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Girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas one shots

I hope all of you enjoy reading it and I hope this was what the guest meant I mean we were voted favourite couple, some people must have mistaken our jokes for reality. It wasn't as though I wanted it to be real. Definitely not. Ranger Rick was the furthest thing from my mind romantically. Riley had told me countless times about her crush on him and I was not about to break the girl code.

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I Refuse To Be Bored — Kiss and Tell - One Shot Lucaya Fic

Don't worry, I'll update my other story, sorry I just am not feeling so inspired to write it This is my first attempt at a fic in the GMW fandom. I was looking for Lucaya fanfics and found that while there were plenty, they were almost being overpowered by the rucas and joshaya fic. Alright, I guess. Mall Meetings- in which a busy day at the mall forces Maya to share a table with strangers AU. Maya sighed. Of course Riley was going to be late.

Maya looked around, today was a really busy day and she had managed to score Riley's favourite booth. It was big, large enough to seat at least 8 people. Maya sighed, she still had about an hour before Riley arrived and Riley wouldn't let her go shopping without her.

She pulled her phone off of the table surface and sunk down to avoid the dirty looks people shot her as they desperately searched for a table in the crowded food court. I found one! Maya, not looking up from Instagram, furrowed her brows. A head peeked over the high back of the circular booth. She felt eyes on her and looked up with pursed lips. No noise was made for a couple seconds then shuffling. Maya felt a weight against the back of her seat, most likely Joey leaning on it.

She shook her head and went back to her phone. She wasn't sure how long she'd been on her phone before she realized that she no longer felt Joey leaning against the wall behind her.

She glanced up and looked back down quickly only to do a double take. Before her stood six boys. She scoffed silently, hearing the southern twang of his voice. He was almost as tall as Texas Twang Tall boy, but not quite. In her mind, she was cursing Riley for putting her into such a position. And her earlier prediction was true, he was their problem solver. And in they filed, Ranger Rick, a boy who was short and she assumed was most likely Farkle as he looked as odd as the name sounded, and another boy who had to be Zay on her left; Brandon, innocent boy, and Joey on her right side.

The next hour the boys spent talking of sports and video games and action movies. Until the attention turned to her. She went back to her phone and the conversation turned away from her. Until it came back to her again. She nodded. But Maya was no longer paying attention to Zay, she was texting Riley, asking her when she would arrive. Another half hour sorry, Riley responded apologetically.

She sunk even lower into her chair and clicked off her phone. The boys exchanged glances, not knowing what to say. Except Joey. Joey got up and left. Maya had to assume that was fairly normal as none of them even reacted. Maya leaned forward for a second to sweep her long blonde hair from behind her. Then she looked up and made steady eye contact with him. Maya's cheeks flushed pink and she sunk down lower until her eyes were just visible above the table. Lucas pointedly looked at the ceiling.

Not being able to take the awkwardness, Charlie announced, "I'm done eating, I'm gonna go throw away my trash. Maya, these are incredible! She said it as though it's a commonly known fact that everyone knows to be true. One of a homeless man with a dog. One of New York's lights during night. One with two smiling girls, one blonde, one brunette.

Maya and Riley, realizes. And he sees one, an overhead of New York City with a small circle in one section. Lucas looked up at her in surprise, he hadn't realized she was watching over his shoulder. The tiny circle isn't you, it's your life. It's the people you know, where you go, and everything you do.

That little circle is your world. Maya and Riley watched him. Oooh geez. That wasn't very long but I just spent like 2 hours writing that. It would be lovely if you could drop in a review.

Maybe suggest another idea. Christmas is a time for Lucaya fanfiction. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lucaya one shots. Varied length, suggestions welcomed. Mall Meetings- in which a busy day at the mall forces Maya to share a table with strangers AU Maya sighed. Nope," she shot him a look of disgust thinly veiled by a very fake smile. She looked up at "Lucas" and made eye contact. She broke it and sunk lower in her seat. Maya decided that she liked Brandon the most.

