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How do i get my girlfriend to leave my house

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Once a relationship has progressed, you and your girlfriend may decide that it is a good idea to move in together. It is typically much cheaper to live with your partner rather than maintain separate households. You save money on rent, utilities, gas, and even food. In some cases, she might agree that things are over and readily move out. Other times, you might have to reason with her, be very clear that the relationship is over, or even use legal methods.

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Can i lock my girlfriend out of my house

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Status Not open for further replies. She lives with me with no lease agreement and has being contributing to the rent for the past year, and gets her mail here. I have just found out she has been cheating over a year. And I want her out. Her "rent" is paid until the end of the month. What I want to do is simply move all her stuff outside, change the locks. What is the downside to this from a criminal and civil point of view?

I am worried that she is going to destroy property in the house, and my business is in the house with secure documents, servers, trade secrets. If I put her belongings on the lawn right now and change the locks. What legal recourse does she have, and secondly can she get the police to force their way into the house? I want her out of my life today, not in 3 weeks after she can do considerable damage. I confronted her yesterday and my car was already vandalized in my drive way after she left the property, I can prove she did it, but seems likely she had it done.

It's my house, my business, we have no written agreement, I want her out. I want to know: 1. If I put her stuff on the lawn and change the locks what can the police do? What can she do civilly? Thanks, Joseph. OldandTired Member. Since you are the only one named on the lease, assuming here , put her things out ONLY if they cannot be destroyed, or stolen. Since this would really be a domestic dispute, and since she is not on the lease, should she call the police, she would be advised to leave the property.

Just make sure nothing is damaged or stolen. If that means you have to sit there in the window for 5 hours waiting for her to return, then that sounds like 5 hours well invested.

If wives can throw their husbands out for things like this, a boyfriend can throw his cheating girlfriend out too. Even if she wants to take you to court, she's not on the lease, and has no rights to the property if she no longer lives there. If you lock her out, the police will let her back in. She can sue you for illegal eviction.

You must give her proper written notice, and evict her through the courts if she does not leave when the notice expires. But it won't let you evict her without a court order. If she does destroy your things, you may be able to file in less then 30 days though.

Consult a local landlord attorney because you ARE, like it or not, her landlord. Please ignore the incorrect and dangerous advice from "Oldandtired". Last edited: Dec 13, You CAN, however, put a lock on your office door to protect your business equipment and files Alaska landlord Senior Member.

Weigh your options carefully before you act. Is it worth getting sued for illegal eviction or risk losing more damage to the house and loss of your business. To me, it seems pretty clear and if I were in your place I would risk the possible financial loss due to court action initiated by her. If the police insist on letting her in, just say no. File a police report on the damage to your vehicle and place a restraining order on her while you are at it.

Oldandtired has it right!! JETX said:. In the 'eyes of the law', you are her landlord and she is your tenant. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 14, It's a tough decision. I guess the 1 thing I care about is what the police think they have as rights? As far as I understand in texas especially, unless a crime is being committed or they have search warrant they can not enter the house.

But, I am worried about the police having a misunderstanding of what their powers are then letting her back in the house, creating a problem. I feel like if the shoe was on the other foot and my girlfriend caught me cheating and locked me out, there wouldn't be a cop on the planet that would do anything, he would say its a civil matter, he might escort me in to get a few things, but that's about it.

However, I always feel our laws are lopsided in favor of women when they are the guilty parties. Thus, I feel like the smartest thing to do is file a formal eviction, etc.

But, that's asking for damages. But, I am basically creating a huge risk, I can't move a square foot house out over night and my biz is here, servers, lab, product, etc. I feel like I am going to do the "right thing" and get punished for it.

Hence, for once I would just like to stop triple guessing what the legal system, police, judges might think since I have never seen 2 that give the same advice. Then the better answer would have been to call the police and have her arrested for the crimes committed. Playing the "I will throw you out and see what you can do about it" game is silly and legally suspect.

A resident has to be evicted via the avenues provided by law. To the OP, I would not only put that lock on that door, but I would also video every inch of that apartment in order to buttress any further claims.

OP, you do not have to let the police into your house if they do not have a warrant. You can if you decide not even open the door and talk to them from the other side.

As for legal rights, yes she can sue, but most likely does not have the money or the will. This is a civil matter and the police don't like to get involved. I don't care what kind of lock you put on the door, chances are she will either break the door down or have her new BF remove the door from the frame.

