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Powerful dua to find a good husband

Everyone has a dream that their partner is good and intelligent in appearance. Every boy and girl wants their life partner to be good, powerful dua for getting a good life partner , those who live their whole life live with them. Listen to them take care of it do not let him miss anything. What is going on in his heart understand before he speaks. If life partner does not get good, then life starts to get ruined.

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Dua for Marriage

Makes a clear picture of her would be husband in her mind. She looks for many qualities in the man and wants him to have all that. As times are changing, girls are becoming more vocal about their choices of husbands.

She may look for a wealthy, handsome and well-spoken boy. But, I wonder how many of them look for a righteous husband. A righteous man who walks on the path guided by Allah. There are many instances these days, where family looks for materialistic things. All they look for a family who is rich and a boy who has a good face. What is inside of those fancy walls that nobody cares for.

It is also true that Allah has made no man completely perfect. No matter how much you look, you will not get all the qualities in one person. But, you can always try your level best. Think logically and look for a boy who is mentally mature. A man with a good mindset will always treat his wife well. Who is mature in the brain and kind at heart and who fears Allah. Who remembers Allah before doing any work.

If he will marry a girl or your daughter, he will deal with her with all the required patience. He will treat her with absolute love and care. I am sure more than money any parent would want their daughters to be happy. Every shinning thing is not a diamond. We often look for things which are visible from above. In our communities, marriage has become a very big thing. We chase money no matter what.

We want to get our daughters married to a family which is rich. Which has a good social status? Fathers want for their daughters a businessman. This is where the real problem lies. The money has started to define the value of our relations. A righteous Muslim will go with the simple living no matter how much he earns.

There is a lot of instances in the available hadiths that how important it is to live with piety. The real purpose of a righteous Muslim is to live with Taqwa that to abstain from everything which is illegitimate. Taqwa is the biggest virtue of any Muslim and Allah holds every man dear who walk on this path. These things are not easy to have and indeed not easy to find too.

If you got to know the real value of it, you will only search for a man with it for your daughters. Like our Prophet search for inner wealth and not outer. A righteous man will have all these values. It is very hard to find such a man, especially in the times we are living in. The main question which arises here is how to find him? For that, you need to look beyond these materialistic things. When you search for a suitable boy look for his inner qualities. He should be the one who goes away from the sin and not toward it.

That man will surely not be drinking or smoking. It treats everyone around him with respect. Since enough to differentiate right from the wrong. Always remain indulge in his work and not waste his time fooling around. Keep his parents first, no matter what. And, will stand for the needy, when it is required the most. If you are the girl reading this and planning to marry soon, then pray to Allah day and night. Ask him to help you find a suitable groom who is pious in his ways.

Who always follows the right path no matter what. He might be having a little less money. But, here I am pretty much sure what he has can no money buy. This man is the key to your all-time happiness. He will try his best to give you everything. By now you must be already convinced and have started looking for him.

Allah is the all-time giver. He knows about all our needs and also he is the knower of our secret desires. How much you try, you will never able to hide things from him. Make a legitimate dua that he will offer to you the righteous husband. Who will take care of you in the best possible way? Who will always keep your happiness as his first priority, inshallah Allah will send him to you soon.

There are many duas given in the Quran which you can use to get the man of your choice. Allah has given you the liberty to choose. As it is your life and you have all the right to make a decision. After reading this Allah will bestow upon you everything which is righteous, be it a husband.

He will ease your path and bestow upon you the man of your choice. He will make all the things in your life halal or legal. And, not for a moment, he will abandon you. The more important here is that you should not abandon him. Always go to him when you are in need. Ask for his help and remember him day and night. He is there for you. He will remove all your difficulties and fill your life with all the happiness. Wazifa For Visa Success. Page Contents.

Best Making Dua for Finding or Getting a Good Husband in Islam

Asalam -O-Alaikum! Today, finding the good husband is itself a challenge for every girl and her family. Even after registering with some marriage or shaadi sites with full-fledged mentioned qualities of a husband, getting a single one good husband become more hazardous in this world. Every girl has a dream that her ongoing husband will bear unique qualities among lakh of people.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. You can invoke Allah to grant you a righteous spouse. If there is a particular person you want to marry, then you can ask Allah to grant you what is good or facilitate the matter for you if it really entails good, as you do not know what is really good for you.

I am interested in marrying my friend, but the problem is that he does not want to get married right now. He says he is not ready. I am praying hard to Allah to make me his wife. I make istighfar a lot.

Making Duas For Getting Or Finding A Good Husband Wife Relationship In Islam

Dua that can be read for marriage and children- Mufti AK Hoosen. Grant unto us spouse and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us the grace to lead the righteous. Mufti Ebrahim Desai. Recite verse54 of Surah Furqaan times for 21 times. Recite Rabbi inni limaa anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer O Allah! I am in dire need of the good that you will send to me — Surah Qasas thrice after every salaah. Mufti Ebrahim Salajee. After you read this verse a number of times, make the dua that:. You have made every living thing in pairs. The sincere, beautiful and pious pair that you have created for me, please give it to me.

Dua for finding a good spouse

Dua for getting good life partner : Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim. Do you need a good life partner then you come into the right place? Because here in this article, we will tell you the dua for getting good life partner and with the help of this Dua.

Makes a clear picture of her would be husband in her mind. She looks for many qualities in the man and wants him to have all that.

Dua is an act that seeks to induce the flow of peace and prosperity in the life. A Dua is a spiritual entity that formed for continual communication between God and their followers. It seems as a religious practice, which is performed either communally or individually in private or public place.

Best Dua For Getting Good Husband in Quran

Get married in no time? Yes, everything is possible for Allah SWT , these 7 duas are extremely useful for those boys and girls who are having a tough time getting a marriage proposal. Some people are very lucky to get a marriage proposal and get married as soon as possible but then there are some boys and girls who are getting stressed out for getting no marriage proposals.

Mu' meneen Brothers and Sisters,. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you. There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement. The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality.

Dua for Getting a Good Life Partner or Spouse

Girls who are desperate for a good and pious life partner. This special and amazing dua for getting good husband in Quran will take you to your prince charming. Every girl or boy wants to get married to a decent life partner. One may recite this dua at any suitable time and on any ordinary day. Make an ablution properly. Once again recite the same Durood-e-Pak eleven 11 times that you have recited in the beginning. If you are performing this wazifa for getting married to a virtuous person, then pray for it.

DUA FOR FINDING A SUITABLE GOOD BEAUTIFUL SPOUSE forever and always will be a Apr 24, - Uploaded by Saad Al Qureshi.

Getting confused finding a good husband for us? It is recommended you have to perform dua to get a good husband. When a woman has already in a productive age, they need a person to share with and together reaching the goal of life.

A Dua to Make Someone My Spouse

This article is sponsored by Half our Deen, the private Muslim Marriage site with personality matching that really works. Remember, the spouse that you should desire would be a religious and pious spouse which would lead you closer to Allah. Be careful not to be deceived by looks or money — because these qualities will normalize, whereas the love provided through piety will continue to grow.







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