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Dream meaning girlfriend killing me

No matter what, dreaming about death is unsettling. Even after you wake up, these types of dreams may leave you feeling nervous and uneasy. We can let go of that which we no longer need so we can grow and embrace that which is coming. Death is the end of life, but to the dreaming mind, death is the end of life as you now know it.

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A Dream Expert Explains Why You’re Dreaming About Death

Always remember, dreams about killing are symbolic. They represent an unconscious psychological dynamic in you, not some latent crazed killer in you. Is the killing a necessary sacrifice, or, are you killing an essential quality in yourself? Whenever psyche presents a dream of killing someone, both the killer and the victim are important aspects of the dream.

For instance, killing bullies in your dream will have a totally different meaning than killing your mother or father in a dream. The people in your dreams are dream figures, each representing a part of yourself, and very rarely the actual people in your life.

Dreams are a response to the way you think, feel, behave, or see the world. So we always have to translate our dream actions with that in mind. That habitual pattern could be something such as an attitude or an ideal that no longer serves us, or, it could even be a narrative or story about our lives that we have carried around for far too long.

There are also times when dreams about killing show us that we are unconsciously killing something in ourselves that should live — perhaps something we have rejected or denied about ourselves. I have gone into the meaning of dreams about death in a previous post. The two themes — killing and death — are related, so I would suggest reading that one too.

These dreams are from different people, each with very different life situations. Now we are going to get into some dream material. Stay with me as I amplify these dream images because this is the approach you want to use when working with your dream interpretations.

You can always learn something by reading or listening to dream interpretations. Bullies and other antagonizing people play a big role in our dreams, most especially if we have suffered encounters with bullies or antagonistic people in our lives. Whether we meet them in dreams or meet them in our daily lives, these characters torment us, and for some even to the point of suicide, as we can see in the far too many horror stories of children and young people committing suicide over this kind of thing.

These dreams about killing are about learning to stand up for yourself, against both the external and the internal bullying forces. This requires a healthy sense of aggression. Falling victim to your own destructive thoughts is just as psychologically dangerous as falling victim to bullies. I dreamed of killing my bully, as well as all of the people who had apathetically witnessed her behavior.

Then I had another dream where the bully herself visited my house and we were nice to each other. Trying to fight off my inner demons tonight. These unconscious dynamics affect every aspect of our lives. The dream shows her the way. I think most of us have had some first-hand experience with this kind of inner dynamic. The inner bully can manifest as chronic negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. This young woman lacked self-confidence and she also admitted that she often felt bad about herself.

Whenever you feel chronically bad about yourself as a person, then you are feeling the effects of your inner bully. Whatever is going inside will also manifest itself outside. If you have an inner bully, then you probably meet a lot of bullying type of people in your life. Dreams about killing someone make an extreme statement about our sense of aggression. Pathological passivity is actually a problem in a lot of people. This is also an example of a compensation dream.

Because this woman is far too passive, the dream shows an extreme act of aggression. All of us need to have some aggressive energy — it is part of our instinctual nature. Healthy aggression protects us when we need protection. In our dream example, the dreamer also kills all of the people who stood by, apathetically , as she stated.

I told her that she needed to understand that those apathetic people in her dream represented her own apathy about taking up for herself. She needed to kill that apathetic part of herself as well. At first the woman thought she was rewarding the bully. The symbol of the house in dreams points to our whole situation in life, meaning our whole system of adaptation to life: our relationships, our motivating forces, and in particular, our current attitude.

Now she has the power to be stronger in life because she is allied with a stronger — more aggressive part of herself. And as we can see from the dream, finding a healthy way to integrate the bully and the dynamic will change.

Another common dream theme is that of killing someone who is already dead. Here are some basics behind this dynamic. People leave their psychological imprints on us, most especially those who were present in our lives during our developmental years. In a sense, everything these people did to us continues to affect us at some level throughout our entire lives.

For example, a woman with a negative mother complex will continue to suffer from that complex long after her mother dies. To read more about the negative mother complex, click here. I have seen women in psychotherapy who worked for years on their negative mother complex, even long after their mother was dead. So many times these women dream of killing their mother. This could even happen with a too-positive mother complex. A too-positive mother is just as debilitating to your psychological development as is a negative mother complex.

If you are to fully develop, then any psychological fixation that is too strong will have to symbolically die. Women often dream about killing abusive men. In my dream a man and my mother disrespected me. The man made me feel hopeless. Phantom of the Opera can be viewed as a negative animus. I could see from the dream that this woman had the kind of negative mother-animus complex that I just spoke about. This kind of imagery is very common in the dreams of women with negative mother complexes.

The two figures together — a negative mother and negative animus — are a powerful complex in the mind and soul of a woman. Typically, this inner complex will manifest itself as extreme feelings of self-doubt, self-loathing, generalized anxiety, hopelessness, and fear. A woman trapped by this inner dynamic will feel like she can never accomplish anything in life.

