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Wet hairstyles for long curly hair

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Some of these looks might even be enough to make you hang up your straightener right along with your hair dryer. Remember also that wet hair needs a wet-look make up. So, prepare your illuminators, lip gloss and, maybe, glossy eye-shadow? The bob is a timeless cut that looks quite fetching when left damp and gently tousled. You see this look on the runways quite often, and for good reason. Looking for a quick but sophisticated hairdo you can wear to work, school, or an upcoming date?

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How to Sleep on Wet Hair—and Look Damn Good in the Morning

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If you like to go the the gym in your lunch break, these hairstyles are also a fast way to get back to work in time. All you need are a few bobby pins and maybe a hair elastic or two. Try my 7 easy hairstyle tutorials you can do in wet hair and let me know which is your fave look. This style smooths down the top half of my hair but leaves loose waves in the ends of my hair when it dries. You can even style four or five buns if you like.

When your hair is wet, embrace sleek styles like this simple high ponytail. Just remember to do my trick to remove comb lines from your hair. Take your ponytail up a notch with this simple fishtail braid. And yes, I said simple! Fishtail braids look more complicated than they are to do. You can also try this fishtail braid in a low ponytail or in a side ponytail too. As your hair dries you can mess up the braid a little more to add texture to your fishtail.

I do love a messy fishtail braid. I love how the fishtail creates more texture and interest than a regular bun. It also makes your hair dry with a nice wave when you take your hair down later. The easiest chic style for wet hair is the classic low bun. Like the high ponytail, embrace the sleek when your hair is wet and smooth away all comb marks for this simple look.

If your hair is thick you may find it takes a while to dry in this tightly twisted bun. My hair takes forever to dry in tight hairstyles so this loose triple bun is a great solution.

It leaves messier waves in my hair when I take it down. I like to use a sea salt spray in dry hair to further texturise my hair to make it look more beachy. I like the shape this rope twist creates around your face. It will help to create some waves in your hair and you can make it as tight or loose as you like. Modify the side bun to suit your hair. You can keep it sleek and more formal, or just leave it messy. Full of everyday style inspiration, it only takes a few bobby pins to get your hair under control.

Ooh I am about to get my 2 month summer holidays am a teacher and this time of year I only let my hair dry naturally so every 2nd or 3rd day I wash and go so I am really looking forward to trying these hairstyles and have them down by the time school starts back. At the moment, I either put it into a loose side braid or rope braid. Curls actually tend to come out in pretty good shape from both, but my mop is so thick it generally needs to be taken down to fully dry so maybe that also helps.

I always do a sleek high pony when I have wet hair, but I am loving the look of the side twist bun. Definitely going to add some of these to my wet hair repertoire!! Is there a video tutorial out there for the side twist bun??

I will add a video for this to my shoot list. Usually when I have wet hair I either puy my hair in a basic French or Dutch braid. Sometimes I do them in pigtail braids. But I definitely plan on trying these new styles soon! Just tried 6 and it looks so cute! But since I have super thick hair I had to braid each section to make sure the pins stay in place.

These are brilliant! I was getting very tired of the wet hair massive low bun every four days. I tried the side twist bun last week when I was running late for work, and it worked perfectly! Love the braid. I hold my wet head over — gather the hair in a ponytail at about the middle of the head. Loosley turn spiral Stand up keeping a hold on the hair. Clip it, leaving hair for a tousled look which will cover the clip. The end result looks like a french bun with a tousle. Love the hairstyles, but love the color more.

Do you have any DIY tips for achieving a similar color effect at home? Thanks Jenna xx You could use a pink semi permanent colour on the underneath section of your hair. I do have a DIY pink highlights tutorial which uses clip ins. I feel like that would be a fantastic way to get them out of my face and looking pretty, wet hair or not. I did the loose triple bun yesterday when it was just too hot to bring a blow dryer anywhere near my head.

It worked beautifully! Stayed in place all day and resulted in big soft curls. Thanks so much for the styling tips! Thanks so much for these! Maybe I missed it. Can you tell me where you wrote about it? I never rarely blow my thick hair dry and I wash it every day. I have super healthy hair, but it is always wet in the morning.

This is great! I never know what to do with it. I would recommend NOT to put a ponytail on wet hair as it will cause breakage because hair shrinks as it dries! Try different braids instead! When I had long hair I would always go with a simple braid! It would my hair so nice and wavy. But now just a high ponytail or what I call a twist and clip. This is perfect! Thank you! Thanks Donna! He used 3 or 4 different colours to create the sections underneath.

This hair was so much fun! I have VERY thick hair which can take over 12 hours to dry! The last one stayed in for my whole soccer tournament- thanks so much! Always let your hair dry fully before piling it on your head! And yes — you CAN get yeast infections on your scalp! From Argentina……. Estoy fascinada con tus peinados!!!! Soy tu principal fan….!!!!