Anything to kill the awkwardness. Zay chuckled. Lucas continued to look though her pictures as she looked through his. Review if you can, maybe drop a follow or fav? Mall Meetings With Strangers 2. Riley, I Choose Myself 3. Art Class 4. The Other Friends 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

lucaya one shot

It hasn't rained in so long. None of them could even remember the last time they saw rain in Greenwich Village, which is why when it started pouring before school this morning it was odd. The clique six were standing in the halls before class talking up a storm since they had some time to kill. Well all but one, Maya was late. This was nothing new so none of them thought anything about it, that was until she was brought up.

I told them that we can stop but I took it back, the same day I said. I am still very confused about my feelings; riley is a safe choice.

And you know what happens at ? You turn gold. Lucas invited his friends, and Maya, who is definitely more than a friend, to stay in Texas for two weeks. Dancing under the moonlight to the staticky top hits playing from the radio, interlaced fingers while running down the streets in shorts and old flip flops.

Reality is Just a Dream

I can still feel him when I walk in the streets.. All I can think of is him.. I always made fun of his feelings though.. But he never said anything. It was almost like he was ready to wait his entire life for me.. And he did wait.. That day..


Maya laughed and kept running across the field, turning on her feet to grin at the boys, spinning the football in her hands. She slowed down. Her blonde curls fell over her shoulder. She tossed the ball back and forth between her hands.

Mainly Corpanga stories. Because they're my OTP.

New story! This is going to be a series of Lucaya oneshots up until they get together in season 3! If they don't I am deleting my account and pretending this never happened.

I Love You-A Faya Fanfiction (One-Shot)

You're acting crazy! You would think all of the name calling, making fun of, and arguing would stop between them when they fell in love. He was accusing her of something she clearly didn't do.

Riley said she was okay with it, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't sting a little P. This is pretty Riley Centric but it includes Lucaya moments. Riarkle if you squint. No Romantic Rucas Interaction. Riley didn't think it would be that bad if Lucas and Maya were boyfriend and Girlfriend. Heck, she thought they were actually pretty cute together, but she would never say that out loud.

Lucas Friar & Maya Hart — Lucaya oneshot inspired by a Maya Hart quote: “I...

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya has always been there for Lucas when things with his dad get rough. By her books, Lucas Friar is one of those good things. Collection of scene re-writes or scene extensions featuring Lucas and Maya's most iconic moments.

Your one stop shop for all things Rucas- From me the fanfic expert-I am confident I have read every single wattpad and tumblr fanfic but on the fanfic app itself probably on GMW fanfiction, but I thought I'd finish one, and maybe finish other one-shots eventually. girl meets world meme: [1/7] characters - Riley Matthews.

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Riley Matthews got the shock of her life when she realized that her best friend Maya Hart had feelings for the boy Riley had been in love with since middle school. Instead fighting for the love her Lucas Friar, Riley stepped back so that her friend would have the chance at a relationship with him. The only problem was that Riley was hurting on the inside. Riley decides to hop onto the first train the Philadelphia to go see her Uncle Josh in hopes of gaining perspective on where she should stand in the relationships between the two people she cares about the most.

Hi everyone! I'm back! Recently, I started to ship Lucaya, so I thought I'd start writing a compilation of one-shots.

So, I was going through my laptop and found so many unfinished one-shots and ideas for rucas. So, what happens when she sees a new face that makes her feel something she has yet to feel. Seguir leyendo. Thanks abbiescholler for the request, sorry its late.

Don't worry, I'll update my other story, sorry I just am not feeling so inspired to write it

Hello everyone!! But thankfully my dear friend Sandy helped me edit. After months of sneaking around and hiding, they were going to come out and say it… or Maya was finally going to let him hold her hand in public, and sit next to her and -maybe if it was a good day and no one freaked out - kiss her in public without having to check if any of their assorted friends was right behind them. It was going to happen this time, Maya had already chickened out twice before and Lucas had finally given her an ultimatum: either they went forward or they stopped all together.



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