If she wants in, she will get in. I think the best course of action considering all the input is to let the 15 days run out on the rent. Our agreement is verbal, she agreed to leave on the 1st, at that time, I will put her stuff on the lawn, change the locks. Civilly she might have grounds, but we made an agreement and since it was verbal, neither can prove it either way. Her rent is paid till the 1st, so after that our agreement is she gets out, my word against hers. This should be good protection in court, and the police shouldn't get involved since she hasn't paid rent, and agreed to be out on the 1st.

Second, I will file a formal eviction to start that process. As far as locks on my office, its in the master bedroom, and her clothes and belonging are in the bathroom, if I try to get her to move them she will go ballistic, when you catch someone in the act like this cheating they have a lot of anger. This is why I want her out of the house, I feel like she is going to do something. Its a pretty pathetic state of affairs when one person doesn't feel safe in their own house and there is little they can do about it UNTIL something happens and its too late.

Gail in Georgia Senior Member. Have you not read anything that you've been told here? What you can do is follow what your state requires to terminate a month to month tenancy.

If she refuses to leave at the end of this period, you must follow the requirements. The fact that she cheated on you plays no role in any of this. She is a tenant has paid rent, receives mail at the address and thus the above rules must be followed or you may find yourself in court being sued by her. She is allowed on the premesis as she is a legal resident. The only problem is if the bathroom attached to the master bedroom is the ONLY bathroom, you have to allow her access.

Gender has nothing to do with it. If she had been the leaseholder and you cheated on her, you would have the same rights to WRITTEN notice of termination of tenancy, and you could not legally be locked out without a court order. Cheating is not a crime and does not give you the right to throw her out without following the law. So the next time someone gets on here and asks about throwing the cheating spouse out, I'm coming back to this post and quoting every one of these statements.

Can i evict my partner from my house

Please help me out guys. After a nitemare couple of years its finally over and I want her gone quick. Its my house in my name and I pay pretty much the lot. Its time she left and took all of her shit with her. Its affecting my biking now and thats not good!

In short, yes. She is out of town and I don't want her to come back can I legally change the locks and evict her? She does not pay rent.

As we all know, breaking up is hard to do. For the average person, it's the only time in our lives when we deliberately say something that makes someone else cry. It's awful. It's horrible.

20 ways to make her leave you!

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Will my son’s girlfriend be entitled to half of the house if they separate?

Hello, I live with my partner in a house share with 5 bedrooms. It may be easier said than done, but working out a mutually agreed upon arrangement can be quicker and simpler than filing papers and attending court hearings. Any help? Question Details: My ex-boyfriend and I broke up and will not leave my apartment.

I rent a house that my boyfriend has lived in for 5 months.

If your son is the legal owner of his home and his girlfriend seeks to make a claim against the property, then she would have no right to the equity in the house generated from a sale of the property. However, the court would investigate whether she has established an interest in the property because of contributions she may have made to the purchase price, the mortgage repayments, or repairs and improvements made to the home. If it is found that these contributions have been made, then the court may recognise that she has an interest in the property.

Can i kick my girlfriend out of my house

Things are not working out. You want her to move out. This is a tricky situation that needs to be handled with tact and diplomacy. There may actually be two tasks you must accomplish: breaking up with a girlfriend and evicting her.

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We decided to date each other, she was staying with her sister here while I just rented an apartment, she visited me and passed the night in my house yes we had sex so from that day, she started complaining about her sister giving her troubles, always punishing her, she always quarrel with her, soany complain, she said she want to get an apartment, I said OK I will help her get one but first she needs to start working at least when I get the apartment for her she can be able to pay her bills she said OK, 2weeka after she told her that her sister had issues with her husband and she's packing out of the house that her sister is relocating to ph and her sister asked her to leave the house or stay with her husband She said she can't stay with her sister husband, I then told her to come to my place and stay, she agreed. Now my problem is this, since she been here she sleep wake up eat morning afternoon and evening, she's not bothered about working anymore like she became so lazy to go out and look for work, I spend lots of money every week making sure we've enough to eat at home. But I'm really getting tired of everything I don't know how to ask her to leave and again she don't have anywhere to go to, excepts her village or her sister place in Lagos, she has lots of friends here in Abuja but they're not good friends to her, I stopped her from associating with them, but this time if she want to go back to them, I don't mind, I really need space Please note she's my girlfriend, we are both in our early 20's I want the best way to ask her to leave that won't cause problem. Send me her number After fvcking someone's daughter for three months you want to send her away.. Infact take this..

How to Evict My Girlfriend


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Can I kick out my girlfriend and change the locks?







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