on the farm, except for our kids and granddaughter. She has also started hunting all on her own. This month alone she has treed several fox squirrels and a coon.

Daily there is chase after the ever present chipmunks, aka, ground squirrels. My redwork quilt blocks are progressing nicely! I only need eight more blocks to start piecing the quilt.

We are getting low on apple butter so I remedied the situation! Two batches cleared out 20 pints of applesauce from the smallest freezer and now we have over 30 pints of applesauce in the cellar. I made these two batches with cinnamon and cloves. Good stuff! I thawed the applesauce and filled the crockpot as full as I could get it.

I added two cups of sugar and turned the crockpot to high and let it cook all day. Stirring the pot is essential because it will get thick on the bottom of the crock. I also kept the lid on the crockpot during the cooking. The applesauce will start turning brown about half way through the cooking. Squeeze the dropper of the oil on the top of the applesauce and then stir throughly again and let cook at least one half hour longer without the lid on.

Pour it into the clean jars and seal while the applebutter is hot. The jars will seal from the boiling fruit!! For me, cooking is literally food for the soul!! Fresh Bread. This lovely bird visited the farm during the night and think he may have flew into a wire.

City girl turned Country Girl

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In it, a young woman named Haley discovers that her presumptive boyfriend, a young man who seems to have such a kind manner, has a violent streak. The city she lives in has been taken by a surprise storm that has dumped four feet of snow in a short time. While digging out her car which she had to park two blocks away, she discovers a house that has been drifted shut, and in it dwells an old woman who Haley ends up saving.

Monday, August 13, All shall be well. Hello, my friends. If any of my former friends are out there listening. I know it's been too long.

A Country Girl Blog

Do you remember hearing about a fire happening on the Universal Studios backlot in Hollywood back in ? We can only imagine how these artists must feel. But finding out over 10 years later that your masters were part of the casualty must feel like a punch to the stomach! They reportedly followed policy of standing watch for an hour to spot any fire after the work then went for a break. The fire was reported at 4. What are your thoughts on this whole situation? What would you do if your masters got destroyed? Let us know in the comments below. If you do a Google search for the top country songs of all time, you will find a multitude of articles from various….

Retail Shop Owner. I am a girl who grew up in the city and always loved everything country However I was always leery about moving to the middle of no-where Now having done it I wouldn't ever change it back!!

Sunday, May 11, Happy Mother's Day! And now we have three that I'm so very proud to call mine.

Tuesday, February 2, Olivia June - 4 Months. You haven't been as irritable this last month and we haven't been giving you hardly any Tylenol. Dislikes :you aren't the biggest fan of naps these days Mommy: mommy has been back at work since thanksgiving and is adjusting well to working two days a week.

Another year has come and gone. Did this year fly by for anyone else? It was a great year for us at Country Girl Home.

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Answers to commonly asked questions about baking with yeast. Reference this guide whenever you are baking bread or other dough recipes that require yeast and you will be a confident bread baker in no time! Baking bread with yeast can be very intimidating but once you have a basic Almost as soon as Macey turned 5 months old, a whole lot of new things started happening so there's lots to update since last month! And yes, she is actually almost 8 months already but I figure as long as I post this, it doesn't matter too much how late it is! At 5 months she

On another note, the other two hens did not hatch at all. Farming is fun and educational!! Sadie is full grown now and we love her to death! Daisy has been laying one large egg for me since the spring of He took one 20 day break during the month of January and has been going strong ever since. He seems to hate shoes and pecks any near him. We thought he was being aggressive with Sadie but we now know they are quite chummy! They chase each other in and out of the pond and if Sadie is laying out in the sun napping Donald climbs up on her back, then the chase is on.

Feb 11, - My thanks to Kate from the wonderful and visually striking blog, Chronicles of a Country Girl, for her gracious review. She writes: One of my.

Look no further! We have a sweet selection of FREE printable memory keeping stickers and inserts you can download and print instantly at home. Calling all book lovers- you gotta download our free printable reading journal today! You can journal every book you read in your planner or binder using this super cute template.

And whilst many of you may have stumbled across other lifestyle bloggers and understand the term, I know that there might be some of you out there who are still looking at me blankly. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities. So, I thought what might help with this is if I introduce you to some of my favourite equine and country lifestyle bloggers. Her blog is beautifully put together and there is something about her posts that feel so authentic.






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