Anyone who suffers from this kind of inner state has to learn how to stand up to all of those painful feelings and negative thoughts, especially in the middle of the night when they keep you awake.

You can click here to read my article on Anxiety and Depression, where I talk about the power of complexes, where they come from, and how you can separate yourself from them. Stand up to it. Grab it by the throat and throttle it.

You must overpower and kill it. The rage that this woman felt in the dream empowered her to take that guy out by wringing his neck. And as a final note, before a woman can really kill the unconscious effects of a negative mother complex, she must first kill that negative animus.

She needs him on her side for the killing of the mother complex. Dreamed that a gay man was helping me with some clothing. My body felt and looked amazing — it was one of the reasons he was so attracted to me.

Then the scene changes and I am alone. There is a young woman harassing me to no end. It was the same kind of woman that has been appearing in my dreams for decades. I have been told that I must kill her, or that the harassment will never stop.

This seems extreme and though I am fighting her off, I cannot bring myself to kill her. This dream came from a woman who battled constantly with dream women such as the one here. These women seemed to appear in her dreams anytime she had started feeling good about herself.

The day before the dream, the dreamer had an embarrassing incident in a parking lot. We both laughed about it because it was funny. Yet, there was a taunting female voice in her which had turned that small, humorous incident into something mortifying. She was feeling a horrible self-loathing over this one small incident. As a matter of fact, this would happen often to her. Her simple and humorous human folly and embarrassment would sometimes antagonize her beyond all endurance, even though she knew better.

We worked on this inner dynamic of self-mockery. Eventually, she had another dream where this same kind of woman showed up, again making trouble for her. In this dream, the mocking woman had fallen asleep in a car that was about to be crushed. At first, the dreamer felt an urge to wake the mocking woman, but she resisted. This is part of the problem with women who suffer from antagonizing females.

All too often they are naive about their antagonizers. Even when given an opportunity to be rid of someone like that, they give into being too nice or too forgiving, and thus, the cycle begins again. Why did I have a dream of murdering my abusive husband when I have no husband or partner? This was immediately after waking from another dream of murdering two male intruders in my house trying to attack me.

The dreamer was not married in real life, nor did she have a partner. In the dream, she is married to an abusive husband.

The Symbolic Meaning of Dreams About Killing Someone

Why I've had this dream, that means? What interpretation and give meaning to dreams when we are killed by a stranger? Last night I dreamed I was trying to kill me with a gun or with an edged weapon such as a knife.

Some say that it may be due to stress, that you are not sleeping well, or that indeed someone could be stalking you and you or even in mind. Something is wrong, even if your life is not in danger.

Always remember, dreams about killing are symbolic. They represent an unconscious psychological dynamic in you, not some latent crazed killer in you. Is the killing a necessary sacrifice, or, are you killing an essential quality in yourself? Whenever psyche presents a dream of killing someone, both the killer and the victim are important aspects of the dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Girlfriend?

Dreams are hallucinations that occur during certain stages of sleep. Dreams are strongest during the REM sleep phase, or the rapid eye movement stage. The problem is, at this point, you are less likely to recall your dream. But when you dream something horrifying, you certainly remember it in the morning. So, then you start asking questions as I dream about someone trying to kill me, is it something scary? In most cases, when you dream of someone trying to attack you, kill you, or anything else, it is related to issues of control in life. In some cases, even if you feel you have complete control of your life, you still might have an attacking dream. It is all because deep down, and in your subconscious mind, you are waging a war to stay in control. You might fear what will happen if you lose control. In most cases, dreams are a pleasant blend of friends, fun activities, and good emotions.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Someone Is Trying To Kill You?

By their very nature, our dreams are divorced from the mundane reality of our waking lives, which is why they feature so many giant talking spiders and cameo appearances by Jaden Smith just me? But every so often, the people who occupy our conscious minds leak into our dreaming minds, which is why most of us have had dreams about our parents and family. Whether we love them, hate them, or just wish they'd stop including us on so many email chains about inspirational YouTube videos, our families occupy a key place in our subconscious. And when they show up in our dreams, they don't just help us better understand what's on our minds — sometimes, dreams about our families help us better understand our relationships with our families themselves. So what is the meaning of dreams about family?

Waking up from a dream about an ex can be jarring.

Our relationships often manifest in our dreams. It is normal to feel curiosity about the meanings and reasons behind your dreams. Mornings after these dreams may cause you to feel uplifted or depressed. It may be beneficial for you to better understand the potential interpretations of your dreams.

I Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me – What Does it Mean?

Last Updated on Sep 18, The only difference is that with killing, it means that the person that is lost becomes indelibly changed and cannot be brought back. This sort of experience can ruin relationships and destroy families. It is important to view this dream as a very strong warning against losing yourself in an upcoming project.


What Do Dreams About Family Mean?


Dreaming about ex trying to kill you with guns or other weapon typically I was woken by a dream that my ex husbands young girlfriend picked me and my kids.








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