. Cars 3: Bonds of Friendship. Disclaimer: I don't own Cars, You're with us, Sky-girl? Oct 31, - Next >. A/N: I am so sorry you guys! I had been meaning to edit this Story summary: Meet Harley Hudson, the adoptive daughter of the Hudson Hornet. But he quickly resumed staring into the dark blue eyes of the human." />
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Cars fanfiction meet the new human girl

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. This is my take on the "untold" story of how Doc comes to write the letters to Smokey. Doc has a little heart to heart with Lightning before finally deciding to write to his past crew chief, mentor, and father-figure. This story describes Lightning's life from his perspective, from before he started racing, to the present.


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Cars FanFic: What Happens Next Ch 1

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. This is my take on the "untold" story of how Doc comes to write the letters to Smokey. Doc has a little heart to heart with Lightning before finally deciding to write to his past crew chief, mentor, and father-figure. This story describes Lightning's life from his perspective, from before he started racing, to the present. Please note that this story is completely separate from the other Cars stories that I've written. Will contain scenes based on all three movies, as well as coarse language and sexual themes.

Grab your torches and pitchforks and follow me into this alternate timeline! If you don't like, don't read. Before he was Doc, he was the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. What did he leave behind in Thomasville when he left? Humanized Universe, please be kind and courteous. Flames will be ignored. The three months we didn't see after the wreck while Lightning recovers But McQueen faces tough competition - from old and new rivals alike.

How will he do in the world's hardest races? This is NucleoWolf's story formerly CarlaVelosoWolf , which she has discontinued, but is allowing me to finish! But everything changes one day when a family member Lightning didn't know existed shows up at his front door. From there, his life is about to be completely rewritten. But the journey forward will be filled with divisions and sacrifices. From the night he was born. More chapters to come! You won't be sneaking through it you'll be flying through it!

Such is life. While Lightning is blindsided by Jackson Storm, Harley struggles to balance multiple sides of her life. As she overcomes these new challenges, she'll have to choose which path she'll take to her future. These one-shots are a set of flashbacks from Doc Hudson's racing career, life after his career, and discovery of Radiator Springs.

Dive into these chronologically-ordered one shots and visit some of the most crucial parts of Doc's life as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Meet characters from his past, as well as some familiar faces when Doc comes into Radiator Springs!

We witnessed a young woman become a champion and a firefighter. But that wasn't the full story, nor was it the end. These are the stories of Harley Hudson and Sky Riley, and the adventures of their lives. After being signed up to The Bachelor as a prank, Fillmore decides to go participate with the hope of spreading love and possibly finding romance. Sarge, fearing the loss of his best friend, enlists the help of Luigi and Guido to sabotage the show.

The three follow Fillmore to California with the hopes of scaring the contestants and bringing Fillmore home. And now he has to take care of a hotshot baby car who doesn't know the meaning of staying still. When a dirty rumor begins circling about Cruz, he is determined not to believe it. But Storm tells him there is a truth behind every lie. But what about when the lie targets you, and no one believes you're innocent?

Rated T for occasional language and dark themes later on. Rally Aggie, a human girl, has more than new friends from different worlds for the past 16 years, but something came up in her mind there's a bunch of friends that she used to meet and play with when she was a child. Can she ever remember them? Who are those old friends of hers that she haven't visit for 14 years after she left their world? Genres will vary. One-shots will be posted in no particular order.

They will be posted based on their time of completion. OCs will be included. Rated T for safety. Rally This took place after the events of "By the Power of Friendship", and 14 years after "Friendship races to victory season 1 Human and cars story , Aggie returned to the cars world to make up with her friends and continue her old and new adventures.

It might be hard and complicated for Aggie to do her jobs as the leader of the team of superheroes, a racer, and a spy. But things go terribly wrong when Dusty disappears from his hangar. Rated T for language, torture, and character death. Desktop Mode.

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Twilight fanfiction bella meets the cullens again

I'm fine, thank you…" Sky answered, confused. She stared at the red car who was talking to her, and grinned. She realized, all of a sudden, that the race-car was staring at her.

Story written by nightfuryshadows and I! The King steadied himself into the lower lane of the track as he rounded the turn, his chassis low to the ground as his body tilted from the momentum.

AN --Ok, so this one had been revised, i think it is better than it was the first time round As I pranced through the forest towards a scent that compelled my senses I heard another presence near me, I quickly smelled the air, using me senses to detect if it was a human or something that could cause some trouble, but nothing seemed out of place to me, so against my better nature, I ignored When the Volturi decide to come to Forks to destroy the Cullens, the family search for other vampires to stand with them. Bella is a Cullen and they move into what they think is a haunted house. Jasper lives with his brother by venom Peter on his ranch and Bella lives by herself on a ranch since her parents died when she was only 15 years old. Bella and Edward get invited to a party and Edward ask Bella not to go. Click on them as a link to the story.

Sally Carrera

Story Author Community Forum. Andrew agrees, but to him, his entire world comes to an end. A journey exploring the extended connections throughout the Cars universe, one shots. Lynda Weathers is Doc's niece AU. Other AUs included. The Slip. What if Doc's secret was let slip before Lightning found him?

Hard Enough Left Epilogue

And two cars racing each other. One was a light blue, the other a strong red. One was a famous race car, while the other was an attorney. Quite an unusual combination, but it worked out for these two.

Sally Carrera is a fictional character in the Pixar computer animated film Cars. She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt.

No, it's not three wishes. Read on, and I hope you enjoy this one! Foxy the human woke up to early morning sunlight streaming in her face, a warm, gentle wind begging her to come outside. She blinked sleepily and yawned, stretching like a dog before propping herself up with her hands and looking around.

I had been meaning to edit this story for a while, and then I accidentally deleted it entirely. Such a foolish mistake on my part. I'm reuploading the chapters as I edit them! She was born and raised in Radiator Springs, and knows only a quiet town with quirky residents who love her.

I'm home! Maggie Peyton had finally arrived home from school. Maggie carefully made her way up the stairs and into her room. Once she felt around for her bed, Maggie put her backpack on it then slowly walked over to Sammy's cage. Although Maggie had long dirty, DIRTY blond hair, tanned skin, and wore mostly jeans and a red or green tee-shirt, Maggie Peyton was different from other girls.


Princess Celestia and Luna are gifted two new minivans. Fiat-Chrysler should have known better. Human · Twilight · Celestia · Luna · Cadance · ROBCakeran53 ·.








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