Any way, your hairstyles are really cute! I am really exited to try them all! I meant to put name after real. I love these! I really like these hairstyles, they helped me out a lot! The best 2 are definitely the fishtail pony and the one where you can turn that into a bun. Have you seen these Spin Pins by Goody?

They are sold in the US, not sure about Australia, but they are awesome for thick hair and quick updos. They have totally replaced the jaw clips or using 20 straight bobby pins. I use them for French twists and all kinds of buns. Though you do need to be careful if you weave two together… xx. I love them all. So simple and pretty looks.

Plus the best part easy to do with the excellent instructions. Hi Raina, check out how to make your hair grow fast and 10 foods you should eat to make your hair grow faster xx. Thanks Deana! My favourite part is the hair colour!!! Any idea how this was done?!? I love the last one! My hair is somewhat short, so it works really well!

Get ready fast with 7 easy hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

Subscribe to our newsletter. Beachy Braided Bun : The dog days of summer are upon us. Extend them with this quick braided bun!

They work like a charm, no matter how you plan to style your hair. Because curly hair is so dehydrated and fragile, brushing it dry with a traditional bristle brush can wreak havoc on the hair cuticle. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb out your knot.

But really, all hair types can do it, from wavy to straight. Or if you have damaged, thin, or fragile hair, try wet styling to reap the benefits of heat-free hair care. By skipping the heat, you can help reduce frizz, promote hair health, and achieve the long-lasting style of your choice. With our hair-styling tips and tools, you can take wet styling to the next level to achieve a range of long-lasting hairdos.

7 Gorgeous Ways to Style Wet Hair

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission on purchases you make using my recommendations at no cost to you! If you are on the hunt for quick and easy hairstyles that you can create with wet hair, look no further! We have gathered more than 30 step-by-step videos of everyday hairstyles that will show you what to do with your wet hair, whether you are fresh out of the shower, pool or fresh from the beach lucky you. There are many times in your life when you might end up with wet hair and no time to dry, straighten or curl it before you need to be ready. All of these hair tutorials we found will work for different hair types and lengths and all are simple and quick to style. Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair. However, if knowing how the proteins in your hair work is a necessity for you, shoot me a comment below. Our first 6 tutorials are from our very own Corina! Be sure to click through to the blog post for written directions and notes!

9 Hairstyles for Wet Hair That Actually Look Cute

Whether it's because you sleep in, go straight from the gym to work, or are long overdue for a new hair dryer, sometimes, you just don't have time for a post-shower blowout. And even though we don't recommend opting for wet hairstyles often—it can be damaging to your strands —we don't want you to look like a hot mess, either. So next time you're shower-fresh and in a hurry, go for one of these styles to look totally put together—even if you're not. Not only will this bun look like you spent much longer in front of the mirror than you actually did, but the loose twists will make for a faster air-dry time and give you messy waves.

So, what do we do?

Real talk: Going to bed with wet hair kinda sucks. Even the girls who can seemingly jump through a waterfall each night and wake up with beautiful, bedheady waves still run the risk of tossing and turning themselves into a snarled mess in the middle of the night. Or, you can finally learn how to style your damp hair the right way. The trick, says hairstylist Kristin Ess, is Bantu knots—a traditional African hairstyle that involves taking a small section of hair, tightly twisting it, and then coiling it around itself to form a small bun.

9 Easy On-the-Go Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

If you like to go the the gym in your lunch break, these hairstyles are also a fast way to get back to work in time. All you need are a few bobby pins and maybe a hair elastic or two. Try my 7 easy hairstyle tutorials you can do in wet hair and let me know which is your fave look. This style smooths down the top half of my hair but leaves loose waves in the ends of my hair when it dries.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Sleep-in Ponytail Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial - Shonagh Scott

If you have curly hair, odds are that you either embrace it wholeheartedly or wish to the hair gods that it were different. That's why we put our nose to the grindstone, conducting an internet deep dive in search of the easiest yet still stunning hairstyles for those with curly hair. Just because you have curly hair doesn't mean that you have to stick to one or two basic hairstyles. Need proof? Just take a cue from each of the celebrities below who all have naturally curly hair. Each of these styles is easy to replicate, and at most, they'll require five minutes of bobby pins and hair spray.

14 Wet Hairstyles for Busy Mornings

Hate to break it to you, but heat damage is real. All that hair straightening , blow-drying, and curling is stressing your hair TF out. So, let your hair chill for a sec and try one of these hairstyles for wet hair. You want your hair to be slightly damp for these looks so, either towel-dry your hair or dampen it with a spray bottle. But, FYI, before you get started: The wetter your hair is when you start, the longer each look will take to set, and the stronger your hair will hold the style.

Tune in EVERY WEDNESDAY for new hair tutorials! In today's video I'm showing you 6 easy ways to style Oct 1, - Uploaded by JaaackJack.


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